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Captain’s Journal: Ashton Carter Goes Whole Hog Fifth-Generation Warfare



Plus centralized-in-DC control!

That will work!

Just add a $1.5 trillion wunderwaffen aircraft program, and we’ll be invincible.

Guerrillamerica: How To Get Flood Plain Data (In Advance Of Hurricane Joaquin)


Useful and timely.

Intelligence drives the fight.

“Tonight, Obama must be contemplating how much he feels like Stalin on June 22, 1941…”


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The Current Militia Movement, Ver. 2.0


Bill Roberts sends; I have already invited him to send on his own schedule anything that he wishes re the items listed in his final graf:

“…I’d really like to move on in the future to a discussion of operational considerations for both insurgency and counter insurgency. Might be somewhat enlightening. Considering I wrote the first complete draft of the COIN manual for the Infantry School at Ft. Benning back in 1994, I know a little bit about it. Maybe we could discuss unit organization, the necessity and benefits tactically and operationally of subordination to legitimate authority, IPB, RACO, logistics or something else entirely…”

That offer extends equally to any member of any militia organization or any other citizen defense advocate. The email address here is

The Current Militia Movement, Ver. 2.0
Bill Roberts

Okay. After the last go round I can see that there are a few points I should have addressed in more detail and a couple of observations that I will address. Let me state at the beginning that the biggest issues I see with the so-called militias are the lack of standardized organization and leadership. In the following writings I will address how these problems were addressed and codified in the early days of our nation.

First. I meant all that stuff about let us all try to have a rational discussion. If the best you can come up with is name calling or threats, or if you see any need for either, I suggest you are wasting your valuable breath. To those of you who followed that brief guidance, in most cases if it was required, I responded. For the ones who started out with the personal attacks, I stopped reading as soon as I realized we could not be civil. Now on to the first of a few observations I want to explore. I am not asking you to agree with anything I have to say. I am simply asking that you check your unbridled frustration and hostility at the door. You can’t possibly think that anyone is going to pay any attention to your ranting and raving except maybe somebody of like attitude. This is not the way of engendering cooperation and change. Please take note that I do not intend my tone to be condescending in general. I will actually let you know when I intend to be such. That said, let us move on.

One comment that I addressed and will mention here again, is that the reason I used the references that I did is because they are historically based on law, not someone’s opinion. Regardless of who’s opinion it maybe, the words of the Constitution of the United States and the various Acts and Codes that have become law trump opinion.

I believe a slightly expanded historic time line may help with the understanding of the points I am trying to make about militias.

The etymology of the word militia is from the Latin miles and –itia. The first meaning soldier and the second suffix referring to the state (governmental entity.) Together they essentially mean military service. Earliest written reference to the militia seems to be in the mid to late 16th century. So we see in the earliest known references the militia was the body of soldiers that composed the military structure. Now on to some more history in the United States.

The First Continental Congress was convened September 5, 1774. Only Georgia was absent. Their business was to address the Coercive Acts (aka the Intolerable Acts by the colonialists.) They were dealing with the Crown’s punishment of Boston for the Tea Party. They petitioned King George III for relief and called for a Second Continental Congress to convene if their petition was unsuccessful. The petition granted no relief.

In April 1775 fighting broke out in Boston between the British units and local militia members loyal to the patriot movement. Notice I said loyal to the patriot movement because there were militias on the Tory side as well, especially in the southern colonies. This date is considered to be the beginning of the Revolutionary war that continued until 1783.

0n May 10, 1775 the Second Continental Congress convened with representatives of all 12 colonies previously in attendance at the First Continental Congress. Three days later the representatives from Georgia arrived. They became the de facto government of what would become the United States though with no legal basis to govern. The delegates urged each colony to form militias and to train. On June 12, 1775 the Continental Navy was established, on June 14, 1775 they created the Continental Army out of the militias surrounding Boston and appointed George Washington as commander. On November 10, 1775 the Continental Marines were established.

It wasn’t until July 4, 1776 that the Declaration of Independence was signed and about the same time the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Unity were drafted but not ratified by all colonies until February 2, 1781. Here is a link to a transcript of the articles for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the document that is considered by most as the “First U.S. Constitution.” I find it interesting that this congress preapproved Canada for admission to the Union. Now that would make for an interesting alternate time line in someone’s Sci-Fi book or movie.

For many reasons, not the least of which was the lack of enforcement powers and money, the Articles of Confederation were a failure. Based upon this, a Constitutional Convention was held beginning in May of 1787. On 17 September 1787 the Constitution was signed. Less than a year later, by 21 June 1798, eleven states had ratified the new Constitution and it became law. North Carolina and Rhode Island ratified it by May 1790.

Now to speak briefly of the Militia Acts. In 1792 two separate acts were passed that are together referred to as the Militia Acts of 1792. The first gave the President the power to unilaterally (without congressional approval) call up the state militias for service in defense of the nation. The second, signed into law six days later on 8 may 1792, provided for the standardized organization of all state militias and effectively conscripted every “free, able-bodied white male citizen” between the ages of 18 and 45 into a local militia company. The Militia Act of 1795 was subsequently passed to keep the authority of the President to call up the militias in force. The Militia Act of 1862 was passed to allow the President to call militias for “Federal (Union)” service against the Confederacy. It also provided that “persons of African descent” could serve in the militias. It was superseded by the Militia Act of 1903 which established the United States National Guard as the Organized Militia in this nation.

Now you can see some of the changes from the First Continental Congress to today. This should give you a better idea of where some of my facts originated. It also demonstrates that the U.S. National Guard has everything to do with the militia as defined and codified by law.

History lesson over. Now to address some other issues from the last go round. And then move on.

I am not “one of them.” I am not trying to drive a wedge between anyone and any group. Many of the “militias” do that all by themselves and don’t need my help. The more “militias” demonstrate their anger and rage on the internet, the more they demonstrate their contempt for the government and the more they photograph themselves running around in camouflage carrying “assault rifles,” the worse it will become between them and the “average” citizen. By the way, I put those terms in quotes because I believe they are misnomers and used incorrectly in most discussions. I will say it again and again, organize your communities, your neighborhood, whatever. Stay off the radar. Look for conservative political leaders.

You may feel free to call yourself anything you want. Trust me on this one, many organizations from the NSA down to the Southern Poverty Law Center, know who comprises the “militias.” If you want to be a “militia”, so be it. Don’t let the mere fact that the meaning of that term was defined by actual etymology and in this country by law and you don’t fit that meaning as set forth dissuade you. You may feel free to fall back on the dictionary definition I provided in my last writing. The first three conform to the Constitution, the Militia Act and U.S. Code. I bring your attention to the fourth and fifth examples provided as that is where a good number of you seem to be. Emphasis added.

[mi-lishuh] noun

1. a body of citizens enrolled for military service, and called out periodically for drill but serving full time only in emergencies.

2. a body of citizen soldiers as distinguished from professional soldiers.

3. all able-bodied males considered by law eligible for military service.

4. a body of citizens organized in a paramilitary group and typically regarding themselves as defenders of individual rights against the PRESUMED interference of the federal government.

5. a military force that engages in rebel or terrorist activities, typically in opposition to a regular army.

Also, please don’t let a little thing like the rule of law be an issue. Each of us has free will. That is the way God made us. So if you want to ignore laws and/or break laws, have at it. I for one used to have a terrible time with speed limits. Never as high as what I wanted. Actually lost my license as a teenager just before I enlisted. Anyway we have a term for people who break the law, we call them criminals. I saw a lot of them during my time on the bench. All ages, races, and creeds and they all had an excuse. Yes, I know, this last paragraph has been condescending. Get over it. Couldn’t help myself.

For those who informed me of the way the SHTF scenario would happen, let me just say: Maybe. See I believe the SHTF scenario will begin when the government gets tired of the disorganized “militias” and begins to consider them a threat. When I say them I mean the collective them as in “militias” that are not. That hasn’t happened. When it does, and I doubt the government and military will collapse prior to that event, then the ubiquitous “THEY” are going to come for “THEM.” And unlike Ruby Ridge and Waco, where there was this long standoff and negotiation before the government started murdering folks, they will probably deem the disorganized militias as domestic terrorists and use deadly force first.

This also negates the idea that these “militias” will be facing a beleaguered military force. That would be nice as they would at least have a chance. Well, maybe. Consider however, the hostilities of the 1860s here in the United States. Yeah, I know, the Confederacy had incredible victories, they were great. I get it. They lost. One of the reasons was lack of materiel. A war of attrition. Can’t fight much without bullets and other resources. And for the record, there were families divided on that one. Brothers killing brothers. Do you think the average Infantry soldier will not engage people bearing arms that have been declare terrorists?

Going back further to the Revolutionary War, I keep hearing about how great the militias were. Not saying they didn’t fight hard, just saying they weren’t the lynch pin to victory. There are a few commonly agreed upon reasons why the British lost.

First, Howe was unable to capture Washington at New York and as a result Washington went on to keep his army together and eventually defeat the British but it wasn’t all him. By the way, the British kicked the militia as well as the Continental Army in the rear at New York.

Another reason was thanks to Parliament itself. It was divided on the colonial issue and support for the war was tenuous. The British economy was in trouble and the war was a huge drain. Good place to note that the majority of British citizens and MOP were in favor of giving the colonialists equal rights.

Then we had the Franco-American alliance. When the French joined in, suddenly other British colonies were at risk. Had the British on multiple fronts so to speak.

In the southern colonies the British overestimated the Loyalist. They had planned on recruiting Loyalist armies in the south and it just didn’t happen.

And the last one, of many, that I will mention, though maybe the most critical, was the lack of ability for the British to resupply itself in a timely matter. Happened to the British during the Revolutionary War just as it happened to the Confederacy during the Unpleasantness and has happened in countless other examples around the world and throughout history. Resupply matters. As a rhetorical question, how much do you have on hand in say classes I through IX? How long can you sustain yourself without more resources? Do these groups think they will simply take what they need from the locals? I, for one, do not care who they are, who they claim to be, what agency or organization they are with, if they wear a badge or not, if I think they are a threat to me or my family or intend to take what is mine by the virtue of my labor, they are in for one great big FXXXKING surprise. To paraphrase some Hollywood movie: “You may get me in a bum’s rush but I am going to take some of you with me.” I am pretty much a “Don’t Tread on Me” type. Anyone who starts commandeering supplies from the populace will only hasten their own defeat.

Why do I keep harping all over the place about history and fact? Partly because of the old adage: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” George Santayana, 1863 – 1952. Partly because learning and understanding the past leads to fresh solutions to the problems of today.

Another good one that I kept getting hit with surrounds “The Oath.” For those of you who may not know what oath we are talking about I provide it here for you. As an enlisted soldier I took the first one, as an officer the second.

I, (state your full name) do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

I, (state your full name) having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States, as indi­cated above in the grade of (fill in the blank) do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obli­gation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God.”

Some differences between the two. Interestingly, as with the Second Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, and other documents, people want to pick what they choose to believe it says. Before those flood gates open, I firmly believe that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right.

In the case of the first oath the usual choice is the part about I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.. That last part, I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God, seems to be a hindrance to their point of view. Just screws up their whole “militia” argument that they are really defending this great nation. All the parts of the oath weigh equally in my opinion but of course some may disagree.

In the second oath the part about obeying the orders of the President of the United States and those appointed over me is not required as officers have only the chain of command to follow. Enlisted soldiers are also subject to orders from other enlisted soldiers of higher rank. The only difference here is the difference between a lawful order and a direct order but that is outside the requirements of this discussion.

I took my oaths very seriously, though as an officer, on a few occasions, I said “NO! Don’t like it? Relieve me.” But that is another story to be had with friends over beer. Maybe one day. By the way, the POTUS has a different oath. That oath of office states:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

That “to the best of my ability” has always bothered me but that is the way it is. I guess some are more able than others.

There were many more diatribes but as I said, many got tuned out after a few words or a line or two. In fact, someone queried why I didn’t answer all the great, insightful questions that were posed. I told him to give me a list and I’d look into it but it might just be that our definitions of “great, insightful questions” differ. Also, I firmly understand that it matters not what I say, many of you will never change your mind or even consider my points regardless of how they are presented.

Now to the real issue at hand. Should communities have some sort of armed organization to deal with situations that the current system cannot. My personal answer is yes. There are many potential events that might require an armed response. As an example: several years ago we had tornados that devastated some of the local communities. In my own area we were fortunate, only four homes destroyed and three dead. The problem was that the American Red Cross and FEMA were not even looking at us. The county sheriff came out and called for removal of the bodies after the little investigation and that was it. As a community we pulled together, found lodging for the two survivors, and started the task of cleaning up the mess. For some reason people from outside our community thought that it was okay to come in the dead of night and collect up what they wanted. Fortunately we were prepared with armed citizens on the properties and there was no looting. This is but one example in many I can think of.

It is not that I advise you not to organize and arm, quite the contrary. Just don’t flaunt and flash it all over the internet and announce you are a “militia” intent on saving your community from the government. That one you will lose. Come up with a more innocuous name for your organization. Maybe West End Community Observation Group or something that doesn’t draw immediate attention.

I will grant you all that this nation is wrought with problems from rampant welfare to special rights for every miniscule minority. I do not agree with the current foreign policy especially as it regards the various muslim nations. I have spent time with muslims and my answer to dealing with them is not in the least PC. As a point of departure, I have read the Koran in a 1930’s translation. To say it was enlightening is an understatement. I also suggest you read the Hadith. Another nail in the coffin of muslim irrationality. Anyone who claims islam is a religion of peace is either lying or just not informed. In all this please don’t forget the Bible. God’s word brings strength. If you haven’t read it, and I mean cover to cover, get started. I don’t disagree that the issues of taxation, uncontrolled alien intrusion from many countries and top of the list, Barack Hussein Obama and the executive order, have me more than a little pissed off. I am simply not ready to throw in the towel and quit trying to change things through peaceful methods.

Even the colonialists petitioned King George III in writing for relief. Have any of you? That’s right, I forgot, no national organization.

I guess until/if I am invited to submit something else this ends the lesson. I’d really like to move on in the future to a discussion of operational considerations for both insurgency and counter insurgency. Might be somewhat enlightening. Considering I wrote the first complete draft of the COIN manual for the Infantry School at Ft. Benning back in 1994, I know a little bit about it. Maybe we could discuss unit organization, the necessity and benefits tactically and operationally of subordination to legitimate authority, IPB, RACO, logistics or something else entirely. Anything but the illegitimacy of the “militia” movement as it is currently structured.

Until then be safe.


William David “Bill” Roberts II

PATCON Weather Saturday


Looking ok.

See you there.

By Any Means Necessary, They Will Try To Silence You


Don’t think this abomination is limited to Germany or the EU.

And don’t think this place and others aren’t enough to get your file referenced.

You do understand by now, right?

By any means

SLL: Not The Biggest Kid On Every Block


Consequences of hegemony and hubris.

Humility and honor?

Not so much.

Obamacare Working As Intended


Denninger: If You Think Health Insurance Increases Are Personal Only…

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Sure glad the Republican Congress took care of this problem.

NC Patcon: No Weather Scrub – Let’s Roll!


Brock says we are “go”..

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For those wishing for simple, no-risk actions, a reader sends:

1) Take a piece of US currency

2) Write or stamp your message; suggestions include “DOA”, “backed by nothing”, “thin-air money”, “low-yield toilet paper”, etc.

3) Pass along in commerce

Artwork optional.



Quote Of The Week


“…Climate change is paganism for guys and gals on the private jet circuit. They force the state to pass some regulation making it hard for you to cut your grass because that will appease, well, whatever is in the blank spot where Elagabalus used to sit. As has always been the case, the rich guy making the sacrifice to the gods is never sacrificing anything of his. It’s always some other guy stretched out on the altar, having his heart ripped out.”

The Z Blog

DanMorgan76: Ham Radio 101


DM76 posts a detailed, clear-language link from ARFcom on the basics.

Worth reading and saving.


Dan Almond Sends

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 6.33.50 AM

Our campaign will have a booth (#31) at the Effingham County Fair starting Oct 19th.

I will be there the 19th but have to work most of the rest of the week. I am asking for volunteers to come by and help work the booth. It’s an opportunity to meet other likeminded liberty activists and spread the word about taking our government back.

The fair starts at 5PM on Monday Oct 19th and continues in the evenings starting at 5PM throughout the week.

Hope to see you there.

To Be Or To Do


Read this essential John Boyd anecdote.

Then read the Order of the White Rose philosophy statement.

As the world starts to burn and civilization twitches in its death throes, choose wisely.



List for Self-sufficient Team Communications

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It’s A Cultural Thing


Why Our Commanders Look The Other Way During Child Rape

After all, it is part of the local culture.

Cowardice emboldens Evil.

And leads to unavoidable consequences.

Autodelegitimization being the least of which.

(H/t ChicagoBoyz)



Jon Ritzheimer Plans To Arrest All US Senators Who Voted For Iran Deal

Bold plan.

Got resources?

Jugoslavia d’Amérique du Nord?


Food for thought.

Lee Greenwood says it’s unpossible.

So there’s that.

lee greenwood spiffy flag jacket grrrrr

Putin At UN General Assembly, 28 SEP2015

Transcript; cf. POTUS.

Draw your own conclusions as to the global power balance.

Some Thoughts On Local Intelligence


In response to this question:

What would you tell a voting-precinct sized ‘group’ of non-professionals to do re intel?

a reader sends:

An outstanding question. Deserves rumination for the weekend so I can put into words you deserve as a response. The “execution” piece is part art but I will give some thought against my microcosm. Am probably blessed at this end not to have the machinations of the big city, hives being repulsive to me (with 1 “district” here being the entire small town of several wards) . Have been positioned in big-cities in places around the globe & am a native SoCal ex-pat, though, so it’s a personal choice after seeing both. I’d rather be sitting on the beach playing my Stratocaster. (See how easily people blab?, lol)
I think your idea to focus small is on track. For all the counsel heard from the rooftops to “move away” the reality is that people live where they live for a variety of reasons. However, the district-sized morsel is something replicable pretty much across the board; the terrain is just different. So I’ll reflect on this over the weekend.

BLUF: People need to get off their ass for 30 minutes a day or even a couple hours/week & do some simple shit.

This’ll be somewhat disjointed as I’m hitting it over the course of a couple days. Some of what I personally think would be likely responded to by some with scorn since it will necessarily involve interacting with people in establishment circles, including currently elected officials (although recently un-elected ones can be good sources). I don’t know, or know how to teach, craft at the level Culper can impart but think it’s important that people be willing to interact with those socially around them, in their immediate area. If they can’t do that, they’re really only going to ultimately get the picture that an enemy wants seen. I hope it’s worth the time it takes you to read it.

People Stuff:

At the precinct level (don’t know what that is in a big metropolis in terms of population), I’d suggest that folks should identify those that are in positions to exercise influence in their lives. As just one example, it is surprising how many don’t know who actually makes determinations about utilities, permit processes, etc. This kind of information is so easily collectible that it’s almost criminal not to; it’s OSINT (just visit city hall) & it should be as specifically important as having a local phone book in the drawer near the phone. This is boring shit but it’s necessary so that, later, when a name comes up at an opportunity to meet with someone who might provide info you’ll know who you’re talking to and “how important they are” in terms of what they do, which can include knowing someone else of interest they can “turn you on” to. 😉 It’s important to remember that you DON’T want all these seeming functionaries to hang – you’ll need them to fix the signal at the RR tracks, or turn lights on, or service the generator for the water treatment plant. History shows us this many times.

One opportunity to meet people who hear things is to engage with the local Chamber of Commerce and find out if they have any “meet & greet” type events with local business people. Again, these opportunities to get facetime with people who hear shit can be invaluable. In most locales (IME) it’s a relative few who are the movers & shakers in a place. Doesn’t require a lot of effort but is valuable later for getting little pieces and./or cross-checking something later. Even if you couldn’t attend, “say, what d’ya hear about the maintenance costs on Podunk county’s new MRAP? My sister’s son-in-law said those things are really expensive… I don’t think I’ve even seen it in the parade last 4th of July, does it run?” Or (to a city planner) “hey, I read about all the state funds getting cut (you do peruse the most local rag, right?) do we have a backup if our wastewater treatment plant goes down?” People love to display how much they know; let them. Not talking about schmoozing here; but (something hard for me to understand for awhile) one has to sometimes go back to a simple child-like curiosity about stuff when engaging people about what they do.

Something else that can be done, which has been beaten to death, is patterning those in the local community who live their lives on the radio. Here’s a real example, going on now:

The local PD (which as I mentioned anecdotally before to you are happily in the category of Peace Officers in this neck of the woods, evidenced by how they comport themselves) is in a pretty big hurt resource-wise. Why? My guess (important distinction) is the rash of seemingly random shootings of officers around the country. Why do I think that? Because VERY recently they have been responding to the most mundane, the most routine calls, with 2 cars or, if not, 1 who often waits for the second one to clear from another call and then it’s 2 on scene before they really begin dealing with anything that might involve more than 1 subject. How do I know that? Because I ALREADY know their battle-rhythm. They are either under some threat guidance, or have unilaterally decided to start taking additional back-watching precautions. Now, truly, that information or assumption by me does NOT intelligence make. But I know most of these folks and the first innocuous chance I get in contact with one of them, I’m going to commiserate with them about it and ask them if that’s why they seem to be doing that (and of course bemoan the situation, etc. etc…..). Then I might have something more solid. (But I’ve got a real good hunch about this one.)

Separate RFI, it would be interesting to know if others who’ve actually patterned their gendarmes are noticing the same thing.

Such a thing is a huge resource hog. It’s also a vulnerability. That is, it just got twice as easy in terms of what it takes to create a diversion to get a large subset of the shift on duty away from some other location that might be of interest.

Takes too long to suddenly double the number of officers, even if the money was there (it ain’t). And doubling up in the cars accomplishes nothing in terms of patrol coverage. This kind of stuff is where the patterning pays off.

Another task that sort of falls into intel gathering relates directly to training, where the collection may let you enjoy an opportunity, particularly if you’re a city-dweller and don’t have access to rural land. Go to the nearest Register of Deeds office in your county and fork over the money for a plat book. Why? First, in doing your drive-arounds (see below) it can be useful simply as “who owns what.” It’s also useful to see where private land adjoins land for other uses. It can also be useful if trying to find just who to contact to maybe ask permission, not to hunt, but simply to gain access to the back 40 from a gravel road and, say, run a compass course.

Ya never know unless you ask. OSINT.

Infrastructure Stuff:

If one is in a semi-rural area, where are the wells that serve the little cities & towns? I don’t mean “1 on the eastern part of the city, 1 up on the north end” – I mean, specifically, to an 8-digit coordinate or fire-number on a country road, where are they? I got a map of all of my town’s simply from interest in an article in the paper about the EPA returning one set of a well’s testing results as bad & they had to take the well off line, which yielded new article in the local rag – and then contacting the nice lady in the city utilities department. Again, OSINT, but I had to ask, it’s not on the billboards. Then go for a drive. “Hmmm, where does this road go?” Path not previously taken stuff.

I wonder how many people any more still simply take a drive around their local area for a few hours to get ground truth of what’s up with streets, major routes, where bottle-necks are, what are 2nd thru 5th order ways to get from point A to B? Every whitetail knows their 2-5 square miles like fingerprints; people need to learn their “woods” even if it’s mostly concrete & glass. All the above can be accomplished while still remaining gray. Simply having interest in something falls solidly between the hermit and the PITA that shows up at every city council committe meeting to heckle someone. That’s who gets remembered, not the citizen who’s simply interested.

Speaking of taking a drive, that includes night-time. Can’t sleep? Get a cup of coffee and take a middle of the night roam through the nearest big truck-stop. Take note of what’s being line-hauled. Caution because I say take note of… not freak out over. Line-hauling of military vehicles to/from Reserve/Guard units, bases for 2-week training, and maintenance shops by private truckers using low-boys is ROUTINE. But take note over time of what’s the normal throughput of the nearest 18-wheeler “O’Hare” in your AO. The other good time to note this traffic is dawn, and whenever the evening sun dip occurs, when it’s only about 5-10° above the horizon. It’s in people’s eyes & they use that time to take a break.

Are your local cop-shop or other administrative nets running off a repeater? Where is it? Can’t find it? Sure you can; it’s in the FCC ULS database, same place as your license info, just a different subset of info, along with all the freqs they have allocated. But then you knew that because that’s how you loaded your scanner. Even Google will take you to that info; like the old Nike slogan, just do it.

Sorry to be long-winded but trying to think of examples to support the “why do this stuff” aspect. Is drinking water availability important? Are the comms on VHF? If so, then simplex is gonna suck, guys, if/when your repeater goes down for some reason. (And the repeater is probably just off on a hilltop somewhere with some dog-pound-like chain link around it on a tiny-fee lease agreement with some farmer or the “Guv” did a “taking” of 300 sq feet off the gravel road for the access.)

I think from previous readings Culper has given the breadcrumbs out and probably some steak & eggs as well, probably several times, as to specific targets that deserve one’s local attention- don’t have a sense as to how people are acting on that good info. But one of the reasons people should think locallocallocal is that the stuff you want to know is so available. But it requires a little bit of a) initiative and b) willingness to engage with other humans who they may lump together as embodying some type of evil they comment about on the internet. This stuff could be so easily tasked out to individual members of a group of like-minded friends. And, in the doing of that, confidence is gained both in method (“jeez, I could’ve got this a lot easier” or “I should’ve gotten this too…” or “hey, that’s a gem, good job.”) and a shared sense of accomplishment and that may lead to more in-depth efforts. Nothing succeeds like success kinda thing.

Does Amtrak stop in your area? When/how often? How long are they usually stopped (tying up traffic)? What are alternate paths to cross to continue your travel if you simply cannot tolerate being static for some reason? What’s the general battle-rhythm of freight trains that do the same thing; and in which direction? Sometimes the comments I see lead me to believe many simply don’t bother to observe because they are hand-wringing over the latest Mother Jones article; in a residential area they probably haven’t patterned a radius of 6 houses around their own.

So there’s no excuse not to interact with humans where there’s a valid need that can be fulfilled. I think far too many (probably some who’ve never worked for any form of government) assume that anyone who works (or worked) for any level of government anywhere, for any reason, is evil, at least suspect, and needs to be hung. Man, I promise you they need to revise their thinking ’cause they’ll be busy obsessing about that instead of figuring out ways to feed their family or noticing stuff that’s important before it achieves critical mass. It is not full-on Stasi yet and, yes, I DO know the difference. None of this stuff requires a ton of manhours especially if divided into small chunks.

And if all people are doing is grousing like an 8-yr old and obsessing about stuff & not having any fun in their lives, then OPFOR has already completely won.

Old intel isn’t intel:

One anecdote as to the importance of keeping it simple & achievable, but refreshed.

Once upon a time there was a signal company (variety of capabilities) that deployed to a mountain environment in support of a Corps CG (3-star). The Bn Sig officer had the perfect OPLAN, already on the shelf for years, for just what everyone should load out with, down to the numbers of mast sections for the platoon that provided the critical UHF links for the fancy-shit “and we will by-God stick to the plan.”

Only problem was no one had done an environmental recon of the site in several years & forgot to ask the trees not to grow. Not enough mast to get the UHF horns up to LoS capability; no comms for first 48 hrs except for us HF CW folks (read “heroes of the day”, lol). But only because it was an exercise; in real life it would’ve been death as the CG could never have exercised the C2 he needed.

So it pays to not just take a snapshot. Better to do something simple & keep doing it.

Daily PT in the 60’s in basic wasn’t actually all that long in duration, but after 8 weeks it certainly had a positive effect.