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  1. I am so fed up with the dykes, the posers, and assorted other unwashed babbling on and on about “white privilege”, “white power”, and trying to force “white guilt” on us. Well, here is a white answer: Fuck-You-All! I have no more privilege than you do, I have no white power, and I have ZERO white guilt. So Fuck-You-All!! And, here is a clue you classless assholes-look in the mirror. Most of you are white!! The migrants think it is gonna be oh so easy in Europe? Let me inform the undereducated; the Nazis aren’t gone and they aren’t dead. Wait until the next election. You are going to see a whole new Hitler. And it scares the hell out of me.


    This is a huge lesson for the clueless here in Amerika. The folks on our southern border have been sounding the alarm for years, but the cosmic whites and useful idiots of Greenwoodistan have ignored this gorilla in the living room. There will be blood.

  3. So, there’s basically Collectivist’ propaganda.

    Some Collectivists want to encourage mass-migration.
    And, some Collectivists want to discourage mass-migration.

    Almost nobody is arguing FOR human’ freedom… which would solve these “problems” at a stroke.


    Anyway, I like this little meme.

  4. only Hungary appears to be resisting the latest Sunni Muslim invasion; Hungary, of course, has a long tradition of resistance to the anti-national machinations of Globalist Jewry. But in Germany – at least according to BBC coverage via the usual Kabbalah of Reds, Sodomites, and other Jews – the citizens are welcoming the Syrian “refugees” with open arms and loving hearts. This refers, of course, only to the current glob of 800,000 ragheads. What the reaction will be to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 11th globs remains to be seen

  5. So who’s going to survive? The mentally ill whites and their allies? Or your loved ones? Make no mistake. The choice is being forced on you. You have no say. You will be forced to act. Got your mind right Luke?

  6. Countries are like a paper bag designed to hold 5 pounds of shit, if 10 pounds of shit are put into them , they rip apart. That is what unregulated immigration does to a country it rips it apart. It not only allows too many in, it allows the criminal, mental handicapped, the lazy, and all other unwanted. If you want to destroy a country without a war, this is the way to do it.


      This is the best description of the immigration situation I have read in a long time. It is also a description of 2015 Amerika. Thanks, Mr. Nighthawk.

  7. I read the linked Lew Rockwell article on migration and the political uses thereof. Interesting reading, but Anne Williamson assumes that the US will continue to have the wherewithal to fund ongoing meddling in Europe. I doubt that will be the case; within a few years we’ll be dealing with our own plethora of problems.

    @Bogbeagle, you are right about this being a conflict between statist governments, but what is interesting is how nobody is talking about the effects of social welfare policies in this whole issue. Hmmm…..

    • Molyneux really goes off on one, in this video. I guess that only a few thousand will see it, though.

      A bit confused, at times … but, he plainly states that you have a choice; if you want Welfare, then you must have Border guards.

  8. Good piece from the lew rockwell site, but it still misses the multipolar power centers of the world. What needs to be clear is when the pipeline of mass migration backs up, those muslims will end up resettling the Balkans. Istanbul and Saudi Arabia will be very pleased with this arrangement. Wahhabist influence will easily spread as a de facto state religion into the EU. European elites will get their cheap labor and be able to keep their local native born populations divided and under control –just like the American model. Later on, they’ll blame Jews and fundamentalist Christians for not being tolerant enough and stirring up problems. Muslims and socialists (atheists) will gleefully join together to persecute them –again, just like the emerging American model. It’s still an alliance of convenience.

    BTW, this is the correct Guskova link:

    Problems have been increasing in Macedonia for a number of months:

    Again, for what we are seeing now to be possible required the destruction of Yugoslavia. And, despite what one poster on WRSA would have you believe, Israel actually tried to keep the Balkan wall in place:–Serbia_relations#Political_relations

    DC, Brussels, Riyadh, and Moscow can bomb the shit out of anyone they please, Beijing can concentrate on building gadgets, India can be one giant call center, Jews can all move to the global Warsaw Ghetto (aka Israel) and Christians will be left as a remnant without a single physical kingdom on the planet. Any other questions before the decapitations begin?

    • what “Balkan Wall”. The 1st Muslim Invasion walked over the Serbs, and so will this one. During the First Invasion, the Jews were merely the Muslims’ tax-collectors and enforcers. Now, via Isramerica and its puppet Sunni states (Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, ISIS/caliphate), the Jews are astride most of the Middle East and orchestrating, from within and without, the entire Muslim invasion and destruction of White Europe. Same thing in America, only it’s invasive Mestizos and Blacks, with Muslims trailing along behind

      • Hey HA, try actually clicking the link above.

        BTW, I didn’t get a chance to respond to your buddy EB which I’ll do here.

        Lenin was raised Christian and there’s speculation he was poisoned so Stalin could take power. Trotsky was not a practicing Jew and was later assassinated on Stalin’s orders after fleeing, so he was not a player in the USSR. Sverdlov’s cause of death was debated, but he died in 1919 which also made him a non-player in the USSR. Let’s look at some other big players (both in USSR and the philosophy behind it) that you failed to mention: Beria, raised Christian; Malenkov, raised Christian; Khrushchev, raised Christian; Engels, raised Christian; Hegel, raised Christian. And right before Stalin died he started this:

        As far as old State Department dispatches go, try looking into the SS St. Louis. Or better yet, ask why no rail lines leading to concentration camps were ever bombed during WW2. Then you can jump to the modern era with the Arabists at State and their ongoing help for Riyadh. You do realize that ISIS has convicts in their ranks who were given pardons by the Saudis so they could participate in jihad, right?

        Sounds like the Saudi version of the Dirlewanger Brigade:

        The Soviets were atheists (much like the West is becoming now). The Nazis, Khmer Rouge, Maoists, etc also had no place for God in their regimes. Of course, twisted views of God have also created problems throughout history.

        To both HA and EB: where do you guys stand with God?

  9. Genghis Khan encouraged mass migration, too.

  10. All of this mass migrations is a lot to take in. I am trying my best to understand it all and it at times becomes difficult. I do understand to an extent, there is a strong western indulgence to promote dissenting conflict between countries by influence of religious dogma that is not following Biblical tennants. Some countries refuse to accept while others follow along. Another thing, these mass migrations seem to be more for strategic reasons rather than just civilians looking to escape war and conflict.

    Maybe I’m off base completely…..I hope other commentors here can help as this seems to be something that will place us in a potential war that could escalate beyond comprehension.

  11. Demographics are demographics. What are called white countries have for decades not been having enough children to maintain their socialist governments. You have to replace those unborn with some one. God’s Prime Directive, before there was ever any sin on Earth, was “go forth and multiply and plenish/replenish the earth” It only figures that God will reward those that do His will. The guy holding the sign is correct.

    • “Demographics are demographics.”

      You think that up all by yourself?

      These demographics are weaponized, not just some byproduct of generic Malthusian economics.

    • Boobbye,

      Doing God’s will is birthing more than 73% of American Negro children out-of-wedlock ? Almost double of what the white trash birth out-of-wedlock. Either way, both groups are spitting out children without benefit of a dual parent upbring, discipline and family values. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Just what God ordered, right Boobbye ?

      The guy holding the sign most likely doesn’t know who his daddy is while us dumb white folks have, through gun-at-the head taxation, been forced to pay for his Welfare costs, i.e., food, clothing, medical card and left-wing .gov schooling. In the meantime, the scum soetoro-obama and his minions continue to ravage fUSA with open borders and planeloads of ragheads being “resettled” in many purely Caucasian regions of fUSA. “Fundamental change” at the hands of an illegal, half-breed, foreign-born enemy of Amerika, Barack Hussein “I-Am-Not-A-Muslim” soetoro-obama.

      So, let me get this straight Boobbye….God is rewarding half-breed, born-out-of-wedlock, non-Christian, lying Barry Soetoro aka barack hussein soetoro-obama and the multitide of border invaders and “resettled” Muslims, for doing “His” will ?

      Boobbye…You are full of crap !

    • I smell a fedgoon troll, but there is a point worth addressing here.

      It is obviously true that the birthrate of the WASP in these presently united States has been below the replacement rate for a number of years. The reason, as Dan III points out, is that the left has required the productive middle class, through taxation policy, to fund the costs of not only their children but also the children of the unproductive. These taxes, both overt (income, capital gains, property, FICA, etc.) and covert (monetary debasement AKA inflation), consume about 7/8 of what you spend in the marketplace.

      This has been going on for decades, making it exceedingly difficult for productive people working in the private sector to afford the cost of a large family, especially at a young age when biology favors reproduction. This explains why so many couples wait to have children until later in life, when not only are earnings higher, but the income from savings and investment have increased as well. What is now crushing the middle class one or two child family is the destruction of any return on their meager savings, through the Federal Reserve’s zero interest policy, a double whammy which not only is increasing the hidden tax of monetary debasement dramatically (see Shadow Stats) but also reducing the return on savings to a trivial amount.

      This means that those productive enough to consume less than they produce are not able to increase their wealth through savings. Compound interest over time is a powerful multiplier of savings, but when the ROI is less than 2%, if you want a comfortable retirement, you must forego having a family, or at least forego a large family.

      The present reduction in reproduction has nothing at all to do with the Almighty, and everything to do with tax and monetary policy. If present economic and political trends continue, we’ll end up with a rich oligarchy and the mass of the poor; there will be no productive middle class left. Those few in the middle class will be .gov slaves. Again, this assumes that the present trends can continue, which is NOT the case.

      This situation is likely to reverse itself in the near future when these presently united States default on the national debt, and the moochers, looters, and professional victims find their government benefits worthless or unavailable. Then the advantage will go to those who can produce, and defend their production. At that point, there will be widespread use of pity as a weapon by the Fedgoons, combined with throwing selected portions of their slaves to the wolves. The ‘useful idiot’ fellow travellers will likely be the first to be sacrificed on the alter of expediency.

      Skills are once again likely to be highly prized, both martial and productive.

      • Historian, thank you for that.

        Exactly correct. Clarity is superior to hysterics every time.

      • Historian,

        You stated the problem much better than I could. Very factual.

        Thank you for your comments. I learned a few things.

  12. Mass migration will destroy the West, and the USA, unless it is halted in its tracks very soon. That is Obama’s real agenda….

  13. It is The Gates of Vienna writ is being waged by a human extinction movement, from every quadrant. And like The Gates of Vienna of old, all which stands in the way of this darkness is the Christians and Judean’s. It is the same war since time began.

    This is leading to a world war of mutual assured destruction.
    Extermination of the white race is what’s going on here. Nothing less. Ya they hate us. Its genetic for lack of a better description this racial hatred.
    Look at those young psychopaths. They are indoctrinated with this glib sense of glee at the prospect of exterminating the west and its moral values of Christian Judaen principles. That hate is these monsters religion. They are little Mao’s and Stalin’s, the protégé’s of Marx and Lenin and Trotsky.
    Nasty little pukes.

    • Yes, the left has their hands firmly on the levers of power in the West and they have designated whites as public enemy number one. They have already completed their show trials on prime-time TV and we have been found guilty. There is nothing whites can do to redeem ourselves, other than shut up, sit back and allow children to be dispossessed and assimilated. According to the anti-whites, only racists and nazis think that whites should exist in the future. We are in the psychological warfare stage of the game. There is no discussion or middle ground left anymore. Our European homelands are being opened to unlimited millions of refugees from the ME and Africa right now. The Diversity Wars are looming.

    • Doug, what can you expect when these ignoramuses have been “educated” (read: indoctrinated) in current “Western” school systems that follow the teachings of that puke John Dewey, and the rest of his “humanist” ilk?


      Doug: You’re right. But, I did not see any of these nasty little pukes wearing logos or caps from Gunsite, Thunder Ranch, Front Site, or any other such venue. Even though I am almost 68 and creaking and groaning with arthritis, I can still shoot. And, from what I have read and seen in the article, I am angry enough to start; just as soon as these goblins encroach on the property or person of my family or me.
      At the beginning of the novel, CAMP OF THE SAINTS, there is a confrontation/conversation between and elderly Frenchman and one such nasty little puke who is extolling the current situation which is about to happen(mass, unregulated immigration). The old man just shoots him. We all need to re-read THE GODFATHER and ask ourselves the question: “WHAT WOULD VITO DO?”

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  15. Welcoming Islamic jihadists as refugees just proves: Stupid is as stupid does. TES

    Hijrah, or jihad by emigration, is, according to Islamic tradition, the migration or journey of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib, later renamed by him to Medina, in the year 622 CE.

    If you don’t accept the brave new world that is sure to bring more jihad and more Sharia to Europe, you’re a Nazi and a racist. Meanwhile, no one is bothering even to ask, much less answer, one central question: why is it incumbent upon Europe have to absorb all these refugees? Why not Saudi Arabia or the other Muslim countries that are oil-rich and have plenty of space? The answer is unspoken because non-Muslim authorities refuse to believe it and Muslims don’t want it stated or known: these refugees have to go to Europe because this is a hijrah.

    This is also Europe’s death knell.

    • Autox3d,

      “This is Europe’s death knell.”

      And is not the appointment of Barack Hussein soetoro-obama as POTUS, not Amerika’s death knell ? Open borders with illegals being welcomed with open arms and tens of thousands of Muslims being resettled here when fUSA can no longer sustain it’s natural-born citizens.

      Al-Taqiyya….the Muslim practice to deceive non-believers. Soetoro-obama practices it well.

  16. HHH Old Vet.

    COME ON GIANT COMET!! Before the rich escape to some off world base.

  17. How ’bout we do what the left always does: change the definition to control the “debate.”

    Instead of “white supremacy” suppose we use “white survival” along with the facts of the assault on white persons and white culture.

    No, we won’t change our enemy’s mind (who give’s a shit?) but we might Clue Bat those presently in denial.

    • ’06,

      The bulk of the problem as I see it are natural-born, Caucasian-Amerikans of the leftist, Marxist persuasion. They’re rooting for their own demise and will be the first to have their backs against the wall when the Muslim/Mexican hordes take possession of fUSA.

  18. As I have commented elsewhere….Amerikans better start worrying about their own domestic invasion rather than Europe, Korea and the Middle East.

    But fools that Amerikans are you’ll continue to support your children to fight foreign war while your own nation, your home, crumbles all around you !

    • ” As families go, so goes a nation.”
      “But fools that Amerikans are you’ll continue to support your children to fight foreign war while your own nation, your home, crumbles all around you !” Dan III, you are saying the same thing that I am saying. These invading hoardes have much stronger family structure than a typical Euro or American family. Invading hoardes have replaced declining peoples many times throughout history, not armies, but people seeking a better live for themselves and their families. Yes, their better life comes at the American peoples expense, but that is not their fault, it is the American peoples fault.

  19. It’s not too fetched to imagine persecuted whites fleeing the U.S. for the few remaining non-Muslim areas of Europe or even Russia. There is no way the blacks, Muslims and Latinos enforce equality for all once they are in the power positions and control the police, courts and jails.