Commentary On The Current Clash Of Civilizations


GoV: Sheer Bloody Madness – “Here You Will Be Safe. All Your Worries Will Be Gone.”

H/t for these two articles to Sarah Hoyt:

Genocide, Islam, And Weaponized Empathy

More On Weaponized Empathy

Belmont Club: Biblical (h/t GVDL)

Peter Hitchens: We won’t save refugees by destroying our own country

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    Reading about all of this “Welcome Refugees” tra-la-la nonsense brought back memories of the 1953 movie WAR OF THE WORLDS. When the Marines and the 40th Infantry Division have the Martians surrounded after the initial capsule lands, the heroine’s uncle, a man of the cloth, disappears out of the bunker and we cut to a scene of him walking towards the Martian vehicle reciting the 23rd Psalm and holding up his Bible. Zapped.
    These clueless socialist deviates better get ready for the same fate. I am sure that behind closed doors, Merkel, the Frogs, and the rest of these European Bilderberg-NWO types are planning their unscheduled trips to their hide-outs in Patagonia or the Caribbean.

    • according to the libertarian (that is, open borders/free trade) Tyler Durdins at ZeroHedge, thousands of White cosmics in Iceland are storming social media to demand that their gubmint get more involved in adopt-a-Muslim

      • That’s a pretty broad brush you got there. Been reading the Hedge for years and I don’t see much sympathy for yutes crossing borders to destroy whole countries. I did also post Hoppe’s article on forced immigration but you might have missed that.

        True the Hedge crowd doesn’t have much in the way of patience for happy fun empire building and drone parties for goat farmer weddings but buy a clue before posting shit about the fight club.

    • There will be no collapse.
      Just enough terror attacks for the cattle to beg for martial law.
      Please, just put an eye-scanner on every corner! Whatever it takes to keep us safe!

      • Yeah, I’ve been trying to figure out how this situation will be turned to the advantage of those in power.

        I mean, I know they mean to consolidate and expand their control … that’s why the migrant “problem” has been orchestrated … but I’m not yet sure exactly how it will be done.

        The migrants may be handy scapegoats when it comes time to explain where all the money went.

        Already we see that Cameron has used the situation to justify the extra-judicial killings of some Brits in Syria. The public seem to be wildly enthusiastic about it. Sooo, all that is needed is an accusation … and you can be turned into mist. Your neighbours will cheer.

        Starting to think that this place really has run its course. Needs a change of ownership. I have nothing in common with these people, save the colour of my skin and a shared language.

    • To quote a parody of that classic movie ” Professor wait, it wants to eat the face off humanity!”

  2. “We’re trapped in the belly of this horrible machine
    And the machine is bleeding to death”

    Buy more ammo. Buy armor. Hide yo’ women. Hide yo’ kids.

  3. This is called blowback, only it isn’t us paying the price, yet. The wages of this sin – the destruction of the Middle East – will ultimately destroy this empire. All the paid lackies, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande, et al, will soon learn that it doesn’t pay to be America’s bitch. When Europe turns, it”s over for American hegemomy – soon, I suspect.

  4. Israel is right next door to Syria. Why isn’t Israel accepting a few hundred thousand Syrian Sunni “refugees”? Especially since it’s Isramerica’s arming of Sunni terrorists that’s destroyed Syria? I DEMAND THAT ISRAEL ACCEPT SYRIAN REFUGEES!

    • sorry. I see I was wrong. According to neo-con warmonger Richard Fernandez it’s “Iran” and “Assad” that have destroyed Syria. Actually, there’s liars. Big Liars. And Israel-stooge neo-con Humongous Liars

    • That’s funny. Did Saudi Arabia run out of room?

      Let’s see…the future NWO Warsaw Ghetto aka modern Israel has over 1000 people per square mile. England has 1054. Germany has 583. China 373.

      America 90. Saudi Arabia 31. Russia 21.

      Looks pretty clear who’s calling the shots.

  5. One picture of a dead kid and Europe dissolves into hysterical sobbing. Amazing. And to think: if the USA hadn’t formed, armed and trained ISIS to depose Assad, so the Gulf arabs could put in a fucking pipeline, as part of this insane fixation on Russia, that kid and his family would be living happily right now in a stable peaceful Syria. So how many cute little kids have died in Syria in the last 3 years and does the USA, UK or Saudis actually give a damn? Of course not. Too many moronic ivy leaguers playing Churchill and the great game badly.

    • Refugees going to a Muslim country lose their value as weapons of economic/social destruction. That’s why the KSA, Qatar, et al, don’t want them.

      To be truly effective, those refugees NEED to be in Europe.

      Which kinda points the finger at some of those who are orchestrating this situation.

      • Do a bit of research on Barbara Lerner Spectre, a US citizen living in Sweden and organizing the diversification of Europe. She’s not the only one, of course, but she’s a major player and is out in the open about it.

        Most are funded by the usual suspects, the Rothschilds.

        • You might want to update your worldview to incorporate the fact that the biggest 3 banks on the planet are Chinese.

          The next biggest bank, HSBC, was founded by a scotsman and the biggest American bank is chaired by a Greek Orthodox.

          • the most powerful bank on earth is the Rothschild Federal Reserve debt/money machine. Which is also intimately tied in with 5 NY “Investment” banks (Goldman-Sachs, JPM, CFiti, Wells Fargo, BOA) as well as with the Deutsche Bank and the French National Bank. China? The Jews have nothing to fear from China. Smart, Asiatic collectivists = smart, Asiatic collectivists. Indeed, the Chicom model is identical to the ZOGlobalist model: State socialism plus crony capitalism, all enforced by a murderous Gulag regime

  6. When it was the Yazidis and Christians being slaughtered in Iraq and Syria, no one was listening and no one was putting together a welcome wagon:

    Notice how the Saudis aren’t accepting these refugees (while the global media gives them a free pass). They have a history of actually deporting people and strictly controlling who is in their muslim kingdom:

    “There is an ongoing crackdown on undocumented labour migrants in Saudi Arabia following the expiration of an amnesty granted by King Abdullah on April 3 2013. During the seven month grace period that ended on November 3rd, undocumented workers in the 9 million strong migrant labour force were required to regularize their stay or leave the Kingdom. It is reported that nearly one million migrants from various countries took advantage of the amnesty and left voluntarily. With its expiry, the Saudi authorities have initiated mass deportations which began in mid-November 2013. To date there have been an estimated 75,000 Ethiopians returned to Addis Ababa and the numbers are expected to reach over 100,000 by the end of December 2013.”

    And they’ve also set up border fences (something which the US won’t do):


    South (which is also the closed point to Africa at the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden):

    This helps make sure the movement of people in both the ME and Africa are funneled away from them.

  7. Had the US accepted the many Jews and other refugees generated by WWII, we would have owned the world’s science and commerce for even longer than we did. As it was, a considerable part of our dominance was built on those people, the atom bomb was not their only contribution.

    We already have many Muslims in this country, I live among them. No problem. When we remove the idiot controls on commerce with Iran, those immigrants will begin expanding it, to the benefit of both.

    The US generates enemies as a strategy. Negative sum strategies are stupid. Nobody wins wars of soldiers or economic coersion except a few oligarchs. Unfortunaeely, that plus propaganda is usually enough.

    • “the atom bomb was not their only contribution”….True. TF might also have mentioned other Tribal “contributions”: our kosher crime lobby legal system, the Hollywood-NY MSM kosher Culture of Death (abortion, porn, homosex), our Rothschild Central Bank-controlled, debt-drowned, financialized, smoking ruin of a Ponziconomy, and the ‘Kwa’s bloody Zionist-imperialist foreign policy. Who knows what goodies the ragheads will “contribute”! Why, they might even out-“contribute” the Blacks and Mestizos. TF, U R always good for a chuckle; strive harder, and you may yet attain GS’s level of full laughter induction

    • C’mon, they were and are the Leaders of both Communism and the International Bankers who fund them. More Jews? We would fallen even harder and faster. Be sure to vote for Joe Biden if he runs – he believes Jews ARE America. There is no America outside of them according to him.

    • I’ve read CHS for over 10 years including during my deployment overseas. This last essay could even dovetail with Disuniting of America by Schlesinger. However, I take the position that those of us already here in America will be expected to conform more to Muslim sensitivities than the other way around. I’ll also state plainly here that Christian civil servants and licensed practitioners in any field will be required to serve homosexuals, but Muslims will be given a free pass. Hence the serious discussions of a separate legal system for them which they’ll be diverted to by the secular legal system.

      Then there’s this quote:

      “Of an estimated 4 million Syrian refugees, the U.S. has accepted a mere 1,500. We’re told Many Obstacles Are Seen to U.S. Taking in Large Number of Syrian Refugees . I am sure President Ford was told the same thing: it was “impossible” to absorb hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese refugees.”

      I understand Charles is just quoting this number, but how do we even know that’s correct? This is the same fedgov that lies about numbers all the time. Operation Fast & Furious comes to mind on numbers. Given all the new faces in hijabs I see at my local big box grocery store here in the Midwest I seriously question how many Muslims have recently arrived. I’ve never seen a yarmulke or a Sikh turban there.

      • I do not think the world will be anywhere near that. Muslims will always be a minority, and the overloardship of our Progressives, Left and Right, fascists all, is near an end. Hard to say what will be after, but this is end of an era, and you are doing linear extrapolation.

        End-of-eras are real non-linear, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to recognize them.

        Your questioning of our gov is part of the end of an era. It has taken 65 years since the military-industrial-complex combined forces with the Right Progressives and 45 since their competition for the same oligarch’s support with the Left Progressives ended representative government in the US.

        It is not a stable structure, and they have FUBARed everything and are busy blaming it all on whatever minorities they can and keeping enough wars going to distract everyone. Oh yes, lots of sports stadiums, good for keeping locals distracted and everyone on board.

        • sports stadiums…where globalist Jew-billionaire-owned teams of multi-millionaire Black steroids do kid things with sticks and balls, while brainwashed Whites sit in the seats and are thus distracted from the Talmudist takedown of their nation, race, and civilization. As usual, TF, you’ve got it all upside down and bass-ackwards

          • Do you have a document with these statements already typed up so you can cut and paste them in?
            You should

  8. Word has it that, as usual, this is a multi-dimensional event. Tens of thousands of fighting age, physically fit, Muslim men are streaming into Europe. A Europe who quickly flopped to its collective back and spread its legs like the oldest whore in a brothel.

    Those men are coming to Europe to fight Christians, for the Rothschild/EU governments.

    • The second part is Russia is arriving in Syria in a major way. They’re building a large military aviation facility which can handle lots of heavy aircraft, plus plenty of fighter aircraft. The US government will have to cease its air strikes, and Israel will have to stop flying in Syrian air space.

      Lots of the so-called refugees are getting out of the way of what’s going to happen next.

  9. I know it’s a moral issue for us, the difference between killing and murder..But at some point we’re going to have to realize this is genocide and we’re going to have to start repelling the invaders by any means necessary. I say start shooting them at the border. That will stop the invasion COLD. I’m serious. Fuck the Europeans. Socialist assholes, most of them. And the ones who get it, well better step it up. Just like we need to.

  10. What’s coming next is a classic pincers: Russia from the west, Quds from the east. ISIS will be anihilated, Asad’s regime will be in power for generations. No Quatari pipeline, everyone pissed at the USA…..

  11. the woodsman

    As long as Israel is able to build its border walls and stay a Jewish nation – that’s all that matters. White countries are for EVERYBODY. I’m glad so many of you goys that hang out here get it. Please keep working to change the minds of all those nasty anti-semites.