Same Feces, Different Bag


NYT: John Boehner Will Resign From Congress

Scrappleface: Boehner Retires To Spend More Time With His Money

Boehner Resigned? Good. Go Cry, Drink And Surrender Somewhere Else

Denninger: F-U Boehner

NYT: Kevin McCarthy Expected to Seek Speaker John Boehner’s Post in House

Full Biography: Kevin McCarthy

Don’t get caught up in the shiny distractions.

There is no political solution.

Even at the local level, the best that can be attained are forward observers.

Keep training.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 11.08.54 AMBanzai!

31 responses to “Same Feces, Different Bag

  1. garbage out, garbage in

  2. Victory is sweet, but I don’t know if we won the skirmish. Boner will probably land a fat six figure K street consulting job and then he will still be sucking at the govt teat by proxy. Sigh….

  3. Enjoy the puppet show. Or, what does he know that we don’t?
    In either case keep stacking real things.

  4. It appears the Boner got religion. I wonder if the Marxist told him to step down when they were alone and Pope grabbed my arm and pulled me close and asked me (the boner) to pray for him. The only thing I’m sure of is that they (the corruptocracy) realize the game may be getting a tad more serious. The boner may have some liabilities out there he could not overcome. In any event good riddance Johnny boy.

  5. Interesting that in spite of myself and many others begging Congress and our elected officials to oust Boner in 2014, they didn’t and the a$$hole resigned anyway.
    Is he going to work on K street or run to his hidey-hole in preparation for the upcoming festivities ?

  6. Well, hot damn.

    Wishes, sometimes, come true.

  7. Boner’s gone, now to get rid of Sen. McCornhole.

    • More accurately, that maggot is called “Post Turtle”…

    • Beat me to it….but no worries. I concur.

    • …and John McCain, Lamar Alexander, Lindsey Graham, Orin Hatch, Inhofe, Grassley, Blunt, Shelby, Cochran….. you get the idea and that is only the Dead Elephant side of the aisle in the senate.
      Some of these assholes have been in office (fucking us over) for nearly 40 years!

      I actually suspect that someone finally found some real dirt (graft, bung-holing little boys, kiddie porn, whatever it is) on Boehner and he was threatened if he didn’t step down.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. as stated elsewhere, I am surprised that he was allowed to leave.

    When one compares the scope of the files J. Edgar Hoover had with the files that could be generated by 15 to 20 years of internet and cell phone monitoring on every politician in these presently united States, and considers the power that Hoover had, then one is inevitably driven to the conclusion that the various intelligence bureaucracies own the political process, not the other way around.
    Boehner did what he was told to do. And so will the next Speaker; a free agent will not be allowed into that office.

    • The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.
      attributed to J. Edgar

    • Yes, this so-called social contract, to which I did not agree, is broken. How long must we remain separated, divided, and conquered? We should stop looking for a leader to save us and individually withdraw consent. If we did, we could topple this mess without bloodshed or breaking the system’s “laws.”

  10. Rep Peter King is another prick that needs to go. Yea, there are crazies alright…but they’re found in the Republican party.

    But, it’s okay since your arrogance shows you really fear us…

  11. A tanned putrid,rotting piece of dogshit.. Anyone out there that still has illusions of voting your way out of this? Take a whiff of this retreating douche canoe. Hidey- hole my ass. He has to have people fawn over him and tell him how wonderful he is. His ego is to large for him to disappear. What a piece of shit! Any of you,”Republicans” think he is not subject to a treason charge? I no longer get pissed off with these assholes. They only annoy me .Evidently, Boner does not read WRSA. He just committed Assholery.

  12. Can’t imagine why anyone with an R after their name, even in Congress, thought selecting a menopausal woman for Speaker was a good idea anyways, especially after seeing Pelosi in action.

    Best I can figure out, given that he was crying again, is that the hormones are working, and he had to depart before he comes out next month on the cover of Esquire as Jessica Boehner.

    Either that, or else the terms of his original contract as Speaker require him to surrender his mortal soul NLT 2359 on October 31st, at a Black Mass.

    Either way, good riddance.

  13. The Boner turd still has more than a month to continue screwing things up. He’ll take every advantage of it. I expect much more damage from that greasy POS.

  14. Good riddance to the Weeping Cheeto. Don’t get any orange on the door as it hits you where God split you.

  15. ain’t she sweat….. I kidding ya know…..

  16. Who knows: maybe there’s one last big wild op planned for the last year of the Obama presidency and he wouldn’t play?
    Features of this creep I might miss (if I had time):
    QT Tan
    alcoholic speech and face
    pink neck ties
    always CRYING for petes sake….
    Oh yeah-no principles at all….

  17. Who cares about Boehner quitting? Apparently many here, do. I don’t give a shit, his antics have nothing to do with my ADLs or making making myself a harder opponent. And I don’t care much about who his replacement may be – Ann Barnhart did nail it some time back, when she said that most all office-seekers are psychopaths.

  18. one less cuckservative