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The Retreat of the State


Remember this phrase:

Where the state retreats, there is room to advance.


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Via Twitter.

TL Davis: A Functional Resistance


Thoughtful words, as always.

Warm-ups are nearly done.

Tempus fugit.

The Veto Society


ZMan looks at the proliferation of scolds.

Fun times ahead.

Even in casual society.

The Big Delusion


Thoughts on the USC/BoR – myths and realities.

Even if the mechanism drafted by fallible men who, among things, endorsed chattel slavery as a political concession to achieve political unity was capable of restraining central government power in the late 19th century, can anyone rationally that it does so today?

Do not confuse means with ends.

The ends are individual freedom, personal responsibility, and extremely limited governmental power at all levers of organization.

Please keep the language crisp and the focus sharp in addressing the following question:

What is to be done after the collapse?

Oscar Sierra: ISIS Releases Video Of Alleged Russian Airplane Mid-Air Exposion After It Claims Responsibility For Disaster


ZH posts the story.

UK Daily Mail coverage.

Wow – sure glad that no one is claiming that IS is a Sunni/Saudi/US/UK/Israeli creation.

And that no one in the USG executed on a covert plan to get MANPADs to the anti-Assad insurgency in Syria, part of which is IS.

And that Syria is not a decades-long Soviet Russian ally.

That would be bad.

UPDATE 1410EDT 31OCT2015: Denninger says “Nyet.”

The Latest

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Yin And Yang


Above and below, both from Ol’ Remus.

Alt-Right Morality: Eight Axioms

Claire Wolfe On The Cyberinformation Sharing Act Of 2015


Moar freeeeeeeedumb!

Republican Senate passes CISA.


Read ’em all.

Remember who did it.

And plan to get off the damned Web.

lynched elephant

Buchanan: Should We Fight For The Spratlys?


What is our vital national interest there?

And what do you think will happen when you pick a fight with your banker?

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Bracken Sends

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Terminal Ballistics Research

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For the resources library.



Oh, yeah…

DTG: Radio Essentials


Print, read, do.

Pass it on.



From over the transom.


(Via NCR)

He’s Baaaaack


LF returns.

More to follow.

Dethguild: Screw The Debates



Clownshow freak circus of tyranny – on both “sides”.


You are on your own.

Get it?

Fred: China Sea Blues – A Thing Not to Do



Much badness coming.

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Buppert: The COIN Racket and Government Supremacism


Never forget:

This time, we are the Indians.

Oscar Sierra


BAS: The Okinawa Missiles Of October

Sure glad this kind of thing couldn’t have happened, and thus couldn’t happen again.

(H/t CB)

Death By Design

More from Frank and Fern.

It is an intentional homicide.

En masse.

And you will be dragged into it.

Tempus fugit.

Denninger: Our Current Policing Model Is Corrupt And Must Go Away

shiny badges don't


Servants, or masters?

Who are you?

And who are they?

President Xi, I Will Have Those ‘Special’ German Films To You By Friday

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Via Twitter.

Wonder what the other EU kids are bringing?



Dirty trick or refugees!

RUMINT From Jim Sinclair

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A note that came in over the transom from an extremely well informed and smart fellow.

“Putin said; “Don’t push Russia, otherwise I will be forced to release a financial nuclear weapon that will destroy the financial structure of the Dollar (Russia and China have been game planning for all this… over many moons). From their position; they may be timing their dollar attack with the extension of the debt ceiling rise in the U.S., as it always gets world wide attention (Rand Paul is now filibustering same). The news on Deutsche Bank highlights one of the main players in the derivatives mess.”