Don’t Ever Talk To The Police

H/t Maggie’s Farm for the fresh link.

This advice is deadly serious.

Especially if “the police” are Feds.

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  1. True Story:1981…. Mike’s in a holding cell awaiting a preliminary hearing. He’s approached by Detective Kaske. The following brief conversation ensues.
    Kaske: How’d you do it?
    Mike: I got nothin’ to say to you Sgt.
    Kaske: C’mon, I know you did it. (laughs)
    Mike: We all know what we know. But can we prove it?

    Kaske says FU and walks away from the holding cell. 2 hours later, Mike walks away from the courthouse.

  2. and beyond this, do not call police if you have a “situation”; they will criminalize you at the first opportunity. Handle it yourself

  3. 1) If circumstances permit or are thrust upon you, shoot with the perp IN the domicile and leave the body there. (Castle Doctrine)
    2) Formulate ‘fear of harm’ scenario irrespective of the facts.
    3) Shoot to kill the perp. Dead men do not contest facts presented.
    4) Call the fire department. The cops show up anyway but you have eyewitnesses other than the PoPo on scene.

    As provided to me by my next door neighbor a while back who was a county sheriff.

    • Regarding #1, yes, you’re right…but don’t drag the body inside, or from the street to your yard. That will be figured out in about 30 seconds, and then you’re going away for both murder AND tampering with evidence. IOW, be smart about what you do.

  4. This video should be required viewing for all Americans, Never, EVER talk to the police.

  5. The cops are cowards. A dep walked past me at a store yesterday and wouldn’t look at me in the eye, it was obvious I was in better shape than him with a serious don’t fuck with me look on my face. I’m sure it would have been different if he had back-up to give him a sense of false confidence,-lol

    “It’s completely frightening, and I know that a lot of the wives are scared,” she said…”

    “They just want to do their job and yet all this hatred is coming at them. And it’s becoming more and more violent,” she said. “They are so scared that their husbands are not going to come home.”
    MM or PP has it nailed. 🙂

  6. That video has been up for years.
    And it’s worth an annual re-watching, because the advice is timeless and priceless.

  7. Bill Harzia

    Remember the Nine Words: “I have nothing to say. I want an attorney.”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      I thought it was just 6 words: “I am a legitimate Italian businessman.” 🙂

      Don’t forget “I demand to be informed of the charges against me” and possibly “I demand to be brought before a magistrate”.

      And in light of a recent Supreme Court decision: “I have nothing to say” needs to be replaced with “I am asserting my 5th Amendment right to say nothing.” Unless you specifically claim it, the 5th is now dormant.

  8. The police unions have agreements that officers not be questioned for 3 days and have legal representation. Why? Because they know it is a bad idea to talk before getting your head together.

    Watch the video. Good training.

  9. As I have said, I grew up in Los Angeles, and the LAPD has always been a mix of really nice guys who want to do right and psychopaths and thieves. It has always been and always will be. My mother counted Ed Davis, at the time the Chief of Police, as a personal friend. She campaigned for him, held fund raisers, the whole nine yards. Yet, when she was hit by a black pimp and his 2 girls on Van Nuys Blvd in her brand new car, and had to chase them for 3 blocks, flag down an “officer” to help stop them; guess who the officer sided with? “Blackie”, the officer of ill repute, threatened her with arrest for harrassing those 3 fine individuals. He knew them, and partied with them. Blackie thought that my redhaired, green eyed Mama would go all girly on him and beg to be forgiven. Wrong move on LA’s Finest. She had everyone’s license number, ID’s, and most importantly Mr. Blackie’s infor. Mama told everyone, including the cop to FXXk off, drove home, and called Ed Davis at midnight. Yeah, it seems the Chief of Police can get an internal investigation started about any old time that they want to. El Pronto, an IAD gentleman came to the house; Mama serving coffee and pastry, and me all bug eyed. It seems that Officer Blackie was known to do all sorts of nefarious things and most of LAPD knew it. But, we wouldn’t want to turn on a fellow officer, would we? Officer Blackie lost his job, his pension, and his ability to carry a gun. Mama got her brand new car fixed. I learned a great deal about dealing with the police.
    Never.Ever.Trust.The.Police. Never.

    • Quote: It seems that Officer Blackie was known to do all sorts of nefarious things and most of LAPD knew it.”

      To complete the sentence, “And did NOTHING about it!”

      Because the “vast majority” are such super-duper good fuckin guys. Right?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Also further proof of “It’s not *what* you know, its *who* you know”

  10. Steve Kristmann

    I highly recommend that everyone get a copy of Kenneth Royce’s
    book “You & The Police” and read it and memorize it if at all
    possible. Definitely great advice in it!

    While you’re at it, get a copy of Ken’s first book, “Goodby
    April 15th! This is where he first mentioned dealing with
    the cops and how it could be personally disasterous for
    an individual to open their mouths in front of them, especially
    when someone hasn’t done anything wrong (remember,
    the cops are ALWAYS on a “fishing trip”..any questions that
    they ask aren’t purely innocent).

    Yours In Rightful Liberty!
    Steve Kristmann

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