GP5 SSB Receiver


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  1. By all accounts a good piece of kit.

    • I really enjoy my Tecsun pl880 but this little gem just found its way into my kit. Thanks, Pete!

  2. It has a 22-bit converter.
    This is FAR superior to ANY of the USB “dongles” sold, but then it costs about 10 times as much, $80 vs $8.
    It doesn’t require a computer to operate it, either.
    As with many other things, you get what you pay for.

  3. Best money I’ve spent on a receiver.

  4. Mike Bishop

    You’d be hard pressed to get a questionable used receiver on FleaBay for this price.

    This is pretty much a no-brainer. FREEFOR’s version of a Walkman; or for you whipper-snappers, an iPod.

  5. danmorgan76

    Good opportunity, at a low price, to start scanning those bands and see what your missing.

  6. Like the form factor. For little wolverines or LGOPs scattered about the hinterlands this would make a nice stocking stuffer for their kit for receipt of “in the blind” traffic. Would be interesting to work out the interface to drive fldigi or other CW translator (for the unwashed).

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    This is the first shortwave monitoring radio I though was worth investing in; small, battery powered, removable antennas, reasonable price. Of course I ordered one.

  8. This is a great receiver and it works very well. Highly recommend it. Light, portable, excellent features. I have one among my three multi-band receivers.

  9. Cheaper than my SW radio.

    Looks fine for those chair against the wall and John has a long mustache transmissions.

  10. Outstanding piece of commo kit, i keep one in my laptop bag, take it everywhere, and use it quite often while on various IT projects…Recharges via usb too, or can use regular AA batteries…Perfect travel rig…Comes with a great little wire antenna and ok earbuds…Augments my Tecsun PL-600…Well worth the money…

  11. I have one but didn’t think to bring it to the off-grid comms class last month. It is a decent receiver, good buy for what it is. I could hear the TAPRN net on it Sunday night. AA batteries for power is a real positive, and works fine on NiMH, recharging when the USB is plugged in.

    I haven’t tried it connected to a long wire yet…that is next test!

  12. Just ordered one to play with. If I’m not happy I’ll sell it, like I did with the HackRF unit I had. That thing was “interesting”, but not very useful.

  13. Turns out these are actually made by Tecsun.

    A bit of on-line shopping shows that Amazon has the best price, only $49.

    Use the savings to get some batteries.

    You’re welcome……

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. Gents. I just got an email response from Mike Burton at County Comm regarding the differences between the cheaper Tecsun models referred to by drjim above, and the County Comm product. Here is his response verbatim “The main difference is the SSB GPF model offers greater frequency range with a whole new additional chip. SSB is typically found in a much larger radio and ours is extremely sensitive.” From what I can tell, the Amazon Tecsun offering doesn’t do SSB, and County Comm apparently alters these units to provide additional capability (thus justifying the additional price). Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that these two products apparently don’t offer exactly the same capability.

  16. Gents, I just got a response from Mike Burton at County Comm to the question of if their is any difference between his product and the cheaper Tecsun product mentioned by drjim above. Here is his response verbatim “The main difference is the SSB GPF model offers greater frequency range with a whole new additional chip. SSB is typically found in a much larger radio and ours is extremely sensitive.” As far as I can tell, the Tecsun version on Amazon doesn’t do SSB and this would seem to justify the higher cost of the County Comm model. Just wanted to make sure everyone has this info before making a purchasing decision.

  17. Thanks for the clarification.

    The SSB capability is well worth the extra cost. When I googled for the radio it was late, and I was tired, and missed the Tecsun NOT having SSB.

    Next time I’ll do a little more checking before making a post that makes me look really stoopid!

    Sorry if I misled anyone…..

  18. @drjim- No worries. We all screw up, as you can see I was a dumbass and double posted. My intent wasn’t to make anyone look stupid, just wanted to make sure the correct information was getting to the community.

  19. Yep, wrong info can sometimes be worse than NO info!