More Roseburg Coverage


Narrative and pix.


And well done to all involved.

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  1. SemperFi, 0321

    If anyone got pics of that minigun escort, they should be posted ASAP. Hypocrisy all the way from the top. If they won’t play by the rules, neither will we!
    Not that it would matter to the liberal/progressives waiting to vote Hillary in next. The voters seem to have an affinity for serial criminals from all parties.

  2. The mini gun escort is a really nice touch. Just letting the Serf’s know that the king will gladly kill them if they get out of line. Especially those who resist. Guns for me, not for thee!

  3. It appears to me Roseburg is a non-story. Little coverage via blogs/Internet or the lamestream media both print and electronic. Faux News pretty much ignored the protest against soetoro-obama’s visit there.

    Have I missed something ?

  4. WTF?

    “Oh…one final note: in the President’s motorcade, trailing the presidential limo by a couple cars, was an SUV with the hatch wide open and a Special Forces Troop manning a Minigun. Yes a Minigun. As if Roseburg was Palestine or Somalia.”

    • Standard issue for a POTUS motorcade. Interesting that they had it displayed. I think that scores as “win” for the Good Guys. Mask dropping, and all.

    • So much for the SF being on the side of the people. Girl scout bonnets make a great target.”WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE” got that folks?

      • Probably an overly broad inference there, sir.

        • The vaccine damaged grey-matter under that beanie would have opened up on that crowd without hesitation CA. You have seen a mini-gun in action right? .Gov forces are and will be OPFOR. Under stress, soldiers will revert to training and act automatically. It takes years and years to transition away from .mil indoctrination, most don’t ever fully recover. Hence, the high substance abuse, divorce, incarcerations, homelessness, and suicide rates among them. In other words – loose cannons.

          • This is what the crowd would have been hosed with by those brainwashed murikin SF turds. Like I said “WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE” and think of what a great souvenir one of their heads would make on a stick. Before you call me names, that is exactly what they are saying about you and your families everyday. They’re sick bastards.

          • SemperFi, 0321

            I have some friends I served with 40 yrs ago, and some newer vets too, they all side with Fedgov/LEO whenever I’ve sent them 3% emails. They still run with that crowd, or their kids are still serving today. Completely media brainwashed, with no hope of recovery.
            No, I don’t trust them anymore.

          • outlawpatriot

            I think it no surprise here that you are one jaded motherfucker.

            Little credence is given your commentary.

            You are in league with Detroit, Bugs, Bobbin’ et al. 🙂

            • I’m a realist. I understand humam nature quite well – unfortunately. I’m not from sunny floriduh or cornpoke usa. I’m from Detroit. I have lived what the rest of you will soon experience….

              I don’t necessarily like you op, but you seem to be a worthy fighting man. Much like several regulars here.
              But seriously – I’m jaded?

              “Because nothing is far more dangerous than something.”
              Most here would disagree with you on that, including me.

              “Considering the foregoing, it might be better if this is in fact the end of days as described in the Book of Revelation. :-)”
              I agree somewhat…

              “There will be many different kinds of enemies. I have reasons for each. ;-)”


              • outlawpatriot

                It’s what you have lived that most of us want to avoid.

                And I don’t give a fuck if you like me or not. I have more than enough friends and allies.

                • Ha, thought you knew better. It’s like ammo…no such thing as “more than enough” friends and allies. Or maybe you got that logic beat too.

                  • The thing you will never understand or admit, Jim, is that pure “logic” has been beaten over and over again throughout human history. The “odds” have been overcome by sleight of hand, tactics, just cause, the preponderance of The Right and sheer faith and courage many times.

                    If this is not so, then your logic will apply, and the result will be the triumph of evil.

                    OBTW, you never really answered my question…

                    Just where does evil come from, if most four year old children already know where “The Good” lies?

                    • So there is such a thing as more than enough friends and allies? Ammo too? That is news; no wonder you’re so anxious to share.

                    • Yawwwwwn………. another slippery avoidance, Klein style.

                      Try to answer with relevance. Irreverence is not a synonym

                • But Alan, do you think for a moment that tfA-t gives a rat’s ass what you think or even believe ?

                  Hahahahahaha ! Your beliefs are inconsequential. Hahahahahaha ! #

                  • But Dan, do you think for a moment that who the fuckever gives a rat’s ass what you think or even believe ?

                    Hahahahahaha ! Your beliefs are inconsequential. Hahahahahaha !

                    Don’t kill the messenger, Dan. Just holding up a mirror…………….

                • It’s a very small country Alan. My family has several places in your County – Palm Beach. You never know, I may show up with a fast boat or a helicopter one day….

            • Alan,

              What you call jaded I call living in fucking reality !

              Although there is much I agree with you on, you nevertheless impress me as being a statist. You appear to LOVE those we call “government”. Therein lies my lack of trust in ANYTHING you remark on as “anti-establishment”. Maybe I’m wrong.

  5. So another post here had a link to a Facebook site – looked like it was put up by one of the people who organized the protest:

    Did the organizer get audited by the IRS and decide to take it down, or did FB just nuke it? Usually when FB takes down a conservative/patriot page they at least give some lame terms-of-service violation excuse.

  6. The Walkin' Dude

    I don’t need any “bible verses” but I will continue buying more guns!

  7. outlawpatriot

    Good start. But the fuck delivered his speech, yes? Ergo, nothing really was accomplished. Still, this is a learning experience.

    Next time, the route must be impassable. The dude’s gotta turn around and go home. No appearance. No speech. Nothing.

    Yeah, I know. Scary. 🙂

  8. HHH Old Vet.

    Note to Patriots: acquire Mini guns in Volume, If “They have them, so should WE THE PEOPLE”

    Right dead ON tfA-T.

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  10. This event was a total PR loss for Obama and his crew. The guy who suggested Prez going to Roseburg is probably hanging from his balls right now.