Near Vertical Incidence Skywave – Simplified


Good stuff.

Your Tech license makes it near-impossible to practice this stuff.

Time’s a-flying.

Get your General ticket and get practicing.

One response to “Near Vertical Incidence Skywave – Simplified

  1. Actually, you can practice this with a Technician Class license.

    Technician Class Radio Amateurs have the following HF allocations, where they can use CW:
    3.525-3.600 MHz. – 80 Meters
    7.025-7.125 MHz. – 40 Meters
    21.025-21.200 MHz. – 15 Meters
    28.000-28.300 MHz. – 10 Meters

    CW is the original digital mode, and requires nothing other than a transceiver, CW key, your ears, and the stuff between them. Tuna can-sized CW transceivers can be put together out of discrete components and will cost you only $40. –