A More Perfect Visual Metaphor For FUSA Cannot Be Imagined


Military Blimp That Broke Free on the Ground in Pennsylvania: NORAD

10 responses to “A More Perfect Visual Metaphor For FUSA Cannot Be Imagined

  1. Oh, the humanity? Or something?

  2. Shinmen Takezo

    I am just wondering why the US military is operating a “billion dollar” surveillance blimp over the USA?! And take a close look at the photo of this billion dollar boondoggle–please not that all of the sensors are pointing down, earthward..

  3. Well I bet we all feel a lot safer now, especially those people who have no power and the ones who had a mile of heavy cable dragged over their roof or over their car. Good luck getting the apparatchiks in D.C. to pay for it.

  4. That pic of Putin almost crying from laughter is scarily profound…..so appropriate. That man must be carrying a box of Kleenex everywhere he goes these days.

  5. I am disappointed …. in my fellow countrymen. The largest army on the planet will take to the field shortly (deer season starts this weekend in many states) and not a single one of them took the opportunity to ‘clear the chamber’ on this white elephant. tsk, tsk.

    • “I am disappointed …. in my fellow countrymen.”

      No intent to be snide here; I’m genuinely curious. How much time do you spend on that disappointment and do you find it worthwhile? That’s what I’m after—how does your disappointment in them translate into value for you?

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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