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With this comment:

I’ve participated in vehicle checkpoints in the first Fallujah battle in Iraq in 2004. Our Rules of Engagement never permitted us to fire on a vehicle simply for fleeing. If a Soldier or Marine had done what this cop did in Iraq or Afghanistan, at a minimum, the warfighter would have been charged with something and faced the prospect of going before a jury of his peers.

Watch the video.

Heroes – every one.

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  1. If that had been a black kid, Obama would give a “shout out” to the rioters in SC. Actually he has more in common with Hammond than Mike Brown. White mother, non-thug and smokes weed.

  2. Waiting in Idaho


  3. The UCMJ (Uniformed Code of Military Justice) doesn’t really provide for a “jury of peers”.

    • As I once observed, after losing a stripe in record time “The Army isn’t always fair, but it is efficient.”

    • Speaks even more to the point about the discrepancy between military self-policing and police self-policing. I’m guessing a military jury for a PFC on trial for killing an Afghan civilian would not be made up of fellow junior rank combat vets.

  4. Fuck the Police State.

  5. Unless the young man had the skill and ability to make his car jump sideways, the officer was in no danger of being run over. And this was a ‘sting operation’ for marijuana, not a traffic stop, so it is fairly certain the officer was not alone – he had back up. Very sad situation that had no reason, other than the overzealousness of the officer, to end tragically.
    And yes, our military would prosecute; even if it occurred in a war zone, against the much higher likelihood of an armed driver. You betcha.

  6. When will these heroes get their rewards?
    A couple of guys should take him some doughnuts.

  7. Cop was wrong. But there is an uptake.
    If ever someone says that drugs don’t kill — run this video.

  8. Join me in taking on the two-track justice system. I’ll be doing some meet-and-greet at The Daily Grind coffee spot in Statesboro, GA the afyternoon of Monday Nov 2. Give me a call if you want to link up 912-704-3369. Cell phone coverage is spotty sometimes so text is best.

  9. I bet this fucked up asshole cop feels he did the right thing. After all, that teenager may have grown up one day… What a disgrace to the human race. That bastard pig and the judge(all of them), WILL get everything they have coming to them, and then some. They just keep pounding the nails in their own coffins.

  10. Murder. Plain and simple. Officer scaredy pants should be charged and sent to the big house. He probably won’t be, but he should be.

  11. The time is fast approaching when individuals who perpetrate such crimes cloaked in the protection of official duty will face rough justice that shows no mercy.

  12. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Folks, folks, travaileth not neither gnash your chompers wrothfully, ponder instead then rejoice upon the import of this item from the Ouroboros Files.:


    Verily, are we not in a Time Of Revelational Winnowing where the Masks Of Artifice are being daily cast off & the darkness behind them is exposed? And so I again say REJOICE as ye gird yourselves from within & without for the approaching reckoning the above/similar portend!

  13. NightWatcher

    This report reminded me to look up the autopsy results from the Waco “shootout”. Of note:

    1) The autopsies were all dated early to mid July, yet in mid August, the public was told that it was not completed.
    2) The vast majority of gunshot wounds were “small or medium” calibers with no evidence indicating proximity of the shooter (no soot or powder residue).
    3) Almost all the wounds had a distinct downward trajectory.

    The evidence suggests that some person or persons had a field day shooting “fish in a barrel” from a remote elevated position (as in a sniper position).