Panzers Rollen In Iowa Vor!

Hillary-Clinto-Nazi-salute-1Field Marshal von Rodham, enthused.

11 responses to “Panzers Rollen In Iowa Vor!

  1. Her majesty. Get used to saying it.

  2. Bitch done fucked up that bit of political symbolism.

  3. And a little music;

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Sweet Mother of Jesus that woman is scary lookin

  6. Rhymes with “Big Smile”.

  7. Frau Hiliarty is a better outcome than Herr Bush, Kaisch, or Christie, ………
    because a slower slumber into the grave offered by the Chamberpot Repubs is worse than an outright war.
    Hopefully the Repubs select a Liberty candidate, but I hold slim illusions of voting ourselves out of this economic and moral morass.
    The forces of domestic tyranny continue to marshal their resources and troops along with their sycophant populants.

  8. Es braust unser Panzer, im sturmwind dahin!

    • Und läßt uns im Stich einst das treulose Glück,
      Und kehren wir nicht mehr zur Heimat zurück,
      Trifft uns die Todeskugel, ruft uns das Schicksal ab, ja, Schicksal ab.

      Dann wird unser Panzer ein ehernes Grab!
      Dann wird unser Panzer ein ehernes Grab!

  9. in all sincerity, I have never looked forward to a Presidency more than I have to Mrs. Clinton’s. She’ll rip the ‘Kwa to shreds right quick

  10. “You may not be any taller than this to stand on stage with me.”