Captain Capitalism: There’s The Door

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Cappy channels Tom Leykis.

Smells like…dead elephants at 500 paces…



12 responses to “Captain Capitalism: There’s The Door

  1. I don’t see much from this article relevant to today. As the bard has said, we won’t vote our way out of this. Likening a correct attitude towards the future, to be as easy as showing a dumb woman the door, is not real smart. The other folks have just a bit more committment in their thinking than those on our side have shown. For the Opfor, it’s going to take much more for them to see that exit door than simple directions.

    • Only utility I can see is for some in the circles of the ~5000/daily WRSA readers to digest a “first step” in recovery.

      Amigo, as someone who has been around since before the beginning, you and I have both seen how slowly the evolution of thought/perception grows with many/most potential right-minders.

    • Some people are still just looking down the right path and have not yet begun the walk. They have to take that first step.

  2. They are the biggest pussies and pushovers, thinking appeasement and being nice is what’s going to win over the American voting public. And even though they

    failed to stop Obamacare,
    failed to make him a one term president,
    failed to protect the integrity of the sovereignty of this nation

    Bullshit, they are criminals just like the dems. The only good thing about where we are is that more people are starting to fathom the TINWWVOWOOT concept. Sadly there are enough Stockholm syndrome morons out there who’re willing to believe that the billionaire will save them. A guy who is so balls deep in the system he’s got former presidents at his most recent cheating event which resulted in marriage. He’s an outsider because he makes the right outsider noises right? Cause everyone who’s an outsider conservative has the killer Clintoons at their wedding right? Pathetic, think people, think.

    Meanwhile the “fed” continues to delay raising interest rates because “the economy is so good right? I wonder who’s benefited from de ZIRP? Once you see it clearly it becomes frightening just how stupid the American people truly have become. We are at the stage where the herd is spooked, they know something is wrong and are milling around nervously. None of them however believes that the nice guy who puts water in their trough every day with a smile enjoys eating lamb with mint jelly.

  3. “None of them however believes that the nice guy who puts water in their trough every day with a smile enjoys eating lamb with mint jelly.”

    Damn, that was good. One of the bigger shocks to collectivists will no doubt be that they get sacrificed just like anyone else. “First they came for the ________ , but I wasn’t a ________ …” It’s the principle that motivates—sacrificiers sacrifice; it doesn’t matter whom.

    The article was decent IMO, if you’re into voting what others ought to do, but FTR the tax rate is nothing like 40%. Of the 60% that’s “untaxed,” you have to count how much of THAT ends up paid as taxes by the receiver…income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes. And then where THAT money goes, again taxed and taxed by secondary and tertiary receivers, and so on. It never ends.

    Anyone who’s played poker in a marathon with a 10% rake, understands how it works. At the end of the marathon, where’s all the money? It’s one of the many reasons they have to keep printing more and more of it; otherwise even a lamb might catch on.

  4. Bush looks like a dead elephant at 18″ let alone 500 paces.

  5. Paul Ryan just got elected as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Oh yeah, that’ll fix things up. The steady flow of illegals across the border will now become an irresistible tsunami, with the late arrivals wondering what all the fuss was about, finding there will be nothing left but ruins and rumors.

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