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  1. SemperFi, 0321

    1945 im Osten…….

  2. The Strategic Sandwich Makers Organization?

    Europe is as Fooked as we are if that’s what they are planning on putting up against Bear/Dragon.

  3. You. Can’t. Make. This. Shit. Up.
    Hmmm…no Finland there…wonder why.

  4. Mean while…

    ‘Austria Runs Out Of ‘Long Guns’ As Europeans Scramble For Protection Against “Islamic Invasion’

  5. If women ran the world there’d be no war, just a bunch of countries not talking to each other.

    • Hillary Clinton. Marie Harf. Valerie Jarrett. Jen Psaski. Susan Rice. Samantha Power. Just to name a few. Depends on what kind of “war” you speak of.

  6. It looks like the girls are having a tea party and talking about “someone’s going to be a Grandma”. Russian looks like he could say, “when they all get in the building we’ll level it”. Now what does the military leader of ISIS look like?

  7. if women ran the world, everyone would have their eyes ripped out, and their shit all over the lawn.

  8. That German gal (on the right) looks crazier than a shit house rat.

  9. If women ran the world, everyone would have their eyes clawed out, and their shit (possessions) would be strung out all over the lawn. Right before the full moon.

  10. To be fair that one on the left could be transgender.

  11. Looks like a great opportunity for some Russian leader to have another Madeleine Albright moment. The Albanian delegates got that one right…

  12. 2 out of 4 ain’t bad.

  13. What’s that group of cultural marxististnista’s going to do, throw tampon’s at Deash immigrant infiltrators?
    The common people in Europe better be buying every rifle, round and bit of gear they can get their hands on if they have any semblance of pure survival remaining.
    They are have become the very Gates of Vienna if they have figured it out.

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  15. The pics show exactly why for quite some time now, despite being female, I cannot and will not vote for women. It’s pretty clear they’ve screwed up everything.