Death By Design

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It is an intentional homicide.

En masse.

And you will be dragged into it.

Tempus fugit.

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  2. F&F I wish we were neighbors. God bless and good luck in the coming ensportyment.

  3. F&F are spot on. It’s Homicide, not Suicide. I only hope we live to see Merkel et al strung up and hanging from a gallows like those pictures from the 1940s of when they finally got Mussolini and his cronies. All of us need to start making lists of our local/national traitors with pictures and news articles about their transgressions. This documentation will come in hand some day when it’s their time to face the music. It’s really very sad where they’ve taken humanity.


    All well and good. It is always a pleasure to read what F&F have to say. Now, in perspective, this is happening to a society and culture of people who: 1) despise us. 2) have taken our money since the Marshall Plan. 3) have relied on our military to defend them against the Russian Bear for many years, at great cost and personal sacrifice. 3) who have aborted millions of innocent babies for years in the quest for a sweet, care-free life of pleasure and ease. 4) have embraced socialism without restraint.
    I am currently reading Mark Steyn’s book: AMERICA ALONE. Even though it was published a few years back, it is eerily prescient about the morphing of Eurabia. This invasion and subjugation of these feminists, queers, dykes, potheads, sissy men, and the fat, corrupt political class is great entertainment. These morally bankrupt socialist fools(especially the Swedes) deserve everything bad that happens to them I enjoy reading about their plight when I take a break from my preps and training.

  5. We were promised one-world government with one religion to go with it – me thinks the elites have Islam in mind to subjugate the fools and the meek. Hence their irrational behavior.

  6. Worldwide? I’m not reading much about it from Russia or China or India or any “stable” ME countries. Only the western world is being invaded.

    The best yet is a Protestant church in Germany is letting 50 Muslims stay in their building and they are being kind enough to remove the crosses and other Christian symbols so as not to offend their guests. Huh?

  7. yep, a pretty good summary of things. the political class have had enough of us ungrateful proles, so the plan is to just get rid of us and replace us with a new citizenry that can appreciate them the way they deserve. course, we’ll still get to pay for it all. and cisa will let them collect the information they need to shut down these websites of us grouchy old guys so nobody will have to be offended by what we’re saying. so there, that ought to fix that. also, they have a couple good stories on radio communications like everybody should be doing in their area. looks like frank and fran live up in your corner of the redoubt.

  8. SemperFi, 0321

    Perhaps we can all go on a 100% pure pork diet, and those that refuse, become……….fuel?

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