Lawfare: A Few Thoughts on the Anthony Bosworth Guilty Verdict


Cold-eyed reality from Kit Lange.

You ready for what is coming in 2017?

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  1. just this AM, while bike-riding around the neighborhood – which is, incidentally, an excellent way to gather local intel – I noted that one of my (White cosmic) neighbors has placed a “Black Lives Matter” sign in his front yard. He’s now on the Honors List

  2. CA…I don’t know if we are ready for what is coming in 2017, but coming it is. For every incident of twisted interpretation, outright perjury committed by LEOs and FEDS, misstatement, you have posted here, I could add at least a dozen more.

    It appears that the tactic is to cull out a prospect initially for simply pissing off the wrong cop, with the objective of turning that prospect into a CI…failing that…the whole system bears down. Judges accept perjured testimony from LE…LE fails to follow standard procedure…and juries give prosecutors what they want.

  3. The Walkin' Dude

    A comment said that they are culling the herd one patriot at a time.
    Still no politico heads popped.
    Still no politico families slaughtered in reprisal.
    We. Are. Done. For.

  4. Thanks, Peter.

  5. Just the mere fact they arrested him while being surrounded by “armed protestors” means they have nothing to fear and so called patriots are just paper tigers to them.

    • yeah. that says a lot right there. if you show em, then you have to use em… there should have been concealed overwatch with scoped rifles like the po po did at twin peaks waco. whitey lacks the will.

    • A Non E Mouse

      Ahhh yes, the huff n puff squad gliding in to offer tactifool advice in hopes to will others into getting killed over a misdemeanor ticket. Brilliant.

      • Stewie’s comment is still factual though, for whatever it might be worth and to whom. That’s not to imply that anyone ought to do anything about it, but it is to imply that one ought to accept the sitrep as it is. Who offered it, and even why, is not relevant to that IMO.

    • Protestors, armed or not (it is reported that Bosworth’s gun wasn’t even loaded) and sniveling at the walls of the fortress of tyranny is nothing more than a joke to those inside and for what it represents across this once great nation.

      Because, not only do the rulers have this small band of patriots beat by superior man power, gun power, training, armor, communication, and very importantly the positions on the battlefield, but they also carry the backup of the entire corrupt system, and most of the general public when it all comes down to it.

      This is every day good fun for the tyrants. They can put a crosshair between your eyes and decide your fate anytime they like. Just try that in return and see how that works out for you. Resist, and see how that goes.

      They are the masters. We are the bitch slaves.

      About the only real fear they can have is that there is a bullet with their name on it. A lucky bullet, that is.

      For then, I would have to ask individually to each of the many tyrants, “Do you feel lucky?”.

      In most cases, I bet they do.

      Times do change though.

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