Buppert: The COIN Racket and Government Supremacism


Never forget:

This time, we are the Indians.

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  1. Incident at Oglala and Welcome to the Reservation are worth watching.

    The AIM movement is an interesting study.

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  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    We are the Indians now. Heap big trouble coming by crazy palefaces in their war canoes trespassing on waters of China-clan. Will end badly.

    Like ex-swabbie, Mr. Fred, say: all battle hope and civvie treasure is poured into flat top carriers. China-clan have “long lance” capability.

    Many brave lives and billions of pelts spent for message: “Scratch one flat top.” Ask CPT Cook how he make out with ‘dumb-ass, savage, barbarian, low-tecchie natives,’ when he and crew (the most tech-savy and battle ready fleet existing) tried to push around little stupid guys with clubs and maces.


  4. Fuck COIN
    There ain’t going to be any COIN in this country. It is going to be out right terrorism by the leviathan. Plain and fucking simple.
    The moment Mr. Joe IT guy or Ralph the welder fights back, its on like Donkey Kong.
    COIN? What a fucking joke. COIN is for state bullies who pick on 3rd world peoples. Coin works when you have a leviathan who is thousands of miles away in safety, sipping its champagne and counting the gold bars it strip mines from other peoples wealth and prosperity.
    And what has COIN been used for in these 3rd world shitholes, helpless or vulnerable sovereign nations, and banana republics? To gain something from controlling….TERRITORY! Wow, funny how that seems to always work out. Huh?
    Territory that has some specific value, like, ah, mmmm, lets see, mmm. Oil! Gold, food, Uranium, natural gas, water, diamonds, strategic or tactical or political ground which controlling provides the controller with an important advantage.
    COIN, nothing counter about it. COIN is the state committing the insurgency against the people who’s territory is theirs to begin with.
    Skippy the trash relocation specialist, well when he grabs his rifle, or whatever it is he chooses to do to to lash back, it will be internecine war, spread out like rain drops. It will devolve into open source backlash and civil war so fast no one will know what happened.
    As Bill points out, COIN, its only as good as the competency and legitimacy of the amerikan regime behind it. Which isn’t saying much.
    The cultural marxists and SJW mangina apparatchiks are bleating and beating the bushes of flyover country looking for the great white tea party bitter clinging right wing extremist bogey man.
    Good luck.
    We are right here. Smoldering. Millions of us. Hiding in plain sight.
    What they are making such a big show of “finding” is what scares the shit out of them.
    They see backlash under every rock, in every living room, with every stroke of a computer key and purchase of every bullet.
    What do the dipshits expect?
    Flyover land isn’t populated by mangina’s.

    The regime and its lords of the greenback are faced with a really serious fucking problem.
    Huge territory.
    Millions upon millions of square acres of it. The lack of power to do whatever they want it. Its why Agenda 21.
    And you and I that own it and range across it are all that makes that impossible.
    Territory it doesn’t have, and will never have, the man power, technology and resources and especially the legitimate power and mandate of heaven to control.
    Territory it is going to have to resort to some really nasty desperate and odious measures to secure.
    It is why they call, as collectivists signal all their intents with dissimulation and agitprop flyover country and its people, bitter clingers and the “Unsecured spaces”. It’s one world order speak for what they know is their existential enemy, not just to their agenda, but to their very lives.
    They talk big. But Buddy, they are afraid of what will happen to them for what they are trying to do to us.
    They should be.

    Here’s the thing, an insurgency has to have territory, it is imperative to its viability. Territory to function. It is why Deash is so effective, its ideology not withstanding. Territory is everything.
    Can you imagine the success of the revolutionary war without its having territory to operate against the British Empire? The Brits made a huge mistake in not denying the insurgents of liberty territory. They should have chased Washington to the Mississippi instead of giving the colonial army breathing room.
    Territory for an insurgency is the doozy of all OODA loops.

    Think about it.
    Today, what is the one thing every man with a rifle and the dream of being left alone to his self determination and prosperity, essential to his happiness wants, instinctively, maybe not even realizing it, more than his rifle, his Liberty?
    Your not a man if you don’t own land.
    Land is a man’s dignity.
    Dignity of Liberty.
    Even that blood thirsty tyrant Lincoln understood the value to a man’s freedom land is.
    The war of northern aggression wasn’t fought over ideological ideals, or insipid constructs of statist psychopaths, like the rule of law or private practice of slavery, it was for territory. The north wigged when the south chose to secede. All that territory that rightfully belonged to every Abolitionist, belonged to those southern peoples. It was an unimaginable rejection of an illusion of power the northern tyrants could not tolerate. It was killing them. To loose that power was one thing, but to have that territory denied to them was unthinkable.
    We are all abolitionist now in fly over nation. We are all Robert E Lee and John Mosby. By default.
    And the fuckers know people are getting fed up with their bullshit. And when people begin to secede, in their hearts and minds, as they give the bastards the finger in ever increasing numbers, the jig is up for the sonofabitches. It will be a war of tooth and nail for all that territory.

    Shit, the coastal sonofabitches and their bankster psychopaths in crime know without territory beyond the collectivist hives, it is territory that determines who wins.

    The trick is to Kulak every Tom Dick and Harry in the unsecured spaces. then dish out the spoils to the useful dupes and loyal sycophants. Spreeeead the wealth. And then strip mine the land for everything it is worth. Because, it is the only thing that has intrinsic value, it is where everything comes from, energy, food, gold, industrial metals, concrete etc.

    You have to think about the signals here. Cultural Marxists always signal their intent, you just have to learn the lingo of their dissimulation. How the prose of their cunning Lying works really. Its like they lift their leg and piss on something to mark it as cultural territory.
    Of course in the larger scope, they aint concerned with our guns, it is both our right to our property, our guns our land, our territory, the backlash that territory our properties affords us they want to deny us of, that delegitimizes free men, disarms us figuratively and physically of the most basic dignity of our liberty, the right and means of defense. Without property, guns and territory, the means of defense become an existential ordeal of just surviving at a subsistence level where fighting the sonofabitches is really difficult. While they eat cake and have their useless idiots do the dirty work.

    Most basically and importantly it is not guns, but freemen and their foundation of freedom they want to take out.
    It is not guns that kill tyrants, it is free men who have guns and territory who kill tyrants.

    Territory, it’s whats for Insurgency.

  5. Click to access ceasefireoregonplan.pdf

    Cease Fire Oregon publicly releases their playbook…

    – Registry
    – 10 yr prohibitions for misdemeanors or a restraining order
    – Mandatory active shooter training
    – Smart Guns with RFID


  6. I am glad to see Buppert, Velocity plus others studying up on and imparting knowledge of 4th generation WF and unconventional WF / trade craft. It is and will become a necessary education.

  7. USS America 1MC: Calling Mr. Roberts. Mr. Roberts to the bridge. There will be no movie tonight until Mr. Roberts reports to the bridge. THE writer of the COIN manual to the bridge… immediately. This is the Captain speaking, we have “crossed the line” and Davey Jones and his anarchist black flag insurgent pirates have overrun the ship.

    I respectfully request you defend the COIN manual and all the WINS accomplished by using said tome, before Mr. Buppert totally destroys the COIN manual, and the ideas/myths therein.

    His first salvo has been leveled but I don’t think he is finished:
    In a future essay, I will discuss the utter failure of Western special operations forces to employ their alleged Unconventional Warfare methodologies in any of these conflicts. It never happened. The US and coalition SOF elements rely on Direct Action which is simply kicking in doors and shooting military age males in the face at the slightest show of resistance of having their home violently burgled. A recipe for disaster in any country but especially in Muslim countries where the Arabic genetics obligate men to avenge the dishonor visited upon blood relatives. Countries where four generations live under one roof and hundreds of houses are quite literally intermarried and committed to mutual defense. This may be one of the cardinal flaws in all US policy in the Middle East but the government is always an engine for perverse incentives and a mind blindness that ripples unintended consequences like a perpetual motion machine.

    Insurgencies need three primary pillars to emerge and gain momentum: grievances, real and perceived, legitimacy and narrative. I would suggest that every time the traditional COIN strategy is employed by the West with the imposition of a police state mechanism to combat the insurgency, the strength of resistance increases. …
    –Bill Buppert”

    Sir, you never did answer my question about supporting the Bill of Rights while sitting on the bench. Any case history I can read to actually see that you did support the Bill of Rights in your decisions? Or did you you just blindly support ALL the laws passed by the criminal masters also known as “legislators.”

    I’m also still waiting for your discussion on other topics to help freefor.


    Grey Ghost

  8. http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2015/10/30/america-should-be-asking-what-happens-to-a-nation-after-gun-confiscation/

    The Nazi Weapons Act
    of 1938

    United States Gun Control Act
    of 1968
    1 Classified guns for sporting purposes 1 Introduced term “sporting purpose”
    2 All Germans desiring to purchase firearms had to register with the Nazi officials and submit to a background check 2 Exempted government agencies from the controls which applied to law-abiding citizens
    3 The law assumed that non-Nazi German citizens were hostile and thereby exempted Nazi’s from the gun control law 3 The Law assumes that mentally ill people will turn their guns on innocents and the government is given the power to limit the purchase by people DEEMED to be a threat by labeling them as mentally ill.
    4 The Nazi’s assumed unrestricted power to decide what kinds of firearms could, or could not, be owned by private persons 4 Authorized the Secretary of the Treasury to decide what firearms could or could not be owned by private persons
    5 The types of ammunition that were legal were subject to control by governmental bureaucrats 5 The types of ammunition that were legal were subject to control by governmental bureaucrats
    6 Citizens under 18 years of age could not buy firearms and ammunition 6 Age restriction of 18 years and 21 years were applied to anyone who wished to purchase firearms and ammunition

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