Fred: China Sea Blues – A Thing Not to Do



Much badness coming.

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  1. Love me some Fred…..good info.


    Mordor-On-The-Potomac will do exactly what Fred fears it will do. It is going to need a sheeple distraction when the debt bomb explodes and the economy implodes. It will be interesting to see if they bring back military conscription.

  3. Minor historical point on an otherwise fine article
    “And solid: There is a reason why no battleship was sunk after Pearl Harbor.”
    Here’s the sunk list:
    HMS Prince of Wales

    The reason no US battleship was sunk after Dec 7th is because their ROE changed. From December 7th 1941 till October 25 1944 (Battle of Surigao Strait) and then after, their role was a) beach bombardment and b) AA support to the fleet. The Surigao engagement being the last ‘line of battle’ engagement the USN has undertaken since.

    • Hi drdog09,

      I think that actually supports his point but from the other way: the US refused to commit battleships to Victorian (or Elizabethan) era combat, but instead used smaller ships and aircraft in what would now be analogous to the anticipated Chinese (or Iranian) swarm tactics. As you said, battleships only came back once the Japanese fleet was nearly exhausted. US naval strategy has been planning to fight those noble and glorious last nine months of Pacific naval war ever since, forgetting that those nine months were made possible through years of swarm tactics against a one-shot naval superpower. Sounds really familiar.


      • “US battleships only came back once the Japanese fleet was nearly exhausted”. Not really: Guadalcanal, 12-13 November, 1942: night engagement, Kirishima hammers, knocks out USS South Dakota…then hit by a 9 shell main battery salvo from USS Washington. Adios, Kirishima

        • Hi Haxo,

          Desperation move by the US to save the op, not part of normal operations. Even so, the Washington turned and ran away immediately afterward to try to draw the Japanese away. The Japanese gave up pursuit although they could have run it down and wiped it out also if they had switched to the swarm approach but they were the big kid on the block at the time and that just wasn’t how it was done.

          I highly recommend “Fleet Attacks” by Hughes (I haven’t read the second edition with littoral combat updates, it is on my bucket list). No modern naval force in the missile age has staying power to withstand an effective first attack, even without nukes involved. Surface capital ship navies are now only really good at projecting bankster force against weaker enemies, especially those which use alternate currencies such as trade credits or gold or oil. For that kind of over-the-horizon first strike role, navies do an excellent job.

          Admirals dream of sailing capital ships to glorious victory, but first the seas must be swept safe by lieutenants (junior grade).


    • since several battlecruisers are on that list, let’s also add Scharnhorst, gunned under by HMS Duke of York, off North Cape, Norway, 26 December 1943. Also,nice painting of 10 December, 1941, South China Sea: Jap torpedobombers X’ing HMS Prince of Wales & Battlecruiser Repulse…with obvious implications for the current situation there

      …on the substantial issue, Obama is doing a neat of job of using a single DD to “trail the coat”, just to show up the Chinks as a bunch of blowhards. I mean, we can’t have them building one of their “artificial islands” right off the mouth of Pearl Harbor, can we? Of course not

  4. Government creates work for itself, to justify its existence. World war is an example of that, war is the biggest of big government programs. Following the government into a war it provoked is even dumber than getting on the boxcars.

    • To: Anon.

      “Speech that leads not to action, still more that hinders it, is a nuisance on the earth.”

      Thomas Carlyle, 1795-1881
      Scottish essayist and historian
      Member of Parliament
      Letter to Jane Welsh, November 4, 1825

      See more at:

      Here, I’ll show you how it’s done, I’ve a few seconds to waste.

      Brendan Guy McMahan
      born; Everett, Wa. 1956
      Son, of William and Rosemary
      Current Address 304 N. Morgan Shelby NC
      zip: 28150, USA

      Jeeesh, you’d think we’re already living in Leningrad in the 30’s.

  5. The defense contractors would love for this to happen. Go long Boeing Defense & Lockheed Martin. You know Shitstain McCain and that fag from SC Lindsey Graham are.

  6. You know, the cynic in me thinks that it’s possible that today; Obama doesn’t even mess with the presidential briefing today; he just checks daily with the Wall Street banks and asks if they need a war to mask the monetary carnage. My guess is as long as they’re still making increasing profits, the world will have peace; when they can’t control things(i.e. the bond mkt); world war 3 will start that week.

  7. Who the hell thinks it’s a good idea that the Chinese decide where the American Navy is allowed to operate in INTERNATIONAL WATERS?

  8. I have long thought that carriers are simply a vast expenditure on a has-been anachronism. They have as much value today as human-piloted fighter and bomber aircraft – none.

    The case is made keenly here:

    You’ll note that the USN has a long history of using maritime provocation and “incidents” to get the USSA involved in conflicts it has no business in. Research the incipient causes for American entry into 1898 w/ Spanish, WWI, WWII and Vietnam.

    You’ll also find that the new Freedom of the Seas nonsense is a clever tripwire mechanism for more Federal global meddling and mischief.

    Again, all American conflict is a clever means to launder money for the MI complex and expand the power of the state.

    Bill Buppert

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Wonder what those squids on the tin can are thinking today………politically expendable?


        Agreed. And, maybe the rest will wake up and realize they would be better off working at Starbucks than being cannon fodder for the NWO.

  9. SemperFi, 0321

    We know it’s coming, any diversion to cover up the pillaging of banks and retirement accounts, any excuse to lay blame far from Wall St and D.C.
    But for me, the most disgusting thing is the proles who sit in front of their TV’s and who will cheer it on, who will not only allow it to happen, but support it because they believe we must teach the world another lesson in Democracy. That’s what really sucks. Human stupidity at it’s finest. Never mind the cost in human lives, but at least we taught them a lesson.
    Except………what if we get taught a lesson by some real military professionals?

  10. What Cougar said. They need a war. The Chinks do too. Not a great place to be but TPTB know they cant cover the shitstain economy much longer.

  11. And on that foreign submarine thing… If I recall correctly, back in 2007 a chinese diesel-electric sub popped up right in the middle of a US Navy WESTPAC exercise…

  12. Fuk the Chinks. We have the new stage five transgenderbenders which will sashay right past them. Forward! Moar war!

  13. “It doesn’t defend the US, since there is nothing to defend it against. (What country has the remotest possibility of invading America?

    Let’s see… There’s the mexicans, central murikins, musloids, chinese, and afrikaners. newsflash! we’ve already been invaded.

  14. For all the geniuses that think railing against this particular action by the US military is “just like all the others” just because it’s currently in fashion, take a look at the following map:

    The big dashed line are China’s “claims” in the South China Sea. Now unless my eyes deceive me, it looks like China, being the generous sort they are, has decided to “allow” the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and basically everyone else in the neighborhood, a teensy little sliver through which to pass their shipping. How nice of them. So if the Philippines wants to do a bit of trade with Vietnam (for example), all they have to do is sail allll the way around well to the south, hundreds of miles to get there. Sound reasonable?

    Hell, it appears they want the hole damn body of water. “Fred” is A-OK with that, I guess. In fact, looks like China thinks they have a “right” to well over 400 miles of ocean surrounding their “shores”, including those sand bars they either made or parked their asses on in the Spratlys. So much for the 200 nautical mile “exclusive economic zone”, let alone the “12-mile limit”. And what of the Philippines, Vietnam and all her neighbors? What about their 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone? Huh, you guys want to just let the fuckers do it, I guess.

    Smarten the fuck up and quit parroting horseshit.

    • Admiral, have you checked the state of the fleet lately?

      Only a douchecanoe goes into someone else’s back yard and starts a fight with someone who is at least as big as he is.

      Especially when the douchecanoe needs the other guy’s credit card to stay in business.

      Why don’t you smarten the fuck up, Admiral?

      • as I said above, we simply cannot have the Chinks building artificial islands – and claiming the adjacent 40,000 square miles of H2O – just whenever and wherever they want. What if they decided to build one off Long Beach, CA? Oh, wait…whatever….


      I cannot understand why ANYONE would allow or support the notion that it is okay for their kith and kin to be killed for the right of the FLIPS or any other Wog country to indulge in commerce.
      We have no dog in this fight. Let the Aussies and the Chinks go at it. I have read reports that Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children have a substantial presence in the Land of the Southern Cross. Could the FMF be getting ready to pull a caper similar to the Smedley Butler shenanigans on behalf of the United Fruit Company? It smells like this act of International Kabuki had been in the works for some time.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Sending a boatload or two of Marines to teach the Chinese a lesson is beyond comprehension, but what else do the asshats in D.C. think they’re doing? All the women and fags assure us they have this under control.
        I watched the Corps go from 325,000 to 200,000 in the early-mid 70’s when VN was winding down, now they can’t keep people in the service, and D.C. wants war. Marines in Africa, Australia, A’stan, and scattered across the globe on ships, where are we going to get enough troops to form complete combat units large enough to actually do anything? It’s a clusterfuck before it even starts.
        But we will win y’know. Too big to fail is our motto.

    • I run into folks like “Mr. Galt” all the time, CA. They’re thinking like it’s still 1950 or thereabouts, and that the US government has maintained its military muscle and hardware at a quantum level above the rest. The actions of the Russian Republic Air Force (RRAF) in Syria should be a free learning experience for them, but it appears it is not.

      The RRAF has bounced the Israeli Air Force out of Syria twice that I know about, has intercepted Predator drones at least three times, and warned all those aligned with the Israeli guided “Syrian rebels) to stay out of the way. That’s produced a full court press against Russia by the Jew controlled media which the Russian Republic has said, “so what, sit down and STFU” to them all.

      The Russian Republic Navy (RRN) has a wide variety of anti-ship missiles to choose from. The very heavy P500/P-1000s which have a 2200 pound penetrating warhead, to the ultra fast (Mach 2.2 at less that 100 feet altitude) Moskit, and several others. Some of these are aboard submarines, which makes the total strategy very interesting.

      The upshot is that things do not bode well for the decrepit US government.

    • The PLAN would like to remind you, Admiral Galt, that it is called the South CHINA Sea. Not the South Philippine Sea, not the South Vietnam Sea.

      If one knows of a publicly traded, multi-national oil company that has deep water drilling competence with ties to the Chi-coms (or willingness to get into bed with them) one might be prudent to buy and hold a few shares. For the grandkids. If any survive the upcoming NA Liberty Games ™.

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    Of course my nephew just joined Naval Special Warfare…