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  1. “Please do not believe this notion that I’m out to take everyone’s guns away,” Barack Obama pleaded in his Tuesday speech before the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference in Chicago.

    You have to think about the signal here. Cultural Marxists alway signal their intent, you just have to learn the lingo of their dissimulation. Lying really.
    Of course in the larger scope, he is not concerned with our guns, it is both our right to our property, our guns, he wants to deny us of, that delegitimizes free men, disarms us figuratively and physically of the most basic dignity of our liberty, the right and means of defense.
    Most importantly it is freemen he and his ilk want to take out.
    It is not guns that kill tyrants, it is free men who have guns who kill tyrants.

  2. The S Molynaux quote is money. Well stated. Silence is consent.

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