Buchanan: Should We Fight For The Spratlys?


What is our vital national interest there?

And what do you think will happen when you pick a fight with your banker?

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  1. “If we believe this will be the Second American Century, that time is on our side, that Chinese communism is a dead faith, we ought to avoid a clash and show our opposition to Beijing’s excesses, if need be, by imposing tariffs on all goods made in China.

    China’s oligarchs will understand that message.”

    Well that would make perfect sense, but Pat’s actually thinking strategically with a different outcome in mind than the folks with their hands on the wheel. Different goals entirely. These fuckers want and need a war.

  2. I can see only one value in a fight for those spits of dirt — Is the USN worth a damn? If our strategies, tactics, personnel and weaponry cannot prevail in a littoral battle it is better to know we are f’d now than in some north Atlantic encounter with even bigger stakes.

    But that’s one hell of a price to pay for finding out.

    • According to the US Navy’s own wargame in 2002, a US carrier group loses to the Iranian coastal fishing fleet armed with Russian Silkworm missiles:


      Seems to me the entire surface navy is just pork, and was revealed as pork during the Cuban missile crisis when the Soviets threatened a nuclear torpedo.

    • The money government took from you to build USS Pork was bad enough. What was even worse was hiding from you the fact it was pork, so you’ve lost 50 years during which you could have been creating alternatives. Same complaint about preventing you from building Thorium reactors before the easiest-to-access and least-sulfurous oil had been pumped from CONUS.

  3. By the way, one might want to cast a gaze at who is number two TBill holder on that spreadsheet. We are f’d either way. We win the bout, the Chins dump. We lose the bout, the Japs dump and buy Yuan. Nice huh?

  4. Tom is right. The world reserve banking Cabal needs a scape goat before it all goes to hell. War is the easiest to start and blame the collapse on. Putin is not playing by their rules and like you said, using time to his advantage.

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  6. Well, in Ray Mabus’ Navy at least, I’ll bet they all look simply fabulous while they’re cruising around.

  7. If we DON’T oppose China in this blatant illegal action where will they stop?
    What will they steal next? This is not about ‘what’s in it for the US’ as much as it is about ‘Stopping evil before it advances’. Hitler was unopposed in his annexation and theft of territory, thus he was emboldened leading to WWII.
    China if not opposed WILL continue….leading to ???

    • Dan,

      Oppose the Chicoms ? Why ?

      Look, do you not know about HR 4444 and the ‘Pubs handing that treasonous legislation to Clinton and his signing it ?

      Put a 200% tariff on every fucking product and component made in Red China coming into this country. But the scum of D.C. care not about fUSA’s former sovereignty nor it’s citizens.

      Stop buying Chicom shit. That is how we put it to the Reds. Oh, and hang every supporter of free trade.

  8. I put this comment up before, but like it so much I’ll put it up again:

    1960 Prez “debate”:

    Nixon: “I will defend Quemoy and Matsu”
    Kennedy” “I will defend Quemoy and Matsu”

  9. Nice list. And there is a minority of mad hatters here who will still chirp something about Wangstein and Sonyberg running it all. Simple solutions for simple minds.

    “Oil exporters” include Ecuador, Venezuela, Indonesia, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Gabon, Libya, and Nigeria. Would be nice to see that broken down by country, but when it comes to those countries you’re just looking at their ruling families anyway like the House of Saud.

    So where else do the Sauds invest their money?


    “Caribbean Banking Centers” include Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Netherlands Antilles, Panama and British Virgin Islands. Likewise, not broken down by country, but would include people like “former” Americans (who renounced their citizenship), international mafia, and even black budgets. Probably a lot of overlap between those three.

    Considering how people like to have diverse portfolios, ask yourself where they’ve invested the rest of their money? The usual places: stocks and bonds (in other countries around the world who don’t make their spreadsheets public), real estate (North AND South America is up for grabs), commodities, some cash, etc.


    Cui bono from USA and China saber rattling over some insignificant rock? China gets its overt reason to grow its navy and air force. The defense budgets grow for both USA and China and the corporations directly benefit from that growth. Taxes and the security state rise ever higher at home. The oligarchies of USA and China directly benefit from all of it. Sure, maybe something nasty actually flares up and removes 100,000,000 people from the planet. More American kids will die overseas for shit that doesn’t really matter at home. There’s money to be made in all that, too. Like the Bush or Clinton girls, the Obama girls won’t be in a gender neutral military either when the fight is on. Considering the Chinese just bought more mineral rights in Texas the real message is clear: there’s no actual conflict among the global elite.

  10. It is not just Spratleys, China says it owns Palawan Island (very large island).

    Frankly Filipinos need to man up and handle their own biz and not depend on Uncle Sugar Daddy who will sell them out when it suits their needs.

    There is a growing number of people in the Philippines coming to this realization in the upper classes and are actively anticipating a Chinese invasion eventually.

    However China is also in regards to the Philippines, a place where Filipinos make a lot of money from.

    China businesses buy iron ore, food, and scrap materials from Filipino businesses. There is also a sizable population of “Chinoy” (Chinese Filipinos) in the Philippines that harbor no love for the Chinese gov, yet do maintain ethnic ties.

    Recently the Manila news got into a uproar when it was discovered that a ‘gift’ by China in the form of some decorative gate said in Chinese script, that this was Chinese territory.

    The real question Filipinos ask cynically is will China invade and disrupt Henry Sy and his multi billion dollar shopping mall chain named Shoe Mart that is chock full of imported Chinese goods? (really nice places even by American standards)

    Whatever happens on Roxas Blvd (slang for the US Embassy/US center for political correct meddlers) is really insignificant in the greater scheme of things in the Philippines.