Claire Wolfe On The Cyberinformation Sharing Act Of 2015


Moar freeeeeeeedumb!

Republican Senate passes CISA.


Read ’em all.

Remember who did it.

And plan to get off the damned Web.

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  2. Did you notice how Ryan preached clean slate ? After the gop just gave Obama a magical free carpet ride out of office ? Do not tell me that the gop leadership, including the new one with ryan isn’t all in to keep the usa trending into a elite/serf system.
    my guess is that the fed and wall street showed the gop leadership that at some point they will lose control or what Russia and china are doing financially will take down the usa and they could either save themselves or go down with the country and they choose to save themselves and the cisa is just step number 74 out of probably 200 in doing that.

  3. The link in the first article as to voting record is busted. You can find your quisling’s record here (if it really matters to you):

  4. I’ve mentioned it elsewhere, I’ll mention it here, in probably less than 2 years I will be web free after being online in one form or another since 1988.

    I don’t like how the web has evolved as it has become like the dead trees variety of information, lies, contortions, and endless marketing and criminality. It is becoming more and more arduous to get anything done online.

    An analogy, my 12 yo XP machine died recently and I bought an 8.1 machine only to find it is nothing but a game for children and resists all attempts at productivity. Basically, it, and the web, have become largely irrelevant. 2 years, maybe less.

  5. I stream a lot of old movies 1930s through 1980s from the Internet – never paying a dime as they should be public domain by now and I don’t want to support Hollyweird. I am very adept at finding just about any out of favor movie given sufficient time, but lately it has become nearly impossible as Google is quietly censoring the search results. No confederate flags, no ammo, no firearms and now, no old black and white movies. At this rate I’ll be cancelling my Internet bill soon. Also, I don’t know Disqus is finally blocking proxies but I’m being forced to verify any new account now when I used to be able to post freely on WND, Infowars, Brietbart etc. using bogus info.

  6. “And plan to get off the damned Web.” —>And smartphone too.
    A buddy of mine sent a text to another buddy of mine asking when I was going to be back “on grid”. — after receiving this info via UHF I turned my cell phone back on and sent that fella a link to a $25 baofeng with the simplex freq that we hang out on. 🙂