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8 responses to “FYI

  1. lookit that grinning, White race-replacing, all-scamming Islamic ‘groid. Target-rich environment impends

    • Yup. I have grown extremely weary of the grinners. I hate every fucking colored scumbag who grins these days. I just know they are stealing my money one way or the other.

    • Thursdays are about to get rough for him….

  2. Ah, the time change. What better way to remind the masses that there’s a faceless central authority who controls the flow of time itself. Hidden in it is also the indoctrination of loaning something now, but it will be taken back later.

    • Yeah, you know what? We quit using it 20 yrs ago, me and the missus, raised all the children to ignore it, drives folks nuts until they get to know us! Then it’s usually “Is that real time or your time, OD?” Hahahaha! Daylight saving time, yup, only the goober mint could have the cojones to think they can alter that which has run without their ministrations since time immemorial. I get why G.V Hudson introduced it but, having lived the farming life for years, both tractor and horse powered, never saw a need for it.

  3. …..and your politics back fourteen centuries.

    • The last 12 seconds of that are why you can have my mechanical watch when you pry it off my cold, dead wrist.