The Retreat of the State


Remember this phrase:

Where the state retreats, there is room to advance.

7 responses to “The Retreat of the State

  1. when they faced a few hundred gunsels at Bundy Ranch, Neil Kornze’s Statists retreated right quick. Otherwise, so long as the Central Bank-issued debtbuck continues to buy stuff, the State will continue its advance. Liquidate the Central Bank – and the Judeo-Bankster/political class – and the State will wither fast. Iron Legion’s hope that all this can occur in an evolutionary, peaceful manner is absurd; in England, where the Whites have allowed the Jew-state to disarm them, it will not occur at all

  2. The failure of democracy and the transition to something better should be as seamless and as bloodless as possible.
    First off, its not the failure of democracy, but a over arching socialism-lite that failed England. Second who says lacking democracy something else better will come along. That is Kumbaya thinking. The whole piece sounds like a wistful return to Downington Abbey. Being from the UK that makes sense.


    Good article. One can only hope this comes to pass quickly so that those of us who have been the constant victims of the Leviathan’s predatory acts can: “set things right”.
    I would disagree with one point. Kim Davis is not a martyr. She continues to live off the taxpayer’s dime and, through some administrative loophole, has distanced herself from the issuance of “marriage licenses” to sodomites. That is not martyrdom. That is hypocrisy.

  4. The Walkin' Dude

    Screw SMOD. Gort for prez 2016!

  5. Dweezil, notice if you will, that people paid lip service to Kim, and precious little else. If they all truly believed her to be right, they would have stood with her, and prevented anyone from jailing her in the first place. People talked, and she walked to jail. She got out, due to their efforts, but no one really stood with her. Why should she martyr herself, when no one would take a physical stand with her? She’s not a hypocrite, and she stood, alone. Leviathan continues to watch us sit, and play by their rules, and knows that in doing so, we stay in the pen. None of this shit, NONE OF IT, is going to change until we do. The penalty for non-compliance with the “Law” is steep, but for slaves, we may as well, because nobody else is going to do it. Until and unless we have “martyrs”, to poke us out of our sensibilities, we’ll be in that hog pen, awaiting slaughter. My shame, is my inaction.


      Sean: I will, with respect, concede your point. But, Mrs. Davis would have been miles ahead in the integrity department if she had publicly resigned. I say this because I was faced with a similar choice as a Deputy Sheriff in the ’80s. I saw the corruption in my agency and it went all the way to the top. I pulled up stakes and went to work for another agency whose administration had clean hands and a good reputation.
      There is something in the Good Book about “shaking the dust off your feet” and moving on to find those who will accept the truth. Mrs. Davis got her: “15 minutes of fame” and life went on, business as usual. And do not feel any shame by your inaction. That is nonsense. Would you have driven many miles to stand in front of the jailhouse listening to Mike Huckafraud bloviating to the crowd?
      By your definition, I should have stayed in Infantry OCS back in 1970 instead of taking the option out when Nixon wound down the war and cashiered 1100 of us. I ended up a Speedy-4 MP and never had to go over to the land of the Little People. I was a marginal Officer Candidate.
      I still wonder about that decision even this late in my life. But, in my own small way as a career peace officer and school teacher, I can look myself in the mirror in the morning when I shave and I never had to back up to the pay window. I made a difference. I can still, when the time comes, stand up(slowly) for the principles which you, CA, Frank and Fran, Mr, Bracken, Haxo, Jim Klein, Doug, Tom, Semper Fi, Outlaw Patriot, and the rest of the squabbling patriots on this site talk about. Bleib ubrig.

  6. colddeadhandsdays

    Am I the only one that doesn’t feel sorry for any of them in Europe? I lived in Worked in Europe for 4 years and had to listen to their endless prognosticating about their “Democratic Socialism” and their air of superiority…Fuck them…If they can’t or won’t stand up for themselves they deserve to be eradicated. Same goes for us.