The Veto Society


ZMan looks at the proliferation of scolds.

Fun times ahead.

Even in casual society.

9 responses to “The Veto Society

  1. The Usual Suspect

    And the money quote for the day is, TA TA TA = Most of them are basically radical feminists with dicks.

  2. don’t look into her eyes….


  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Conservatives don’t lose elections when they back up conservative principles, they lose elections when they kowtow to degenerates, not that there are many conservatives in leadership positions or that elections much matter any more,

  5. This article goes well with the cartoon….

    I’ll say it again…I don’t care who one chooses to sodomize or exchanges turns eating taco salads…..just don’t force your sexuality or better-than-thou attitude on me. Get the phuck outa my face with you hypocrite bullshit.

  6. “It’s a recursive cycle of lunacy that eventually consumes the whole thing, like a dying star collapsing in on itself. The trouble is these nuts are going to take a whole lot of normal people with them into the abyss.”

    One way or another this kind of story does indeed end in death.