Adams County (Idaho) rancher shot and killed by deputies

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Respected community member gets shot by police.

Limited information forthcoming.


34 responses to “Adams County (Idaho) rancher shot and killed by deputies

  1. “Idaho State Police are investigating…”. and will reach the usual conclusion, while paid-leave .gov killers are fly-fishing in Oregon. On the other hand, at face-to-face-range, an already-visible long gun is generally less effective than a pistola, which can be produced suddenly and fired to good effect

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    Council is but a blink on the highway. I used to hunt up there with a Marine buddy who was from Council.
    Strange how the gunslinger mentality is infecting all the LEO.

  3. Dog. Bull. Owner.
    How’s a cop to know the difference ?

    • The general mentality is “as long as it’s not a hero, shoot it!”

      The authorities/system will take care of any discrepancy.

  4. HHH Old Vet.

    There it is, that Lesson again, BE Damn careful about turning your back on Any Cop as they will shoot first if they “Feel” Threatened.
    Peace officers went away about 30 years ago.

  5. HHH Old Vet.

    Sick and Sad all at the same time, those are my thoughts.

  6. You just wait. The ME will autopsy the bull, but the rancher will be declared a suicide by visual inspection.

  7. HHH Old Vet.

    Sick and sad, watching this story. Damn Cops.

  8. not recommended to step out of your truck with a rifle in hand when cops are around…….not recommended to be arguing with cops with rifle in hand….cops are pussys nowadays and will just start spraying bullets at the least little provocation

  9. Nubbin-Finger Jake Rodell

    OH MY GOODNESS! Damn racist cops shoot another peron!! The people of Council are going rise up and burn that bitch down . . . never mind . . . I just realized the victim is White and the citizen of Council are White. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. WHITE LIVE DON’T MATTER. And the Killer Cops get a taxpayer vacation while their crimes are covered . . . I mean their actions are Investigated. Remember the cop Montra: There is no such thing as a bad shooting – only a badly written after action shooting report. Damn these trigger-happy deputies. If these guys are released back into the wild, then I hope they are in condition ‘yellow’ when they R&R at the Krispy-Kream. Those Idaho donuts have been known to ‘splode’ right in your face. May God bless and comfort the “surviving” Yantis family members.

    • Reed Merrill

      Jake Rodell!! This is the first time I’ve seen that online handle! One of my all time favorite movies, and the best Civil War movie made. “Ride With The Devil” was going to have a big nation wide release until someone discovered a black Confederate in it. The PC Gestapo were horrified! Highly recommended!


      • Nubbin-Fingered Jake Rodell

        Well, thank you kindly sir! I didn’t know anyone would be familiar with my personage around these parts. But the story of this proud rancher now adds to my apprehension as a nigger – and now White Cops – with guns is still a nervous thing to me. I moved to Idaho to get away from the one and now find that I may still be cut down, for no good reason, by the other.

  10. Sounds like all the ingredients for another case of “government discrediting itself at a furious pace”.

  11. Seems like yet another case of “government discrediting itself at a furious pace”.

  12. So much for the “American Redoubt”. The Jackboots are everywhere. Even where the citizens that just want to be left alone live.

    • I watched a few minutes of one of those disgusting “cop reality” shows recently and one of the badged scum said that people only live in the mountains because they have something to hide and it was his job to bring them to justice.

  13. Imagine if the rancher was black….


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  15. Its confirmed the Bull was Black “Black Lives Matter”

  16. Police and deputies are just paid killers anymore implementing Gov. policy. The people of Council should storm the Castle.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Don’t forget – “meat is murder”. The officer was therefore justified in the use of deadly force to prevent a murder.

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. Ain’t got the words.

  19. I can see some old fashion frontier justice showing up in the future.

  20. HHH Old Vet.

    Last night I posted several times on a couple subjects, this being one, I see that the posts were put up, it looked to me as if they wouldn’t let me post, sorry CA.
    I see others thought the same, dang computers..

  21. If you have ever been in the mountains, or in the backcountry, kind of alone and wondering what that last sound was………Sometimes it takes more than 2 people to gather all of the bits of info floating around. There can be accidents in the backcountry that no one thought could happen. Accidents or acts of nature that leave no trace. Idaho has a lot of that country. Just sayin’.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Doesn’t seem that anyone has caught on to that concept yet………it needs to go into overdrive.
      Friends and relatives flocking to the dark woods in search of silence, I mean.

  22. The Usual Suspect

    Yeah, when is that ? The near future ? or like way down the
    road future ?
    We are running out of future.
    Pretty soon it will be just here and now.

  23. Let the cop hate flow through you.

  24. I’m willing to bet these “deputies” weren’t from around there, probably city boy’s without a clue as to what was going on, and a why a guy with rifle showed up. I’ll be following this one.