SHTF Threats: Your Neighbors, Friends, and Family



Harden your hearts.

And sort your wheat from chaff now.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Be they blood, or be they not, show up empty handed, and that’s how they’ll leave. Unless they want to press the issue, in which case they can leave with a little more personal ventilation than when they arrived.

  3. All stuff ive thought about and discussed with my significant other. Family would be the huge threat. Id spend more time guarding my stores from them then anyone else. They’d bleed us dry in a week and id be the asshole in the equation.

  4. Because of where we live, how we live and what we do (very rural with cattle, horses, veg. garden, etc.) we have had family members, ‘extended’ family members and ‘friends’ say, ” if anything happens, we’re coming to your place”. My standard response usually is, “…no problem, bring a million calories (for each of you”). One years food supply – the look is usually astounding – shock, disbelief and all that – whey they ask, “…what if we can’t?” – I usually don’t answer – I just point my index finger at them with a ‘gun’ sign and smile.
    Hard times coming …..


    I lose sleep over this every night. I am not sure what I would do. I do know that my one neighbor, a disabled widow, would need help and we would give it to her. She would return the favor by being a lookout.
    On the other side of me is a very nice family. Dad, Mom, high school-age boy and two middle school girls. Their life is dirt bikes, ear-splitting noise that passes for music and apparent cluelessness. It’s going to be very sad and ugly throughout Amerika, IF this happens.
    I use the big IF because I am beginning to think that most of this survival porn which I have been reading over the past few years is nonsense. What would be the motivation of the Chinamen, Russians, or North Koreans to take a shot at us? China is tied to us economically. Russia could not even subdue the Ukraine. And if Kim-iL-Jeong-Sung-Duck-Phuc took the shot, his piss-ant country would end up a glowing pile of rocks.
    China and Russia(through proxies) can and have been destroying us economically. Barry has invited in the two-legged disease vectors from South of the Border and now the Levant. This TPP will do a lot of harm to the average working Amerikan who will just shrug his/her shoulders, go to the voting booth, and then home to the big screen, alcohol and, Xanax to numb themselves.
    A large natural disaster like Yellowstone or New Madrid may be the ticket. But those kinds of events are also close to the realm of Science Fiction and impossible to predict. As I have posted previously, we are a slowly deflating economic beach ball. Whoever or whatever group is behind the demise of Amerika is standing back and watching our disintegration happen. Over time, they have given our culture, society, political system, and moral compass enough rope. We are our own hangmen. We don’t really need an EMP.

  6. Ironically, its my corporate sister and her corporate family I am most worried about. If things get really bad and the 6 figure jobs they have go away; they are not about to find others with all the competition that will also be looking for them. I predict in 3 months, their house, cars and kids private schools all go away and they are humbled into taking jobs at a fast food place, the same fast food places they hadn’t set foot in for probably 20 years because they were too good for food most of the country eats regularly.

  7. Make your plan and stick to it. You have three mouths to feed, then you plan for that. Anyone else shows up who would not add to your plan, off they go.
    Family, friends, the wayward homeless man, if they show up and are an addition/asset to your plan, then maybe they get to stay. If they take away from your plan, bye-bye. Feelings do not enter into the plus or minus equation.

  8. We must not take this matter lightly.
    Today it is a hypothetical question.
    Tomorrow it will demand an answer.

  9. The original scenario as portrayed, yeah show them the exit out of town and be done with it. But lets complicate it a bit. His brood shows up, same offer as before, but he is a 16 year veteran EMT and he just happened to show up with a fully stocked ambulance you could hide in the garage.

    At what level do skills matter?

  10. Kill ’em

  11. In SHTF everything is pretty simple folks, you either make the right decisions or you die.

    However there is the scenario where you live but because of the decision(s) you made you might wish you were dead.

    Then there is the old saying about learning from your mistakes, but you do have to be alive to learn, don’t you?

    To live without honor, is that a life worth living? If you can’t respect yourself, how can you respect anything else?

  12. If you can’t turn people away, no point in prepping in the first place…

  13. Waiting in Idaho

    I have had people say, jokingly, “I know where I’m going when the Zombies attack–Your place.” (We are semi-remote). I smile and say “You are welcome if you know the password.” ” Whats the password?” they ask. The answer…”We brought our own food and preps.”

    • That is an excellent password. I’ve had a similar theme for years as people I know or work with semi-joke that they plan to come out to our farm if the SHTF. The joke isn’t funny anymore and I now coach them back to at least a bit of reality. I came up with an easy to remember four letter acronym for what they must have to live on the inside of my drawbridge: AAAA. Attitude, Aptitude, “Actuals” and Armaments. Have a healthy no-quit tough and independent attitude that doesn’t include crying for FEMA or some such nonsense. Have aptitude in some worthy area. It can range from knitting to long-range marksmanship, but if your main skills are texting and memorizing sports stats, go elsewhere. Actuals means decent gear and food coverage for your crew for the length of time you plan to stay. Depending on season and SHTF timeline we can all work to put in a bigger garden and go from there. Lastly, start spending some of your own disposable income now on common weapons, ammunition and related gear. I can help somewhat to fill in gaps, but if you are vacationing every year and upgrading your phones, cable and cars all the time, you can afford to start covering weapons costs now. Yes, it’s going to be brutal and it is still shocking how so many are still clueless or choose to remain so.

  14. Close family are welcome on the ranch in a shtf situation. Why? There is power in numbers. With following caveats:
    1) Can they get there safely?
    2) The life they have known is OVER. FOREVER. (No tv, No mall, etc)
    3) Everyone except sick, elderly and infants WORKS. And there is a lot of work, even in normal times.
    4) Don’t buy into the american tendency toward atomization, isolation. Clan is a powerful group dynamic for survival.

    • Agreed. I suppose I’m lucky because my family and friends are better than most, but get real everyone! Are you going to shoot your mom because she doesn’t have food? Don’t succumb to the smugness that a lot of preppers do. And the tough guy talk is laughable… Shooting your way out of every situation will not work.

      • “Are you going to shoot your mom”? Judging by the behavior of a large swath of people…Yah, maybe someone shoots your mom. They are executing bangers children in Chicago. There will be no rules in the coming festivities, from a large segment of the USA populace. Harden the fuck up!

  15. Then it’s settled…y’all can have the ones with food and supplies, I’ll take the ones with wits, and tfA-t can have the rest. No Ruler necessary; everyone just chooses.

  16. This is the topic to which I have given much consideration.

    In the case of family, unless most of them start 48-72 hours Pre-SHTF, there is not a lot of concern whether or not they will show up “here”…the concern is whether or not they make it out of “there.”

    I am fortunate to have some neighbors who are on the same wave length with me. We have a mutual understanding….”I can’t afford to feed them now, nor can they afford to feed me now, and neither of us expects it to be easier in a SHTF scenario.” That said…we have neighbors who have a head in the sand stance now, and we don’t expect them to be, in any way, prepared for more difficult times. They will be a direct threat as I do not expect them to passively starve.

    I have the 6 figure salary siblings…one who believes the point of life is to be happy, and entertained, with grown children who have apparently embraced that philosophy, one who sees the need to prepare, but whose mostly adult offspring are in no way paying attention, nor assisting those preps in any noticeable fashion, and yet will be on his doorstep at the mere hint of trouble.

    One of my siblings is at the lowest income range possible while being employed full time, and her “one step at a time…a little here, a little there,” steady efforts have paid off quite impressively. She has been invited to ride it out here, presuming of course, she gets a two day head start.

    Recently, one group of which I am aware, but with whom I have no association has begun recruiting members of area PDs…whose stated plan is to conduct, under color of law, traffic stops in order to confiscate whatever is useful…a sort of “your preps IS our preps” strategy…and along with a rather open statement of the intent to grow pot for post-SHTF barter, I expect a big Red X on the whole bunch, followed up with general harassment of any who could be even remotely connected to them.

    Another area it behooves all to pay some attention to is the level of dependence upon chemicals…pharmaceutical or otherwise.

    For the most part, I am not looking for additions to the tribe. I expect that I will turn some away, and take some in, provided of course, I survive, in the first place,

    • Recently, one group of which I am aware, but with whom I have no association has begun recruiting members of area PDs…whose stated plan is to conduct, under color of law, traffic stops in order to confiscate whatever is useful…a sort of “your preps IS our preps” strategy…and along with a rather open statement of the intent to grow pot for post-SHTF barter, I expect a big Red X on the whole bunch, followed up with general harassment of any who could be even remotely connected to them.


      tx for heads-up

    • There needs to be more info to back up that PD/Looting claim. It’s not that I don’t believe it, I just want specifics. Name of org, location, geographic area, etc. I don’t want this 10 miles away and not know.

      • Not a “claim”, Mr. Rowland…a report which has been confirmed by two sources, unconnected to one another.

        It occurs to me that no matter where any of us are, this could be “10 miles away” as this idea has been promoted amongst varying groups of LE “Preppers” across the country. Still, I am, though should not be, shocked it is within an area I have traveled from time to time. I am relieved that the area has been deemed “off limits” to all members of my tribe for a couple of years, in any crisis situation whatsoever, due, in large part, to the fact that it is in this group’s AO.

        I will provide specifics to CA…he can inform those in that area. That will have to be good enough.

  17. Marlo Stanfield

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    Check their medicine cabinets for what meds they might be on. Check the ash trays inside  where they live. Vehicle ash tray also. Look into their frig for beer, booze, wine. Ask yourself how would they fare without their meds. Kitchen cabinets bare? Nothing stocked up in hall closet or out in garage or storage building. Not hard to figure out how people are on food. Those that don’t pass the test have had almost 8 years of Obama to get ready. Now if they only keep 30 day supply of food at home and the rest at another location, now that is good planning. Do you really want to be at home for an emergency that lasts 30 days? It really depends on you and where you live. You must put miles between you and non qualified people now. A intelligent person living in New Orleans before Katrina no excuse. Same for living in Baltimore now. With the exception of Jackson Wyoming no reason to live there. If you are white and want to learn to hate white people visit the other towns Wyoming. I have no idea why that dude who wrote that survival books suggests moving to Wyoming. Owning land to hunt own is one thing or having a place to do some 1000 yard shooting and you bring your tent or RV. For a state with barely 500,000 people there is tons of welfare  and baby mammas out the ass.    From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 9:35 AM Subject: [New post] SHTF Threats: Your Neighbors, Friends, and Family #yiv2423525931 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv2423525931 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv2423525931 a.yiv2423525931primaryactionlink:link, #yiv2423525931 a.yiv2423525931primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv2423525931 a.yiv2423525931primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv2423525931 a.yiv2423525931primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv2423525931 | Concerned American posted: “Word.Harden your hearts.And sort your wheat from chaff now.” | |

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Marlo, I live in NW Wyoming not far from Jackson Hole, I’m white, my GF is black. She was raised here in the 60-70’s, moved away, and came back with several masters degrees including teaching at Purdue, and is a pillar of the community, the folks adore her. Not everyone in Wyoming hates blacks, just the brain dead fukn rednecks. I’m sorry that you saw the bad side.

  18. You realize none of this is going to happen, right? You’re not going to be warding off your former neighbors with gunfire.

    Oh, there will be a manmade calamity of some sort, but it’s not going to result in the apocalypse porn that gets bandied about by Preppers. It’s going to result in a strongman savior coming in to rescue society in just the nick of time, and the American soft tyranny will finally make its transition to the American hard tyranny.

    Resistance will still be called for, just realize it’s going to be suicide. America was irredeemably lost generations ago.

    • Bingo!

      Lads, for those of you that haven’t already offed yourself, we’ve got our new morale officer.

      • I don’t intend to be a Debbie Downer, I just don’t see it going any other way. History has scant few examples of populations taking control of their own destinies, and a metric shit-ton of examples of populations bleating for a savior figure. Take a good look at your fellow Americans. Do they even deserve better?

        I am motivated not by a desire to restore a republic that was pissed away long before I was even born, but by a desire to see John and Jane Q. Moron suffer the consequences they chose for themselves. I hate them, and that hate warms the cockles of my heart. My grinchy heart won’t be growing three sizes that day, nor any day.

    • “It’s going to result in a strongman savior coming in to rescue society in just the nick of time, and the American soft tyranny will finally make its transition to the American hard tyranny.”

      Bingo indeed. Maybe set aside 11/8/16 for it.

    • Got news for you Graeham. I already ward off my former neighbors with the threat of well-aimed gunfire. If it weren’t for that very real threat to them, they would have already trespassed on me and the other few good people..