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Steyn: The Barbarians Are Inside, And There Are No Gates


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36601-medieval battle

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Barnhardt: Cut the Crap – The problem is islam, and it has to be exterminated. Period.

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  1. outlawpatriot

    Well, they let them in.

    So are we.

    Just a matter of time now.

  2. Pray for the hostages and families affected by these attacks.

    Checklist all should have for the immediate future:
    Step 1: Buy a gun
    Step 2: Learn how to use it
    Step 3: Carry it ALL…THE…TIME
    Step 4: Practice! Practice!! Practice!!! Dry Fire and Live Fire
    Step 5: Don’t count on someone else to protect you.
    Step 6: Let no one take it from you. Ever.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    Dear Frenchmen: “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”


  4. I’d say Merkel and Hollande deserve a lot of credit for this insanity…

  5. Religion of peeeeeace, maaaaan.

  6. I don’t care what anyone says, THERE ARE NO PEACEFUL MUSLIMS!
    This is horrible, and I wonder when it happens in Germany/Sweden/Italy also. We canNOT be inclusive, diverse, and passive; unless we are prepared for these consequences. This says volumes about everyone making it an Amazon/Fed Ex/UPS Christmas. Do not go in a mall, do not go downtown in crowds and shop, and do not ever go anywhere that you can’t find multiple exits. I am so glad that Reagan was President when I needed those things. Got it out of my system.

  7. OP, an attack of the same magnitude could happen here and the media will call them socially awkward, young adults. But, you’re right. It’s coming.

  8. Jeffery in AL

    Outlaw Patriot said it, but I will say it again. Is anyone really shocked? This is what Western-Christian nations can expect in the wake of their Quisling leaders selling their souls and allowing these soldiers of Islam to invade their countries disguised as “refugees”. Anyone who thinks the same tsunami of bestiality practicing sodomizers of young children coming to this country will not do the same thing in United States given the opportunity is an idiot. As an example, Cheyenne Wyoming has received several thousand Somali muzziloids in the past year and half under the Refuggee Resettlement Plan. Persons who condone, perpetuate, or facilitate this invasion be warned. Stay alert and be prepared not just against these jihadist, but those in power who despise Liberty and would love to use an attack such as the one we saw tonight in Paris to declare martial law and confiscate weapons from law-abiding folks in our own country. Sic Semper Tyrannis!

  9. So when the goatfuckers here pull a stunt like this, what rights do we wanna give up first, you know, for our “security”?

  10. The “leaders” of the western hemisphere know what is going on here with this musloid invasion and subsequent turmoil these jihadist’s are creating, they are complicit in its creation.

    Think about it.
    What person on this planet isn’t aware of the religion of peace and its war it is waging against us the infidel?
    Especially those in power of the western nations.
    So to open up the gates and invite islam into the nations they are running, is it unreasonable to surmise there is a purpose to giving free unfettered access into our cities towns and villages?
    To take this a bit further, here we are, the western hemisphere, dead broke, the reign of fiat money is over, the banksters and their accomplices have milked the wealth of the west dry. There is nothing left but a facade, an illusion propped up with 1’s and 0’s, electrons on a monitor screen of blue sky make believe prosperity.
    When this charade collapses all hell is going to break loose.
    In order to retain power and the wealth they have stolen, those running things are going to need create every conceivable excuse, reason, illusion, and lie imaginable to deny the people of the western hemisphere every natural right freedom and liberty, every kind of individualism and self determination there is. Essentially a western hemisphere wide totalitarian police state. Lock down and rescind all forms of rights guaranteed by rule of law and constitution.
    What better proxy to create the crisis as a means to lock down the people of the west than importing the most blood thirsty ideology on the planet, permit islam its jihad on our sovereign soil, and through the fear the violence of islamic terrorism creates, enough people clammer for their “leaders” to use any means necessary to protect them from jihadists, when what they are really doing is walking right into the worst jihad of all.
    The jihad of one world order.

  11. Does this mean the French will tell Obama to kiss Putin ass… because they are now aligning with Putin?


  12. Marlo Stanfield

    | | This email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by Avast. |

    Two world wars, two bailouts, see a pattern. The west went 7.62 NATO, they went 7.5 MAS. Their problem is between their ears. From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: Sent: Friday, November 13, 2015 6:48 PM Subject: [New post] Paris #yiv3550609357 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3550609357 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3550609357 a.yiv3550609357primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3550609357 a.yiv3550609357primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3550609357 a.yiv3550609357primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3550609357 a.yiv3550609357primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3550609357 | Concerned American posted: “” | |

  13. I love it!
    Tonight I am drinking the tears of
    the stagnant idiots, who cravenly
    hide behind the “moral high ground”
    Yes, yummy sweet tears of sorrow
    and discontent.
    Yummy, yummy, tears.

  14. I like the Asterix drawing, and hope to see “Asterix and the Saracens” soon.

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  16. @Cav Med

    Hey, a**hole, get a clue: dozens of European people, i.e. your extended family (assuming you’re not European or Jewish) just got put on ice today by jicked-up desert pirates. Yeah, some of the dead were idiots but most of them, like us, had very little to do with the direction of their country. How the F*** can you sit in smug judgment, like it couldn’t happen to you or your daughters?

    Before you get off on your spergitarian moral superiority kick, realize that Europeans are < 10% of the world population and dropping, and natural selection doesn't care how many times you voted for Ron Paul.

  17. List of refugee relocation assistance organizations.

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. Alfred E. Neuman

    It’s a same it wasn’t Germany or Sweden. Maybe, they will be next or could it be us????

  20. sirs:

    it is time to form our own militias, to arm ourselves w/ the implements of war and to train. our sovereign will not protect us. he has failed in his social contract with us, and we therefore owe him no duty of obedience or honor.

    it is being done in europe. it is time to do it here.


  21. So Ann, if it’s all a con, why do men die for it? Why did Bin Ladin give up an assured future of wealth to live in a cave? You’re wrong. We’re up against serious men, not just mercenaries or pirates. Crazy? Yes. Vicious? Yes. Needing to be put down? Yes. But serious. They care about power, sex, and property you scream. Who doesn’t? Christians? Jews? Please.

  22. The Frogs will roll over. The fRench folded to the Nazis with only a feeble resistance. With the attacker already within the walls I think you will see the classic fRench white flag and then an Islamic France. Hope I’m wrong but history and facts are on my side.

  23. this will be a nice massive boost for the National Front and Marine Le Pen……wake up frenchies and mass deport the muslims…..or let the muslims murder you all…..your choice

  24. As the musloids where killing people in the theater eye witnesses reported them yelling American blood is the best blood.
    They haven’t figured it out they are killing the wrong Americans. Europeans too for that matter.
    Merkel, obama, all of them are utterly detestable creatures. The musloids are angels compared to these psychopaths.
    It is the political and bankster/military industrial baron class they should be killing. Islam is being used as a proxy. Just as the illegal aliens from south of our borders. This is existential warfare waged on the cheap against liberty.
    These amerikans don’t want islam eradicated, they only want to kill off enough of them to piss them off, and destroy their home lands so they will kill Americans and other westerners in retaliation. It is why the EU oligarchy has allowed the islamic horde to entire Europe. Why no matter what us Americans want our sleazy fucking own mandarins are shoving amnesty and open borders up our ass.
    Then these maniacs have all the appearance and illusion of legitimacy, create enough fear, thus the means to do things, they could never do otherwise.
    I’m not saying I have sympathy for islam, I don’t, it is their responsibility like it is ours what we do about tyranny, but if they think they are going to have their one world caliphate, they better think again. The whole middle east is being used in a world proxy war, it was a setup from the start. Islam is the ultimate cannon fodder of the one worlder’s. They being used in place of a secret police, a violent means to cultural marxist “fundamental transformation”. Just like the entire line of utter bullshit about white racism in America. Once their useful dupe status is used up, they will be eradicated.
    This is the war the ruling class needs, the logical cycle of world war it uses to renew the cycle of organized crime it runs. It is proxy warfare on a international scale. It is necessary for them to wage war by proxies if they are to retain the structure of power they maintain. This is serious deep state manipulation of the people of the west.
    We are being played for suckers you and I.
    The alternatives to this situation is going to take some serious action.

  25. Guess we can no longer use Name/Email? Share your muhammad images far and wide. I am sharing with #fuckmuhammad and #fuckisis so should get some fun reactions from the muz-tards 😉

  26. It would appear that Mark Steyn was right. He laid this all out a few years ago in his book: AMERICA ALONE. I stand with Cav Med, Mr. Patrick. It’s time for some Schadenfreude. The FROGS have hated us and looked down on us for years. I saw it during my European vacation in the ’70’s. And no, that would not be me, my wife, or stepdaughters. We carry and we shoot back!
    Get a life, Mr. Patrick. Europe has sowed the wind and it is time they reaped the whirlwind. Times like this are heaven-sent for the rest of us to focus on our preps and whisper in the ears of the clueless Amerikan Sheeple about the fate that awaits them.

  27. Terrorists come in a variety of flavors. There are the ones who wear explosive vests and scream allah is great, and there are the ones who stand in front of legacy media camera’s and spread fear and loathing.
    Both create fear and use that fear as a tool to manipulate their intended targets. Its used like a cattle prod to herd the defenseless, in the western peoples case to herd the disarmed masses in disarmament zones.
    Key words: Disarmed-Defenseless.
    It is a perfect setup.

    Anybody here noticed the musloid horde of military age single male ‘refugees” are heading to the euro countries where private guns ownership is prohibited by diktat? And those gun prohibitive countries the leaders of which are doing everything under the sun to draw in and accept every jihadist it is physically possible to do?
    Funny how that works.

    Another thing here, the only efforts worth a damn to keep these terrorists from terrorizing, always comes after the fact. The most well equipped, most heavily armed, technologically organized and trained military and police forces on earth only have an active hand in these events after the fact.

    But here is the proof it is all a set up.
    Listen to the pabulum of these western “world leaders”.
    Not a single one comes out and says lets get the bastards who have murdered us. It is always diarrhea of the mouth, lies, and dissimulation, it is all they can hawk, because these are the true terrorists amongst us.

    There is no reason for panic or fear terrorists on the larger scale. They are only effective because the sonofabitches running things help them be effective. Sure tragedy insures when they kill unarmed civilians. But islam is not and never will be an existential threat to the west. We as people of the west and individuals can wipe them from the face of the earth any time we choose. There is nothing to fear but the fear of misdirection and ignorance of manufactured crisis.
    The true terrorists are the ruling class. They are diabolical monsters. They revel in the power their mayhem creates for them.

    You think for a second in a country the size and scope of the United States, it is possible the musloids can conquer? Sure their a royal pain in the ass.
    As long as there is panic and the mewling of helpless sheeple crying for the guberment to protect them, the musloids are larger than life.
    We as armed determined Americans could kill every musloid on American soil in a week. Hunt the them down and be done with them.
    They want a war? We can give them a war.
    But that is besides the point.
    Islam is a joke in comparison to the terrorism of the state.
    It is the real terrorists we best be concerned with.
    Terrorists among us in brooks brothers suits and forked tongues.
    Terrorists who employ the musloids as tools to manipulate us and use the fear created as a vehicle to consolidate absolute power.

  28. Like 9/11, thank Gods they found a Syrian passport right next to one of the Goblins!

    “Police officials say a Syrian passport was found next to the body of a suicide bomber at the Stade de France stadium, and reports in France say a suspicious black car with Belgian plates was seen near the Bataclan.”

    Yu can’t make this shit up.

    Good luck in fighting suicide self immolation tactics.

    All that will come out of this is more shredding of freedom and liberty in the USSA.

    Bill Buppert

  29. “Paris just got culturally enriched.” -My son. I think I’ll keep him.

    Don’t invite a rabid dog into your home and then act surprised when the rabid dog bites you.

  30. The United States killed and destroyed in Afghanistan, with the professed purpose of getting bin Laden.
    The United States killed and destroyed in Iraq, with the professed purpose of getting Saddam Hussein.
    Next attack here, we need to kill and destroy the mosque(s) that the he/they come from.
    After all, what better example can we have than the “good ‘ol United States”?

  31. @Derek Patrick
    Hey, asshole, get a clue!
    My comments are directed at the mental midgets
    and posers that continue to hide behind the
    “moral high ground” argument for dealing with
    muslim terrorists, communists, treasonous traitors
    and shitbags dressed in Patriot clothing.
    Moreover, a newsflash for mental midgets incapable
    of skilled critical thinking, such as you, those martyrs
    for a pedophile back-alley “prophet,” put numerous
    ethnicities and colours, along with countless white
    Europeans on the meat slab last night.

  32. Probably CIA–Mossad backed attack. Problem–Action–Solution.

  33. Would it be wrong to cheer the Muslim swill if they successfully unleash a similar attack on any hive in this country? After all, “Diversity” is their “Strength”, so such an attack would surely be the result of them failing to show proper respect to differing “cultures”…

  34. Gwynn Ap Nudd –
    “They care about power, sex, and property you scream. Who doesn’t? Christians? Jews? Please.”
    Don’t understand much about Christianity do you ?

    Osama was about islam in the same vein that Georgians were about Jimmah Carter – “It’s about time someone from GA. was POTUS.” Didn’t matter that Jimmah was/is an idiot.
    Osama wants islam on top of the pecking order as a poke in the eye to all the defeat and belittling over the centuries. “Yeah. We’ll show those infidels what for.” Doesn’t matter that islam is totalitarian political system masquerading as a sham religion.

    • Sure all Christians are Saints, right? That’s the only reason we came to the New World: to convert the Indians. If they had just accepted Christianity right away, we have sailed away again and left them alone.

  35. SemperFi, 0321

    was going to post same comments but you beat me to it. My thoughts exactly. My biggest fear is that this is another false flag op, to start a war between us and the refugees, and Big Brother gets to manage the whole program as puppetmaster and savior, raking in huge profits from their neverending war scenario. The muzzies are being played, just as we are. They are being allowed in, encouraged to come to Europe and the US, then this happens a few times, escalates, and we have a small scale war for a decade or two. No wonder TPTB aren’t worried or afraid, they run the show! It would also explain the huge growth of Homeland Security, this has been planned for some time.
    The passport thing is starting to stink of 9/11 all over again, amazing how they always seem to find a loose passport lying around in the street as a indicator of where the perpetrator came from. Throwdowns used to be cheap handguns, now they’re passports.

  36. Shinmen Takezo

    I am wondering what is going to happen here in the USA when (not if) this sorta’ thing unfolds. Imagine the government response should several elementary schools, or shopping malls, or casinos in Las Vegas are shot up leaving hundreds of wounded and dead. (Note: if you think that only the “good guys” have read Matt Bracken’s stories you are delusional)

    Who will the DC thugs come after?
    Who will they vilify?

    Answer: you and me people.

    The media clowns on both the left and right will beat the bongo drums of hate demonizing the “availability of guns” down to the “Christian Militias.” I doubt if they will even mention the reality should the attackers have names like Mohamad or Machmoud. And then the attack upon our civil rights on all levels will commence… and of course, the ending of Matt Braken’s story “What I Saw At The Coup” comes to mind if this should unfold.

    But who will bear the majority of responsibility?

    Answer: The US government and all the wonks and thugs who work for them.


    Answer: because they/them (as in the idiots) have intentionally allowed our borders and ports of entry to remain completely wide open.

  37. So, if a populace is forcibly-disarmed.

    And a “Paris” happens.

    Is the State culpable in the deaths?

    OH, and Francoise Hollande was immediately whisked to a secret room, guarded by FIFTY armed men, whilst this was going on. Allegedly. But, he doesn’t like to advertise the fact. The BBC did refer to his immediate disappearance, once the first bomb exploded.

  38. SemperFi didn’t beat you to nothing, we are on the same page here, and so are lots of others. That is a good thing for sure.
    God bless us all for that.
    We need all the common thinking and cause we can muster.
    It is clear who the real terrorists are, and they ain’t islamic, (no matter how vile and violent their islamic ideology is).

    I’ll use myself as example. I’m not concerned about musloids in America, or my home town, not even in my front yard. You just go armed and be properly trained and prepared, defend yourself and kill them if they show up. If not, you die trying with honor and duty. What’s to worry about. There is nothing to fear about it.
    But fear is a mighty tool in the hands of evil men who employ it against a disarmed populace.

    What is of great concern, what we all must focus our attention upon, is what to the fucking psychopaths running this government have planned next, and how do we stop the cocksuckers?
    Our guns and will to use them certainly temper their actions and outward public behavior. We got that going for us no doubt. But it only makes them circumspect, it doesn’t stop them. They just use ever more devious means to manipulate and control a large portion of the citizenry.
    Guns are a very good thing, and they begrudgingly respect the threat potential of our guns and the possibility they push too hard at once we turn our rifles towards them. So they are careful.
    But the pricks are cunning crap weasels, they have a huge infrastructure well established to fuck with us. They have insulated themselves well from peaceful redress and blackblast. Its the nature of the beast and a component of its functioning operation. Protect the hive, defend the rice bowl.
    It is contingent upon us and our liberty to make them find refuge from our just and righteous defense against their crimes of treason and tyranny.
    At some point in the very near future everyone of us are going to have to make a choice about what each of us are going to do to stop these maniacs. It is going to forced upon us wether we want it or not. They are on the threshold of totalitarianism. One step away in the form of some monstrous event, like what just transpired in Paris, and the United States id theirs. So they think.
    I like to say no matter its terrible nature, most of us will take it as our duty to do something of great magnitude in this respect.
    We are just simply going to have to fight the fuckers with everything we have and never say die and do not quit till they are totally vanquished.
    It is the only way.

    Then the matter of the musloids is easily taken care of. But as long as the sonofabitches who created, and invited this musloid horde onto our sovereign lands exist, non of this is going to end well for us.
    Islam is not the problem.
    Those running our government are the problem.

  39. Given that islam is wholly incompatible with Western values and the Judaeo/Christian heritage which give rise to those same values, given that islam is a barbaric, totalitarian political system masquerading as a religion, given that its adherents are not only capable of carnage as above but also revel in same to bring the 12th imam back from the cesspool;

    What is the advantage to “isis” in carrying out these attacks? What could possibly be accomplished in furthering efforts to eliminate “isis” entirely?

    Isn’t it curious that this occurred in France, just as the G20 summit was occurring?

    And now the j kerry talk is all about isis/syria, or is it syria/isis – must invade, depose Assad, ground troops, coalition, and so forth.

    Gee, just the same talking points for almost two years.

    If this is not a false flag, it has then certainly been hijacked to invoke the failed narrative of syria/isis.

    Never let a good crisis go to waste.

  40. It all makes one wonder about why the Rothschilds are funding the unlimited flow of Muslims into Europe, does it not.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Pat Hines/14Nov15@19:58,

      It’s not just the usual external suspects (the Rothschilds/Soros/TIJC/etc.) who are pushing America’s destruction.:

      WARNING: 9.90MB download

      Click to access da-portfolio2012-2014-042714.pdf

      (Document, NOT Adobe, pages 54/55 are the Roster of Infamy w/ pages 57-60 containing the locations of same)

      My apologies if the above has already been presented.

  41. Cassandra (of Troy)

    The eventual results of introducing fecund & confident hostile populations into a reproductively & philosophically declining society

    As before, now.