Open Letter to State Legislators Everywhere: The Other Side of the Article V Convention Issue


H/t to NCR for this essential post.

Opening line by Publius Huldah:

If there is an Article V convention, we will lose the Constitution we have, and another Constitution will be imposed.

Read the rest; it’s important.


Because the path ahead is now clear.

Not only will you not be able to vote your way out of this situation, but you also will not be able to avoid a bloody, terrible fight – except by submission.

It’s just that simple.

Let’s win.

36 responses to “Open Letter to State Legislators Everywhere: The Other Side of the Article V Convention Issue

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  2. The first, and only, constitutional convention had a limiting charter. It was limited to correcting certain parts of the Articles of Confederation only. The Federalists had planned to scrap the limits months ahead of time and the principle leadership; Hamilton, Jay, and Washington together with others from time to time had met to form their plans.

    Things like painting all of the windows black, swearing all delegates to not publishing any notes for 25 years, and on and on.

    There were a number of votes called to reinstate the limiting charter, all were beaten back by the organized Federalists.

    The same thing would occur again, with similar results. It’s my opinion that we southern nationalists would benefit from a Con-Con, but the noise from it would make things very dicey to say the least.

  3. The terms of a limited convention will be agreed upon before it even starts. The States will agree on it’s terms first. See Marks Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments” to see how this convention of states really works

    • Just like with the AoC.

      No sale.

    • Who selects the convention delegates? State legislature? Upper house, lower house or both? ACLU? Democrats? Rotary Club? Popular vote? What happens when 5 or more competing sets of delegates arrives at the convention? Who seats the delegates? Those already seated? What happens when competing delegates hold separate conventions? I can keep going. Con-con is a poorly designed mess. I consider Levin a traitor.

    • Unwilling, perhaps unable to learn from history, Levin is a dangerous fool at best.

      • I would have to second that sentiment. The one and only time I listened to Mark Levin, someone called in to discuss the Bilderbergers and their annual secret meetings and one-world agenda. Levin laughed at the guy and ridiculed him before he cut him off.
        Now, when a “journalist” who is supposed to be “educated and informed” as I assume Levin is, engages in that kind of conduct, I can only deduce two things: 1) He/she is truly stupid, 2) He/she is bought and paid for. A true journalist would have allowed the statement, evaluated the information as true or false, and done his/her professional/ethical best to present all sides of the issue. Mr. Levin is in the same camp as his co-ethnic Saul Alinsky. Use defamation and ridicule as a weapon.

  4. At this point they are basically trying to set the seating arrangements for dinner on the Titanic anyways.
    This country is doomed, there WILL be a “transformation” coming in the not too distant future at this point one way or another, whether by political coup via Constitutional Convention or by blood in the streets.
    Could be both consecutively.

    After all, “it’s just a Goddamn piece of paper”, right?

  5. A Con-Con is not needed, and is, in fact, dangerous to the Constitution itself. Forcing the compliance of the limitations clearly stated within the Constitution will provide the greatest amount of individual and state liberty possible, to include the right inherent in each state, to secede, if it so wishes, without molestation.

    • outlawpatriot

      Unfortunately, the limitations are not clearly stated. Take for instance Congress’ power to tax. Considering general thought at the time, barring a declaration of war or some extreme emergency, federal taxes were to be limited to import duties and excises. Something not “clearly” delineated.

      Our very first treasury secretary took it upon himself to have the federal government take on the war debts of the states despite no power to do so. As a result, taxes had to be imposed that would not have been necessary. While the excise tax on whiskey might have been considered within the purview, the direct taxes on land and buildings were not. In fact, these taxes resulted in rebellions.

      The failure to more strictly define Congress’ power to tax resulted in a precedent and the ability of certain men to interpret broadly that power. Today we are inundated with taxes of all sorts to include an amendment that allows direct taxation on income that is particularly heinous.

      The document ain’t perfect. It needs a few tweaks based on our experience with it since its inception. Our Founders expected that to be the case. All the tools are there to get the job done. But, we’re gonna have to win a war first. 🙂

  6. We had a convention, we decided your liberty was actually domestic terrorism in disguise so we rewrote a few of those amendment thingys.

    We all voted on it at the convention, it’s now “the Law of the Land”. Turn in your guns and report to the train station at your earliest convenience.

    • #yourlivesdontmatterwevotedonitandthatsthat

      • “…If there’s no way out of a terrible beating, you might a well get in a few licks!” Billy Jack (Tom Laughlin)

      • There is indeed no way out but with succession from the larger entity. Pig heads and pig blood not only for the Muslim migrants from hell but for all the politicians who betray their oath, for all those whom are traitors to our most precious documents … and then what ever follows. I am sure there will be excuses of why one can’t do this or do that. But really what other way is there unless you consider submission. “resistance is futile, you must join the collective or die”… hmmm, that works both ways.

    • If I’m already dead, the choices become very simple and easy to act upon.

  7. There is a fight coming. There are so many causes, it doesn’t matter which one starts it. I’m getting old. Can’t we just skip to the shooting part?

  8. The whole “article five” concept keeps getting pushed.
    Wonder if it happens before or after war with the Soviet Union…ahem. I mean, “war with Russia”.

  9. I’ve set up a battle belt, based on the designs that Max V. has posted here, with one double-double mag pouch on each side. That yields eight mags of 30 rounds each, or 240 total. Weight is 11.5 lbs, with nothing much else on it.

    Used a mix of Condor stuff off Amazon and milsurp from the local gun show. Like it enough that I’m going to do another for the AR-10 / .308 set up. Showed it to my buddy, 22 year retired infantry guy, he gave it thumbs up.

    Got preps? Suspect we won’t have a ConCon, but if we do I think it will only add more to the legend of Matt Bracken as a futurologist.

    Levin’s heart is in the right place, he’s just naive.

  10. An article V convention is ABSOLUTELY POINTLESS!! The entire problem is THEY ARE NOT FOLLOWING THE CONSTITUTION! So they make another, you really think they will follow it? Really? Are there any men of character, honor and integrity within said delegates? If there were, we wouldn’t be in said mess, no a con con will solve jack shit. This is going to be…old testament.

    • It is one giant “Gun-Free Zone”.

      We cannot constrain the lawless with new laws.
      The lawless can only be aided by new laws, as the laws restrict only the actions of the law-abiding.
      In this case, the lawless will be using the law directly to oppress the law abiding. The tyranny of a multitude of laws, duly interpreted and enforced by the lawless, will only worsen.
      As if we don’t already have enough of it.

  11. The greatest con in the con-con is that the same people who refuse to observe and enforce the current Constitution have convinced their followers that all it will take is a few revisions to get us back on track and they swear everyone will adhere to it. We have tens of thousands of (thankfully) unenforceable laws already, and criminality is the MO for politicians and their cronies. Whatever they doodle on a new piece of parchment, it will be kabuki theater- laws don’t apply to .gov anymore.

  12. Shinmen Takezo

    Personally I think a constitutional convention is a beautiful idea.

    Either it will be limited in scope to address problems we face now, or it will be a total runway affair, and we will emerge with a tyranny without rights. It can go either way with a 50/50 chance of wither outcome–no middle ground.

    Either way is a a winning proposition.

    Why you ask?

    Because if it is limited in scope–it is a winning deal.
    Because if it is a runway convention and the worst is done, it would surely mean immediate secession of possibly the whole of the western states (assuredly) and the ensuing chaos will force people sitting on the fence (bible-babble dopes waiting for the rapture, neo-con sonservi-tards’, and other Lee Greenwood types) to get off their asses and then physically force them to wage a counter-revolution to win back their freedoms. The leftists would be decimated.

    The leftists are playing with fire on this issue.
    Should they get their way, the outcomes of the French Revolution comes to mind for them.

    • If an Article 5 Convention is held, we need to concentrate on two items:

      1) Term limits and cut and defined benefits for our District Representatives in the House of Representatives. The founding Fathers NEVER wanted or considered “the idea of “Professional Politicians.”
      2) Repeal of the 17th Amendment, where Senators are selected by the Legislature(s) of each of the States.
      These two Amendments will return power to the people of the United States and take away the power of the political machines that currently run our system.

      The chances of a Runaway Convention are small because of the process required to amend the Constitution: 3/4 of the states must call for it and 3/4 of the states must approve it.

      Finally, if anyone gets the chance, they need to read Colin Woodward’s excellent book American Nations. While Woodward is a “hold my breath until I’m Blue” Liberal, he correctly delves into the reasons different areas of the nation have the values that we hold. After reading a synopsis about why gun control in America would never happen because of these differences, I told the friend who sent me the Tuft’s University Magazine article “I couldn’t have told you why (the differences), but I could have easily drawn the map of the country (that would secede) within one county of where Woodward suggested.”

      Yes, revolution is coming. It has been and is being tried at the ballot box first. Then it will tried at a Constitutional Convention (notice how this is gaining momentum?). And if it doesn’t happen at either of these two venues, it will happen in the streets. Our statist “betters” have already launched a preemptive campaign against any who would consider session as a remedy to government intrusion in their lives as being racists. And our government overseers have armed themselves to the teeth to insure they don’t lose. They’re betting their firepower can obliterate the 75+% who will eventually say “Enough!” to their bull shit.

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    Been see’n this for a long time now. hang onto your hats ’cause this ride is about to get bumpy…

  14. Why do we care? The new constitution will be ignored just as the old one was. Constitutions do not do what they are advertised to do. They restrain nothing. Swearing to defend the constitution is merely the first of many lies a politician makes when entering into office.

  15. Why is a Con-Con needed ? The current USC is nothing but a scrap of parchment that has been compromised 10s of thousands of times, with NO penalty to the violators. The 2d Amendment being the most specific example. Then take Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5. Violated by soetoro-obama, the entire US Congress and the black-robed scoundrels of SCOTUS ALONG with just about every citizen of fUSA. Even now as we enter the new facade of presidential candidates we have the Constitutionally illegitimate Criz and Rubio running for POTUS. Both endorsed by the RNC and the Mainstream Media. Both who are NOT natural born citizens ineligible to be POTUS. But there they are. Just like their pal soetoro-obama.

    Follow the Constitution as WRITTEN. Then, maybe, there would be a return to unfettered Freedom & Linerty.

    A new one is not needed.

  16. The Constitution means nothing if not supported by a few kettles of tar & a few bags of feathers from time to time.
    Occasionally a rope is necessary when the national interest
    is sold to the highest bribe.
    If the cop on the corner never writes a ticket for failure to stop for the stop sign-who is going to stop?
    We have all the laws we will ever need.
    What we are missing is law enforcement.
    That is the duty of the citizens.
    Americans need to write a few tickets.
    We’ve been lax.

  17. This shits embarrassing.
    Grown people trying to discuss the method for getting the steel boot up their collective asses.

    None of you can be taken seriously.

    No, I don’t have enough ammo and no, I can’t get enough lead down the pipe fast enough, because every goddamned day the number of asshole tyrants doubles and I ain’t getting any younger.

    But I can fire accurately while running backwards, and reload with one hand, so the time is now and the place is hell and I’m taking them with me.

    • outlawpatriot

      Yeah, I feel the same about you anarchists too. And keep practicing that running backwards thing. I have a feeling you’re gonna need it. 🙂