Captain Capitalism: Viewing the Liberal Arts from Another Perspective

but i have a masters degree in comparative first nations lesbian film studies

Maybe they really don’t understand because they can’t.

That makes both the voting franchise and the communications plan a tad more challenging.


Just freaking great.

16 responses to “Captain Capitalism: Viewing the Liberal Arts from Another Perspective

  1. Not smart enough coupled with a vein of pure viciousness is the current Marxist/progressive.

  2. What’s the mean IQ of “students” majoring in Soshul JustUs Warrior Skilz?

    Even in the sixties, we were joking about “Underwater Basket Weaving” as a generic for useless easy A classes. Now, it’s “Wymmon’s Asexual Reproductive Techniques” and “Deconstructing Male Aggression Through Cultural Castration,” “Victimology 101 thru 401” prerequisite.

    Let’s drop the Big One now.

  3. That pic!

    A libtard searching for the clean end of the turd!

  4. We really are getting less intellectual as a culture, more uneducated in education, and in general we are failing as a country because we thought the ’60s were reality. I tested at 160 in IQ when I was 12. I didn’t feel especially super intelligent, although I did get all A’s and thought school was easy. If our goal level is anything over 100……..God help us! I am begging those of you with young children; get them out of public education.

    • I read this line on another blog/forum: “White Privilege” comes in a box marked “Hooked On Phonics.”

  5. No One You Know

    It isn’t just a problem with a few statitistical outliers either. Occasionally entire civilizations can’t understand and go full retard.

    One note: a Dark Age is not just a period in which people no longer know how to do things. The real key is that people no longer remember that certain things can be done at all.
    (Jerry Pournelle, )

    Got library?

  6. I saw this a week or so ago and didn’t know whether to weep or laugh…

    Intelligence is becoming the new social justice battleground- they know the gig is up and recent humanities graduates who have been socially promoted through a BA or MA degree aren’t employable because the vast majority of them are dumber than rocks.
    The story ‘Harrison Bergeron’ is looking to be more prophetic every day.

  7. In other words, most humanities students should not be in college at all, because they are not intelligent enough. Hence, the dumbed down curricula and a variety of makeup courses that would be an insult to a bright 5th grader.

  8. Reblogged this on Starvin Larry and commented:
    Engineers and architects just ain’t as smart as they used be,and/or lack basic understanding of the realities of having to actually build some of the crap they design.
    Used to be every engineer had worked in the field,as a machinist/tool and die maker/electrician/welder,pipefitter,plumber,etc-and every architect had spent a few summers cutting lumber and pounding nails.
    Since at least the early to mid 1990’s-very few in either field had any freakin clue how to actually build /fabricate so much as a model airplane.
    The SJW’s/leftists/marxists have dragged the entire “higher education system right down the toilet-combined with the K-12 publik skool sistum-they’ve created a nation of morons.
    At least out of those who took part in publik educayshun.

    • The same can be said for my field- chemistry. I’ve seen a lot of people with the degree cycle through in the last 25 years (with the last 10 being by far the worst), with maybe 25% of them having the work ethic to want to do the work, let alone hold a job for more than a few months. There is also a lot of social promotion going on at universities closest to ‘underpriviledged’population centers.

    • Back in 1976 when I joined Floating Point Systems, Inc. it was a policy that any new engineering hires had to work on the test floor debugging hardware for half a year before they got to do any actual engineering. I believe the point was to get them to see at close range what good design practices are. Also to get them to learn oscilloscope work; apparently colleges rely way too much on logic analyzers which are very inefficient ways to debug machines.

      I doubt anything like that happens any more. The chief engineer in one company I worked for was a high school dropout, who learned computers in the Navy. I doubt that happens anymore either. Engineers are hothouse flowers these days, probably never get their hands dirty. Their only skill is to impress HR departments. That’s my impression anyway.

      Pardon my rant…

  9. SemperFi, 0321

    I’m seeing school teachers who appear to be about one grade level above their students, and best of all, they really believe they’re smart AND exceptional.
    This whole country is about to auger in, there’s no saving it. Most everyone in it is operating at a 6th-8th grade level and rewarding themselves for being so special, including our politicians and gov’t workers. No wonder we’re doomed.