Massive PR Push Underway To Change American Minds On Muslim Resettlement


Don’t fall for the nonsense.

TPTB are importing savages into your neighborhoods to discourage, disturb, and ultimately displace you.

And are telling you there is nothing that can be done about it.


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  1. A Thanksgiving Day family discussion about this situation brought up an interesting point. Let’s say the governor of state X tells Barry state X will not accept refugees. Barry, being CIC, orders the commander(s) of military base(s) to erect tent cities and moves the Muzzies onto the nearest Army/Air Force/USMC facility.
    Then, the WorldRelief/Catholics/Baptists/Lutherans/Hollywood headline-grabbing Remoras show up. Muzzies get their tax-supported freebies. “Sponsoring Church Groups” move them to “Welcoming Communities”, and the next thing you know, There is a family of ten living next door to you in a HUD-sponsored home with their goats grazing in the back yard and the prayer rugs on the patio.
    Don’t think it can’t happen? Just look at the airlift after Saigon fell. They were flown into MCAS El Toro, transported to tent cities at Camp Pendleton, processed by the INS and “church groups” and then dsibursed throughout Amerika. Of course, climate worked against them and most wound up in SoCal or on the Gulf Coast.
    And do not tell me it was different because they were “fleeing Communist tyranny.” I was an Orange County Deputy Sheriff at the time and had to deal with these parasites and their criminal acts for the next several years. The brave ones stood, fought, and died for their country. We received all of the liars, cowards and thieves. It will be ten times worse with the Muzzies. The Dinks did assimilate within a generation.

    • Glad you added that last bit, cause here in my part of Tx, most of those folks now run businesses and outperform the blacks in the area.

    • If you want strange malfunctions of your 15 year old Accord found and fixed, find a VietNamese garage. Also, high-performance clean reliable non-approved Acura-izing of your Honda products. Under-40 kids speak good English, like folding currency and pm’s. Wife/GF of mechanic runs nail-paint shop. No problem, mostly-Christian people, at least in pdx.

      • and don’t forget the Hmong who climbed a tree and shot 6 White guys to death. He just wasn’t acculturized yet

        • If you’re referencing the “Minnesota” Hmong “deer hunter” of a few years past, he wasn’t in a tree. He shot them from the ground using an SKS, which I’m sure he was very familiar with, as was one of the fathers, a Vietnam vet. The argument was over a tree stand in a private hunting area.
          (Full disclosure: that’s how I recall the incident that happened not too far from my neck of the woods.)

  2. No jihad in Tennessee, protest in Shelbyville, TN a drop off site for US government sponsored Muslims.

    • Those protesters are at the wrong place. The need to be on the doorstep of their fedgov reps and senators with a few ropes with the hangman’s noose all tied, ready to go.

      Until we start showing up in number with ropes, pitchforks, Armalites and armed overwatch….the powers that be will continue to shit on caucasian Amerika.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      So, you can mass three whole people to counter their masses?

      • Typical excuse is white people cant protest because they work for a living. Its more lf apathy and fear i think.

        Some also think its pointless unless your gay or black. Protesting did however stop obamacare….

      • More protesters will come later when it’s too late.

      • Because you can only see people in the photograph you “assumed” that’s all there were? You know what ass u me means, don’t you?

        The protest sites are chosen for their mass public traffic. Trust us, immigrants, legal and illegal, hate us and have indicated as much.

        Last, I can assure you all that our protests are heavily protected with appropriate self defense firepower, medical kits, and trained personnel. If necessary, we are equipped to do emergency surgery.

  3. South City St Louis has the largest Bosnian population in the world outside Bosnia. Bosnians are not observant moslems – heck, if you didn’t know they were moslem you’d never know. That being said, in the 20 years that I’ve lived in St Louis, a Bosnian gets popped for material support of terrorism every 18 months. Gee whiz, I wonder what’s going to happen when Gov Nixon and Mayor Slay import the first round of 20K “refugees” (that they’re asking for) into St Louis.

    • Bosnians are Serb Christians. The so-called Bosnian Muslims belonged to a weird Christian cult that converted to Islam as a group while Serbia was under the boot heel of the Turk. They are hated by Christians because their ancestors sold out and they continue to sell out to this day. Most of the stories in the US media is Jew nonsense. The Serbs have wanted these Muslim thugs and trash to move to live with the Turks for almost 100 years, that’s where they belong.

      That some of them are in our southern states is wrong, a wrong that must be corrected at some point.

      And no, I don’t care how many of them are moved out while horizontal and at ambient temperature.

      • “Most of the stories in the US media is Jew nonsense.”

        Promoted by the non-jewish owners of the US media such as Asian and Saudi [sovereign wealth] funds managed by such notable non-jews as a Christian Japanese-American.

        When Hollywood was owned/run by jews and catholics we had nice movies like “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Now that it’s owned by mostly foreign corporations look at the garbage it currently puts out: porn, violence, LGBT, etc. The remake of “Red Dawn” had to be changed so the Chinese wouldn’t feel butthurt.

        Meanwhile regarding Israeli and Russian relations:

  4. Bad Attitude

    Near as I can tell, few are buying the regime’s propaganda. The only way Muslim “Syrian refugees” will be brought to the US is by stealth and deception – which is how past Muslim “refugees” have been brought here. A handful of for-profit government contractor “charities” will dump the “refugees” on unsuspecting communities, leaving the burden of supporting those “refugees” to the local taxpayers.

    • The solution is to cut official support for all people. Substitute private charity for those in actual need who belong in the community. Parasites will die or leave. Oh, wait, this is “ray-ciss!”, but will happen by necessity real-soon-now anyway.

  5. FrozenPatriot

    The masses are presently too stupid to learn any lessons without hurting first. The invaders will invade, the murderers will murder, the alarmist reactionaries in the media will react with alarm, and the opportunistic power grabbers will take the opportunity to grab more power. The combination of imbeciles, murderers, alarmists, and tyrants can have no other outcome. The only peaceful solutions to this problem are divine intervention or education. What are you doing to encourage either?

    The non-peaceful solutions are never off the table, BTW… But if we can solve problems without bloodshed, there is a duty to try…

  6. Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 of the United States Constitution:

    “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”….

    We face a crisis in our country today. Wide swaths of open land on our borders are literally open doors for terrorists; we are inviting them in to threaten our communities and kill our citizens. Due to this emergence it serves Americans well to be aware of what options the United States Constitution offers them via the States. Article 1 Section 10 Clause 3 may provide the answer. Your representative may not even be aware of this lawful loophole.

    Under the current dire circumstances, it is time for the governors of the border states to utilize the Compact Clause and take action since the federal government is doing absolutely nothing…..

  7. Centurion_Cornelius

    The cherished “Rule of Law” is dead in America. Now–it’s a Dictator’s playground.

    SCOTUS? Courts of law? Legal “precedent?”

    Don’t give us that manure. It’s all dead. And the Dictator knows it.



  8. Pretty clear that the problem is the people making the decisions.

    You will get the same deal that you always get from the Govt … “Comply, or else.”

    As we used to say in the playground, “Whatcha gonna do about it?”

  9. “….the majority of Americans don’t want the US State Department to bring in 10,000 Syrian, mostly Muslim, refugees….”

    At this point, what difference does it make????
    A majority of americans didn’t want obamacare too, so what?

    They don’t care what you want.
    What, you thought tyranny had rules?
    Well yeah, it does, sort of, but you’re not gonna like them.
    So just shut your ass and get used to that diversity that’s coming to your ‘ville any day now.

    In the meantime keep all weapons ready at all times for heavy use.
    You have to watch the bad guys and the good guys (jackboots) at the same time cause they all want a piece of your action.

    If you ain’t putting a thousand rounds down range per week in a multitude of ways you’re way out of shape. (can you field strip your AR with 1 hand, in the dark, in the snow, while it’s raining?)

    gird thine loins


  10. While reading the linked article from “The Washington Whatever”, and the comments, the thought of Nero fiddling while Rome burned kept going through my mind. Some will argue the legality, some the morality, still others some other pseudo-important issue. The rest of us, understanding that when faced with tyranny, our obligation to protect kith and kin supercedes all the other b.s.; and will take note of important things – like black Friday ammo sales, and the new availability of a 60 round AR mag.
    Having just had Thanksgiving with almost the entire family, I want to ensure all of them – and more of the family – are here NEXT Thanksgiving. I don’t think I will be able to vote, or blog, or opine; that hope into being, with any certainty. That said, I think I will be thankful for what blessings I have, which include hard liquor and handguns. And long guns… and… I’m sure you all get the point. There’s going to be a fight, my friends. “They” want one so badly they can taste it. Having never been in one before, they know not what is coming. Sow to the wind, reap the whirlwind. It isn’t about refugees, moooslims, racissssts, and all the other distractions. It is about power, and who rules. Is is “We the people….” or “them”?
    Prepare, body… mind…spirit… arm yourselves. Time to beat the plowshares back into swords.
    Let’s win.

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  12. Marlo Stanfield

    | | This email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by Avast. |

    Lets see now, 70 percent of Americans are on anti-depressants. Mental patients if you will. Sadly they represent a majority voting block. So called Patriots are out in the woods  training for the day when enemy planes fly over and air drop enemy solders on us. Well the airplanes in question happen to have Delta, United, and other names painted on their sides. So our enemy has taken a lesson from our Marine Corp and are  prepositioning their troops near their targets. Smells almost like 1940 when America had a whopping 1 combat division ready for fighting. While Germany had 200 combat divisions, some deployed if you will. And Japan with 100 combat divisions, again some deployed. And our President was being treated for his severe sinus problems with the remedy of choice back then cocaine hydrochloride. Today we have a second term President who has been doing the 4:20 thing since college. Our military most who could not pass a high school wrestling physical fitness test.   From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: Sent: Friday, November 27, 2015 8:53 AM Subject: [New post] Massive PR Push Underway To Change American Minds On Muslim Resettlement #yiv3696941208 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3696941208 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3696941208 a.yiv3696941208primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3696941208 a.yiv3696941208primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3696941208 a.yiv3696941208primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3696941208 a.yiv3696941208primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3696941208 | Concerned American posted: “Don’t fall for the nonsense.TPTB are importing savages into your neighborhoods to discourage, disturb, and ultimately displace you.And are telling you there is nothing that can be done about it.Really?” | |

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. Meanwhile in the EU:

    “Today, this is still the case. Powerful international lobbies are already at work attempting to prove that any return to democratic self-government on the part of Britain will spell doom. American officials have already been primed to state that such a Britain would be excluded from any free trade deal with the USA and that the world needs the TTIP trade treaty which is predicated on the survival of the EU.”

  15. I read the American thinker often and they had an article on 11-18, “why muslim migrants always = terrorism” and it had one question that I thought fitting, “can you cite one time in history in which large numbers of Muslins have willingly assimilated into a non-muslim culture ?”
    I wish like hell that Trump would ask that to the interviewer next time he was on any serious interview like 60 minutes.(I know I will be asking every liberal I know that question and then likely be called a racist).

  16. A quick look at the second link told me that it was a slam-dunkish sort of thing, that federal courts would not go with individual states saying they want no Syrians. Perhaps that is a real good reason why the guv of my state decided to join in a bit late with the other 29 or 30 state guvs, in saying he did not want them- just now- in Wyoming. Guv here has some higher political ambitions, used to be a federal prosecuting attorney, and I do think that his better half is very involved in getting this state to have some refugees. Imagine that after-hours talking betwixt the two of them, down there in Cheyenne next to the flagpole. After all, Wyoming is the only state that does not have some sort of state-sponsored effort to dilute its culture.

    The above would be more worthwhile, if there now did actually exist a rule of law. Perhaps there never was, and now, with better non-MSM reporting, more people know that they do not count for nothing, bended knee or not. Trump’s poll numbers for the past six months reflect the dissatisfaction of the .gov servants who do not yet consider themselves as such.

    So, what’s to do? Some smart Dutchmen have apparently gotten themselves noticed by their betters, by putting pig’s heads, blood, and pig parts, at the entrance to a refugee camp there. Good for them. Can redneck ‘Mericans do better? I think so.

    Night letters have worked well for the current enemies of the Empire, by the Taliban in A-stan. They most likely can have a decent effect as an initial salvo directed at those locally who are bringing this shit on to the place where you live. Fighting for a DC hilltop is wasted effort, your Rep and Senators will just lie to you and go with the flow as it affects their lifestyles. Local, local, local. Don’t let your neighborhood get screwed up.

    Seems as if Brushbeater, as linked on this site, had a notable quote about if you’re looking for a leader and you don’t see one, then you are most likely it.

  17. White people should be on the Endangered Species list already. The feminists convinced White women that career is more important than family. The birth rate of Whites is so low that our population will be cut in half in one full generation (70 years?). Now bring in millions of non-whites and that speeds up the assimilation rate of whites by the immigrants. Not the other way around. It makes no difference if the migrants adapt to our way of life. They are going to assimilate us to the point of our extinction in the not too distant future. It was always the goal of the Marxists to accomplish this. End the West by changing the demographics of the West. They won, we lost.

    • Yeah who cares if they “assimilate”. Assimilate to what? And what does it matter if we’re gone? America is White or it is nothing. If people can’t get something that simple, there is no hope. All the freedoms, discoveries, and technology came from us, an expression of us.

  18. Let’s not forget our humanity- the effects of moving the refugees from a corner of the world that they are familiar with to a new location in alien (to them) environment is just plain inhuman!

    For better or worse, they are entrenched in their European hosting countries.

    To help them and their hosts, lets just send money (with its distributions being transparent and audited as a condition of continuation) and housing materials. There are military stockpile of this languishing for want of use in Europe. They get used, the tax payer isn’t stuck with the tab- win-win.
    Its cheaper for the US taxpayer to keep the refugees in place in hosting countries. Those that actually wish to come to the US can be vetted by USCIS, FBI and respective agencies.

    One caveat, those that clear the vetting process must sign an intent to become US citizens, forsaking any prior alliances, Sharia law and embracing the founding principles of the US.

  19. I tend to discount the “terrorist” angle. This is not a big factor and anyway the true terrorists are the US government, an entity already firmly established here.

    The reason the ruling class wants to import Muslim refugees (created by its own actions in the Middle East) is to divide and conquer. With Christians and Muslims at each others’ throats, we won’t be able to unite against ruling class machinations. It will help cement them in power forever.

    Also, they are obviously worried about a debt-fuelled crash, so they want something to take our minds off their efforts in causing it.

    It’s all about distraction. These guys live and breathe Edward Bernays…

    • And while we’re being distracted and blaming the government, there are 10K+ muzzies coming into the country. Oh, wait- right, we’re not supposed to worry about them since it’s the government that’s the problem.