Derbyshire: Sez Who?


Wonder why both .gov and corporate America are aligned on importing a new polity?

Hint: They have big plans.

10 responses to “Derbyshire: Sez Who?

  1. She looks ready to assimilate and work for a living!

  2. May be nit-picking, but I disagree with this statement from the article –
    “…the job of a U.S. Congressman ought to be to put himself in the shoes of the citizens who elected him….”
    The job of the US Congressman is to follow the law and the Constitution.
    Lack of both is a root cause of the mess we’re in now.

  3. the gop put the gop masses back at ease replacing boner with ryan, but ryan is just as big of an elitist as boner was.
    I agree 100% with your sentiment, “They have big plans.” IMO, the elite know the American worker is too costly, there are too many costly americans hurting the medical and govt run medical and welfare systems. If they can cause multiple millions of them to die off quickly using a debt default, ww3, hordes of illegals causing conflicts, climate change scaremongering, race wars or some combination of all of them and scare enough of the rest into submission; the natural resources are quite enough to keep the usa as a world player and the elite in the good life ultimately becoming mexico north with a very corrupt govt, elite group of citizens and everyone else at the bottom.

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  5. I just doesn’t enter the minds of Boobus Americanus Doofus that… Hey! Wait-a-minute! You were not elected to represent migrants and refugees!

    Because, if they had, he wouldn’t be sitting where he is.

    But then again, like most voters… We’ll ignore this because we like this.

  6. My opinion (which isn’t worth crap beyond myself) is that you (that would be the collective ‘we’) can bitch and moan all we want and it doesn’t make a difference – those on the outside (that again would be the ‘collective we’) lack any true form of power to make a change. Bitching and moaning is only that …….. unless there is a concentrated effort (read; organized and coordinated) which if I read the opposing movement (III%, TEA party or otherwise) to institute a change. BOHICA brave citizen – or take a stand….

  7. Exactly. And when they shipped our jobs overseas it was an act of Treason. There is no political power separate from economic power or vice versa. Which must dominate? Obviously the political. This is Fascism. What we have right now is the opposite, the economic dominating the political – this is Plutocracy.

    Libertarianism is completely for the economic so it is a vote for Plutocracy – inevitably, whether it wills it or not. How like Marxism in its fantasy of the State withering away and then everyone becoming happy! The State may wither but the Corporation will not. It will become the State.