III to III Thank You


Kenny sends:

First of all, I want to thank Angel for doing this. It was a very nice surprise. With all the fucking scrambling I’ve had to do since I was served – trying to find an attorney and then robbing Peter to pay Paul (borrowing money to pay that sucker), then the hearing itself and finally, trying to figure out how to pay the money back. When folks loan you money with no questions or expectations, that means they think highly of you. You don’t want to fuck that up.

But yeah, that all happened in about a 3 week period.

I told Angel yesterday that I figured it would be covered sometime this morning and to pull the post at noon. When I woke this morning at 4, I saw that it was something like a hundred bucks over due to WRSA linking to Angel so I shot her an email and told her to pull it then, and went on my merry way to work.

I got home to an email from her (I don’t own a smartphone so I’m not online at all at work) and basically it said to kiss her ass, she’d amend it but wouldn’t pull it. Fucking redheads….

Folks, please don’t send any more money. My legal expenses are more than covered. I appreciate the financial support but we’re good. Really. Right now, what I really need is your support and prayers. There’s been some false allegations made at the hearing that I won’t go into detail about and basically the judge’s decision hangs on that. That’s what I need your support for. Just knowing everybody’s behind me is a huge boost.

I do want to thank everybody that gave and those that wanted to but couldn’t. I got several donations under 5 dollars. Those are especially humbling and thought provoking. When a person gives $2.18, it’s because he ain’t got $2.19. Yes, those were refunded with a few extra bucks and a very sincere thank you. I hope they accept it. III to III.

I’m trying to answer all the people that sent by paypal, but it’s gonna take a while. And if you don’t get one it’s because paypal kicks messages back as undeliverable sometimes.

But once again, Patriots from all over the world came together to support another in need. We’ve done it several times now for different causes for people we don’t even know. We’ve made a difference in these folks’ lives.

You are the Patriots that make up the III Percent. You’ve proved it again by coming to my aid when my Rights are being threatened by a court order under false allegations. And I love each and every one of you fuckers for it.

Thank you.

-Kenny “Wirecutter” Lane

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  1. Folks, Sam Kerodin has had his wife file a suit against Kenny alleging she is “scared” of him and asked the court specifically to take his firearms away because she is so frightened. He lives a LONG way away and as we
    know has never threatened them (but has relentlessly exposed their bullshit).

    He attempted to smear JCD at Mason Dixon Tactical and tried to get him fired from his day job by posing as a member of the press.

    These are simply attacks that send a message to stop exposing the lies and deceit that has been the whole of their foray into the community.

    There is more, much more, but the point is he is NOT one of “us”. We disagree here sometimes and we are unbending in what we believe but we DO NOT BELIEVE IN THIS type of thing among our own.

    Someone who posts as LT, Cavmedic and Gamegetter II still post their and that is support, whether they admit it or not.

    Despicable. Cowardly. Underhanded.

    Yep, just a con man secret squirrel ninjer warrior ultimate badass assassin who shoots with a hipower in each hand and will cut you with three mortal wounds before you can blink.

    • outlawpatriot

      “We disagree here sometimes and we are unbending in what we believe but we DO NOT BELIEVE IN THIS type of thing among our own.”

      I take exception that I am unbending in what I believe. I have had viewpoints changed since hanging around here lo these many years. By the same token, I have some viewpoints that have been cemented in place for the same reason. Sorry. Some of you fuckers are just plain scary.

      I’ve always done my best to get to as many face to face gigs as possible and know personally the folks I’m interacting with. For the most part, always good solid people in my estimation. Always a little drama though. But hey, we are human. Anybody have any idea of the drama that took place at the genesis of this nation? I’ve spent years studying it now. Because of my involvement here on this blog and its related meatspace.

      55six is absolutely correct in that WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN THIS TYPE OF THING AMONG OUR OWN. All of you can take that as one of those things things that have become a cemented viewpoint for me from hanging around here lo these many years.

      Sorry, Sam. You are just FUBAR here. While on a certain level I do understand the motivation, it’s… well, FUBAR. So, what’s the way forward? Call this shit off. NOW! RIGHT FUCKING NOW! Enough damage has been done.

      Now, I’m gonna go and have a few beers. And if this Chinese clusterfuck doesn’t end post haste I’m gonna get mean. And all of you know I don’t like to be mean. 😉

      • Exactly I Agree Wholeheartedly… Amen Brother…

      • “While on a certain level I do understand the motivation”, OP, What level is that? The level of “I’m a coward and can not threaten them overtly because they will call my bluff.”, that level? This is wrong on any level, no matter the motivation. Those of us that have spoken out, and not hidden who we are when we did it, have become the target of his attacks. He tried to get me fired by lying to my state Attorney General under a false name, using a fake employer, and saying I had a NeoNazi, Anti Gov website and business, and taught Paramilitary skills. He is trying to get Kenny’s guns taken away (like he did with Mark Firestone) using the courts to send that message. “Speak out and I’ll use “The System” on you.”. Very few wanted to speak out when it was easy, now a number of you want to say it needs to be over when it could have been over months ago if you had opened your eyes to the reality of the BS he was “selling”, and the tactics he was using to sell it. Having been an original IIIPSFA Board member who left, you had better watch your back simply because he’s called open season on those he thinks “wronged him” (and if you think he doesn’t feel the Board members that left “wronged him” you are delusional). It’s not what really happened that matters in his eyes, it’s his perception of that reality. He’s already calling those of you that aren’t speaking up in his defense “Cowards”, I wonder what’s next. Although we have differed on some things, I believe you are a patriot headed in the right direction. In the words of John McClain, “Welcome to the party Pal.”.

  2. This is just another in a long list of abuses perpetrated on We The People by black-robed nazis, enforced by badged-blue thugs, and the commie supported treasonous-politicians who created and legalized this type of lawfare. To scheme and conspire to deny a good honest man his rights is beyond the pale. To Hell with the evil doers. Godspeed Kenny Lane.

  3. I seem to have missed this news. Who is Kenny “Wirecutter” Lane and what happened? Who is Sam Kerodin?

  4. For someone who puts himself forth as a leader, he sure knows how to screw things up.

    Instead of being the leader of the III, it looks like he is the leader of 3.

    It sure looks like the little world that the person named Kerodin was trying to start, is on it’s death spiral.


  5. DANG BRO ! You just keep the money and use it for your web page or what ever the hell it is called. You get a lot of good info out there and it makes a difference. You do good work. And I like the MILF Mondays. Just show a little more tit. Now go fight that little cheese dick fucker. Stay 3 % strong.

  6. Folks,we are all in it together like it or not,may not always agree on everything but all agree on our freedom.Was great to see so many sites including the good folks at WSRA do a bit and help out.Wether 3%’s/survivalists/preppers/or,like me,a leave me the hell alone type tis nice to see folks banding together when needed,gives me a little hope when things go from challenging to very bad in the world

  7. Steve Ramsey

    By any objective measure of psychopathy, Kerodin scores very high. Doesn’t make him one, but it makes him at least look like he has many of the personality traits of one. This he does all on his own.

    Does he walk like a duck,and talk like a duck? You decide. I’ve never met the guy in person, but draw my conclusions based on his public personae, his personal conduct, his history, his public appearances, second hand accounts of how he carries himself, and especially what he writes. I simply take his output and input it into the appropriate available tools.

    For me, it was the Glen Beck appearance that tilted my opinion off the neutral. It was far beyond a mere explanation. It was a plea for sympathy. It was a plea for the world to see him as he sees himself (regardless of the accuracy of his view of himself). In that instant, the true level of self delusion was revealed.

    Keeping in mind that honesty requires an accurate representation of reality, and sincerity does not necessarily require such accuracy, Kerodin was very sincere. In a highly self deluded and neurotic way.

    Consider this Kerodin Quote:
    “We have a culture of people whose first response to a physical threat is to dial 911, or worse, a lawyer.”
    A Failure of Men
    by Hellesponte & Kerodin
    September 9, 2010

    The truth being no threat ever existed, I find it entertaining that Mr and Mrs K DID JUST THAT ANYWAY. So what we may have on our hands is a pairing of equal bent when it comes to disordered personality. The psychopath has no concept of hypocrisy on an internal level; for them, it is merely a semantic ‘gotcha’.

    Compare his behavior to the Hare psychopathy checklist Se how many you can apply to him. While I make no claims, I do have an opinion.:



  8. Wirecutter’s note clearly shows the mettle of the man. He’s funny as hell on his blog, and he’s always been professional, courteous, and very generous, and more importantly, true to his word in business even if was to his own disadvantage! I’ve never seen (or heard of) any indication of him trying to manipulate people or situations to his advantage at the expense of others. That’s why we advertise on his site and will do so as long as we’re on line and he’s on line. That’s also why, IMHO, that the request for funds to help with his court costs was filled within hours. He’s that kind of man.

    He’s ‘good people’ and has been clearly wronged by this suit.

    I agree completely with 55Six and Outlaw Patriot on their statements: “55six is absolutely correct in that WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN THIS TYPE OF THING AMONG OUR OWN…..So, what’s the way forward? Call this shit off. NOW! RIGHT FUCKING NOW! Enough damage has been done.”

  9. Farts in the Wind, one and all.
    Chest thumping and tough-talking,
    while hiding their craven do-nothingness behind
    “Prepping” and the “moral high-ground,” to explain
    away irrelevancy and their unending making, reshaping,
    and erasing of personal lines in the sand of “not one more
    inch,” and false bravado of going hot the “very next time
    a crime is committed against the Constitution.”
    Jack Yantis – Free Waco – Day 28.
    Jeremy Mardis – Free Waco – Day 26.

    • outlawpatriot

      Uh, so you’re saying that what is happening to Kenny and what happened to JC is justified?

      Say it. Right here. Right now.

    • You gotta know that I agree with this sentiment of yours; always have. I’m still not sure where you go with that, but facts are fact and you’ve got those relevant facts correct IMO. Thing is, it’s got nothing to do with topic at hand. “Have the courage to do something,” does NOT parse to, “Have the courage to do ANYTHING.”

    • Excuse me while I go puke,

      Well Sam,, err I mean Cav, I’ve read your shit for ages, what have you done?, When are you going to step off the porch? The way I’ve read you, your line in the sand was crossed ages ago, why are you still running your mouth off on various blogs with your chest thumping and tough-talking.

      What’s your body count in the the battle? Oh that’s right you don’t have a body count because haven’t stepped off the porch. What are you waiting for someone else to have the balls to do it?

      A whole lot of us are preparing for the worst but still hope for an alternative to that because if/when it happens no one is going to come out on the other end unscathed and what comes after it goes hot is going to be worse than sitting up to your neck in a cesspool.

      But from the shit you spew, you will most likely feel right at home in that situation.

      Just like the bullshit from the Kerodins this nonsense from “cavmedic” is some more of the bullshit that needs to stop. It doesn’t further anything except fog the issues.


      • Really, I have been posting for “ages.”
        That’s news to me.
        What have you done beside Poser hide behind “prepping” and the “moral high ground?”
        Own it, you Free Waco bitch.

        • Your bullshit is spread all over several blogs, this one included. You aren’t worth my time to find the first manifestation of your handle cavmedic. Regardless how long it has been, even having witness to one of your temper tantrums leaves one feeling as if it has been ages.

          That said, the only one I see hiding is you. I used my real name and a real email addy to submit these replies. Why don’t you cough up your real name, or is that too scary for you? Afraid you just might have to have some accountability?

          The fact remains, you are still posturing, chest thumping and tough talking while sitting on your ass on your porch because you don’t have the balls to do anything except attack others.

          If you weren’t so pathetic you would be funny.

          You can have the last word if you want, I won’t sully WRSA with any more replies to you, you honestly aren’t worth my time.


        • Steve Ramsey

          Nasty bit of prose there, and you can keep it up all you want. But your boy kerodin has just destroyed himself. What he’s done over the past few weeks, combined with all of his history people were willing to give him a pass on, will dog him into irrelevance in the III community, along with all his current and new ventures designed to aggrandize himself and line his own pockets. And whatever the hell else he’s up to. There is now enough of a track record, and enough evidence to discredit him and relegate him to the dustbin, and keep him there. He’s essentially tried to turn the III into a racket, and now he’s self immolated.

          And he did it all by himself.

          Am I talking to you right now special K? Perhaps. Your writing styles and hyperbole are very similar. If not, then a short search reveals how he groomed you over time, stroking your ego and building you up. Just like he does to everyone he associates with until they ask the wrong question, and keep asking. Or perhaps he was just talking to himself. Practice make perfect.

          Beyond the trinkets, what kerodin sells isn’t real. You see, he steals your your ego, inflates it, bejewels it, and sells it back to you.

          Then one day you wake up.

    • Why don’t you go over to III central and plan with Sam to go pull a caper on these people? Sam is pretty close to the Yantis ranch and those deputies, I have not heard of them having an accident or anything. Sam can sneak up on them in the dark and cut them with three mortal wounds or engage them at the same time with his matched Hipowers (oh, that’s right he just wears the empty holsters).

  10. There is only one fundamental distinction is ALL social interaction—consent versus thuggery. Personally I try to stay away from either liars or frauds, but still that’s different from a punch in the face or shot in the chest. Anyone who denies that should try ’em both and see.

    The real issue underlying this is whether one can, through agency, make an act of thuggery, somehow not an act of thuggery for which you are responsible. The answer to that is an emphatic, “No.” I don’t pretend to know all the facts here, but I understand the philosophy only too well. I suppose it could be that K doesn’t understand that he’s apparently chosen to engage force without any force engaged against him. But one of the tougher things about properly responding to force–with the only thing that can stop it–is that the cognitive state of the aggressor simply doesn’t matter.

    Duh, that’s what makes it thuggery and not consent.

  11. You know, I saw through Sam pretty much from the beginning, took a lot of guff from a lot of people because of it. But I missed the target on so many levels: Sam was not only worse than I imagined, he’s worse than I could’ve imagined…

    • Steve Ramsey

      Kerodin is a de-facto domestic terrorist, seeking to deny individuals their constitutional rights under color of law. He’s engaging in the next best thing to SWAT-ing, and I would expect him to cross that Rubicon any time now.

  12. Another problem that I have seen too many say in this situation is that if you walk away from Kerodin, you have to walk to MBV. That is the furthest from the truth that a fact could be. I told MBV that he was right about Kerodin, but I stuck to my guns on what i thought was his hypocrisy that I commented on to begin with, and earned his “gracious” name calling (CoIntelPro). We don’t need a leader in the III%, we need self starters. This is not and “Either/Or” proposition people.

    • A Non E Mouse

      “We don’t need a leader in the III%, we need self starters.”
      For the win.

      • Steve Ramsey

        I’ve never seen MVB claim leadership of anything. He will claim to be the first to have articulated the notion, and that’s about it.

  13. +10 on self starters. Works for the jihadis, nothing for the jackboots to attack, excellent response time, etc. It’s a big part of what’s given large well funded interlopers fits all over the globe. Likely to come in handy here at home as well…