It’ll Likely Never Happen


From over the transom.

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  1. Hell, if we could muster up half the energy present at a typical Metallica concert, we’d be unbeatable.

  2. SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    So… Let’s see. Millions of ‘Merkuns will worship at the singular altar of the religion Nigger Ball, but are an atomized cloud of nebulous individuals politically. So much for the sovereignty of Duh Peepuhl. Nigger Ball wins.


  3. actually, neo-conz are very, very big on “pro-sportz”. Limbaugh, Billy Cunningham et. al. bloviate endlessly about beisbol, roundbol, and futboll. The leagues and teams are overwhelmingly owned by open-borders Judeo-globalist billionaires, who sit up in the luxury skyboxes and laugh behind their hands at the silly White People in the stands, getting all excited about herds of overpriced black steroids running back and forth

  4. Pete, this really hits the nail on the head. We were heading to a friend’s house a few weeks ago on 316w when UGA was playing Alabama. The stream of cars heading into Athens was monumental. Thousands of cars, bumper to bumper, flying “Dawg” and “Tide” flags, wife said “Imagine if all those people were going to D.C to restore rightful liberty.” I added, “If they were locked and loaded, it could be done.” Sad, the state of affairs here, where sports are put on the pedestal. “Bread and circuses, Dad, bread and circuses.” Said our 15 yr old.

  5. Wow.

    I’ve been saying that to HH6 for as long as I’ve known her.

  6. *Still waiting for the National Hopskotch Association and the Professional Hide-And-Go-Seek League to form up, since society is so keen on making children’s activities acceptable for so-called “adults”.

  7. I never understood amerikan’s obsessions and utter worship of sports.

    Or politicians. (Not even trump will be able to save them).

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Tough crowd. Nothing wrong with fun, however a person finds it. And as long as he earns it, duh.

    I mean sheesh, everyone’s so concerned with the next guy’s values and choices. Have they really so perfected their own? What, and they’re bored?

    • it’s 3rd and 10 on the 4 yard line. Klein falls back, looks downfield… he’s…SACKED IN THE END ZONE!

      • Looks like, “yes” and “yes.” Do I have that right?

        Curious though…if you’ve so perfected your own life, why are you so afraid of the Jooooos? I guess about all I can say is, “Feh, some perfection.”

    • I wonder how many stadiums were built without stolen loot.

      But yeah, minding one’s own business seems to be getting less and less popular. Anyway I lost interest when Vince Lombardi died.

      Sports is a way of shunting the warlike tendencies of humans into channels safer for the rulers.

  10. But that’s the whole POINT of organized sports: to divert attention and energy that otherwise would be going into regular riots and revolutions.

    Which is why whenever anybody wants to talk about “the game last night”, I politely excuse myself from the conversation. That person has nothing of value to offer anybody.