A Reminder


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  2. I am routinely jealous of the people born during the 1940s. They were too young to really be influenced by WW2, then rode the train that was the USA post WW2 economy, by the time they were adults, flying, phones available evrywhere, electricity everywhere and A/C were all normal are most likely to check out before WW3 or the global debt default.
    I am least jealous of kids today, they will have to deal with the past 50 years of the usa giving up every advantage it has, becoming a 3rd world country and may never earn over 25k as most jobs are being moved to china or replaced by technology.. Lotta drug use I predict dealing with that reality.


      Cougar: I was born in 1947. I rode the train. I reaped the benefits. I served during the Viet Nam War(I did not go overseas). I got a job and did my best to serve my community as a Peace Officer. I also did 8 years as an active Army reservist.
      I saw this deterioration coming when I was still in college in the ’60’s. Amerika had it all. But, from abundance comes complacency and apathy. Now, having just turned 68, I can see that we as a people are on a highway to hell of our own making. We all know we cannot vote our way out of it. I only hope that I have enough time to keep educating my tribe and getting ready to defend myself and my family.
      You are right about the amount of drug use. Marlo Stanfield has mentioned the same thing in his posts. If you haven’t already done so, go to You Tube and look up: FIVE REASONS WHY AMERICAN RIOTS WILL BE THE WORST IN THE WORLD. The complete video is 9:56. Click on the icon showing the art deco portrait of Ayn Rand. It will have a yellow backround. The narrator does hold out some hope at the end of the presentation.

  3. Yes, someday we will all die. But while we live, let us LIVE!

  4. Nice juxtaposition between this cartoon, and the later Bracken essay.