Bracken: Tet, Take Two – Islam’s 2016 European Offensive



By Matthew Bracken, November 2015

More than a decade ago I wrote my first novel, Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Part of my motivation was to establish my bona fides at forecasting social, political and military trends. I didn’t like the direction America was heading, and I wanted to warn as many readers as possible about some of the dangers I saw coming. At the end of 2015, I hope that my past success at prognostication will encourage people to pay heed to this essay.

As we roll into the New Year, we are witnessing the prelude to the culmination of a titanic struggle between three great actors. Three great social forces are now set in motion for a 2016 showdown and collision that will, in historical terms, be on par with the First and Second World Wars.

Two of these great social forces are currently allied in a de facto coalition against the third. They have forged an unwritten agreement to jointly murder the weakest of the three forces while it is in their combined power to do so. One of these two social forces would be content to share totalitarian control over large swaths of the globe with the other remaining social force. One of these social forces will never be satisfied until it achieves complete domination of the entire planet. So what are these three great social forces? They are Islam, international socialism, and nationalism. Allow me to explain the salient aspects of each, and how they relate to the coming 2016 cataclysm.


Islam is similar to a self-replicating supercomputer virus. It is a hydra-headed monster, designed by its creators to be an unstoppable formula for global conquest. It’s almost impossible to eradicate, because it has no central brain or control center. Islam is like a starfish: when you cut off a limb, another grows to replace it. The names of the Muslim leaders, and the names of their Islamic groups, are transitory and ultimately unimportant. Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are succeeded by Al-Baghdadi and the Islamic State, but they will all pass from the scene and be replaced by others. While Muslim leaders and regimes have come and gone, Islam itself has remained steadfastly at war with the non-Muslim world for 1,400 years.

Islam does not recognize secular national boundaries. To devout Muslims, there are only two significant realms of the world. First is the Dar al-Islam—the House of Islam, which is the land of the believers. The other is the Dar al-Harb—the House of War, which must be made Islamic by any means, including violent jihad. The expansion of Islam is sometimes held in check for long periods, but more often Islam is on the march, acquiring new territory. Once conquered by Islam, territory is rarely taken back, Spain being a notable exception.

The Muslim world produces almost no books or new inventions. Short of finding oil under their feet, most Islamic nations are backward and impoverished. So wherein lies the power source for Islam’s nearly constant expansion over the past fourteen centuries? The motor and the battery of Islam are the Koran and the Hadith, or sayings of Mohammed. A messianic Mahdi, Caliph or Ayatollah with sufficient charisma can accelerate Islam’s pace of conquest, but individual men are not the driving force.

Secular “Muslim in name only” strongmen from Saddam Hussein to Muamar Qadafi can hold Islamism in check for a period with brutal methods, but strongmen are often assassinated or otherwise removed from power, and in any event, they cannot live forever. Once the secular strongmen are gone, fanatical mullahs are able to stir their zealous Muslim followers into sufficient ardor to reinstall a radical Islamist regime under Sharia Law, according to the Koran.

This pattern of secular strongmen being followed by fanatical Islamist leaders has recurred many times over the past millennia and longer. Do not be fooled by modernists like King Abdullah of Jordan. To the true believer of Islam, any king or strongman is never more than a rifle shot or grenade toss away from being kinetically deposed, and replaced by another Islamist fanatic.

The persistent virulence of Mohammed’s 7th Century plan for global domination means that it is always ready to erupt in a fresh outbreak. Islam is like a brushfire or ringworm infection: it is dead and barren within the ring, but flares up where it parasitically feeds off the healthy non-Islamic societies around it. What produces this uniquely fanatical motivation, from within nations and peoples that otherwise seem devoid of energy and new ideas?

The motivation lies within the words of the Koran and Hadith. Most simply distilled, in the earthly realm, these Islamic texts offer immoral men sanction for thrill-killing, looting, raping, and capturing infidel slaves, and when these jihadists are killed, they are promised a perpetual orgy with seventy-two nubile virgin slave girls in Mohammed’s sick, evil and perverted Muslim paradise. Unlike the Jewish and Christian Bibles, the Koran and Hadith appeal not to man’s better angels, but to the darkest aspects of human nature. (Tellingly, Moses and Jesus are said to have climbed to mountaintops to communicate with their God, while Mohammed received his messages from Allah deep inside a bat cave.)

A meaningful or permanent reformation of Islam is impossible, because a new generation of fanatics, wielding the unexpurgated Koran and Hadith as their weapons, will always declare the reformists to be apostates and murder them. In Islam, the fanatics who are holding the unalterable Koran in one hand and a sword in the other always stand ready to seize complete power and exterminate their enemies.

This latent danger breeds fear and causes nearly all non-Muslims to be carefully circumspect in their dealings with Muslims, lest they lose their heads at a later date. This intentionally fostered fear of Islam is used as a cudgel against those who would otherwise resist its domination. The immutable Koran is the constant fountainhead of bloody Islamic conquest. Radical Islam is the pure Islam, the Koranic Islam, the real Islam.

Anyone who does not understand this bitter reality is dangerously ignorant of the past 1,400 years of human history.


The second great actor or social force is international socialism. It can also be aptly described under the rubrics of leftism, statism, cultural Marxism and communism. These all inhabit the international socialist spectrum. I trace these cultural Marxists at least back to the Jacobins of the 18th Century, a clique of secular humanists who were early globalists aligned with Freemasonry.

The nucleus of the group that would later become the Jacobins moved from Germany to France with a coherent and fully developed plan to engineer a social explosion as a means to take power. The Jacobin destabilization plan became the template for many more bloody “people’s revolutions” to come. Following the French Revolution, we are familiar with Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. We are less familiar with the early 20th Century British Fabian socialists, or the Italian Marxist theoretician Antonio Gramsci, or the German “Frankfurt School” of international socialists, who transplanted their vision to the United States via Columbia University.

Unlike Vladimir Lenin and the Communists, they understood that international socialism’s goals could not be fully accomplished until the strong edifice of Western Civilization was hollowed out and sabotaged from within. In the end, the clandestine international socialist forces which burrowed deep within the Western womb achieved results which were far more permanent than the militarily-imposed revolutionary “war Communism” of Lenin and Mao.

Over the course of the past century, while Communism collapsed in the Soviet Union, the Fabian socialists have been increasingly successful at poisoning the roots of national, cultural and ethnic identity, leaving the inheritors of Western Civilization disorganized and demoralized, with no central belief system to rally behind. Why has this deliberate demoralization and dumbing-down process occurred? The international socialists have believed at least since the French Revolution that it was their duty to impose a top-down feudal order upon the ordinary “dumb masses,” a new world order managed by self-proclaimed experts chosen from among the correctly-educated elites, both for the benefit of the ignoramuses, and as a way to line their own pockets and continue to live an elite lifestyle of wealth and power.

It may seem paradoxical that major corporate and banking interests are deeply invested in the international socialist new world order, but when you untangle the threads it actually makes perfect sense. Today’s international banks and mega-corporations are powerful global actors in their own right, and they are now written into each new international trade agreement. In fact, corporate lawyers author most of the pages of the multi-thousand-page trade pacts, which are now coming down like rain. Trade pacts which were never voted on by American or European citizens, pacts which are taking on the force of international treaty law, superseding even the United States Constitution.

From the Rothschilds of Europe to the Warburgs of both continents, to the Morgans and Rockefellers of America and back to the Hungarian immigrant George Soros, for several centuries, millionaire (and more lately billionaire) bankers have written their own laws and cut their own political deals. Today, they literally create billions of new dollars and Euros per day out of thin air, and pass it over to their cronies. In the United States, the creation a century ago of the Federal Reserve—a privately run central bank of, by and for the interests of a cabal of private banking interests—is a glaring case in point.

In the USA, the heads of global mega-corporations and investment firms donate massively to both the Democrats and the Republicans alike, ensuring favorable treatment in an era of corporately directed crony capitalism. The picture is much the same in other countries. These post-nationalist crony-capitalists recognize no sovereign borders and believe that patriotism is a laughable anachronism.

For example, in America, open-border traitors bribe politicians to pass laws to allow them to import unlimited numbers of H-1 visa foreign workers to directly replace Americans at their very desks and work places, and these traitors do not lose one wink of sleep over it. The traitor class of the international business set calls this “agility,” moving fungible proles, peasants and paupers world-wide to where they can be set to work most cheaply and profitably. Ordinary American middle-class workers and their families are just collateral damage in this process. The reality is not much different in Europe.

These super wealthy open-border corporate and banking elites, who paradoxically steer the forces driving international socialism, are able to bribe their way to success after success in myriad ways. Their wealth and political connections ensure that cooperative young players with future star quality are steered to the right universities, foundations, councils, government agencies and media positions. For example, when you see a talking head on television, and his listed expert credential is that he is a member of the entirely private Council on Foreign Relations who has written articles for their house publication Foreign Affairs, you will know that he is destined for high positions, and doors will magically open in front of him.

Over on the Fourth Estate, the global mass media has been almost entirely subverted, scripted and stage-managed for decades by these über-wealthy elites through a thousand channels greased with kickbacks, no-show jobs, and secret payoffs that are disguised as special stock offerings and private land deals. Media figures morph seamlessly into senior political advisors and corporate board members, adding millions to their portfolios with each well-timed transition. Even many retired generals and admirals eagerly wallow in this swamp of sell-out and sleaze. It should not be a surprise to anyone that so many politicians leave Washington or Brussels as millionaires. Just as it should not be a surprise that long-time CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite, “the most trusted man in America,” was for his entire adult life secretly a leading member of the World Federalist Association, a fact he proudly revealed only after his retirement from in front of the camera.


Nationalists probably comprise most of the population of the non-Islamic world, but there is no way to know their number with any certainty. Opinion polls are so easily rigged that most of them are useless at best, and they primarily constitute false propaganda and dezinformatsiya on behalf of their sponsors.

Nationalists consider themselves to be first and foremost loyal citizens of a sovereign nation. However, it must be borne in mind that the very concept of nationhood is fairly recent in origin. The division of the globe into distinct nation-states only began in the 17th Century, usually marked by the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 at the end of the Thirty Years’ War. Since then, the world has been divided by national borders, which often (but not always) coincided with a national ethnic group, language and culture.

This national division was particularly successful on the European continent. Shared Judeo-Christian morality, ethics and values promoted notions of fairness and equal rights, leading over time to the abolition of slavery, women’s rights, and racial civil rights. During this period of unleashed human potential, Europeans and Americans enjoyed the greatest increase in overall standards of living ever seen in the history of mankind. Great cities, universities and museums were constructed in Europe and in America. Rising European empires—wealthy, cohesive, confident and highly organized—then conquered or otherwise came to control colonies around the world. America picked up much of the business when the colonial era ended after World War Two.

Happy national outcomes were far from universal. During the 20th Century, Communism rose to take complete power in some countries, notably Russia (as the Soviet Union) and China, but their successes did not lead to an unstoppable avalanche of global revolution, as had been foreseen by Lenin, Stalin and Mao. On the other hand, the slow, grinding “Long March through the institutions” of the traitor-class Fabian socialists (including Gramsci, the Frankfurt School and others) proved far more effective and durable.

By the 21st Century, these cultural Marxist traitor-moles had subverted nearly all of academia, inculcating generation after generation of students with a contempt bordering on hatred for their own national and ethnic identities. Most of the media were also subverted, ensuring that mass communications would always reinforce the politically correct international socialist world view that had already been injected and incubated in the schools and universities.

In this era of mass-brainwashing by the cultural Marxists, Christianity was recast as a retrograde social force, obsolete at best in the modern secular world, and at worst an outright danger to humanity. In the new politically-correct secular religion of humanism, European ethnic and cultural identity became the original sin and the mark of Cain. White European skin meant white privilege, and was transformed into a cause for shame.

Meanwhile, emancipated European and American women aimed toward new goals, which increasingly did not include producing a new generation, and demographic collapse began. Both men and women alike were anesthetized into apathy with 24-hour entertainment transmitted by high-def screens and stereo ear buds planted nearly into their brains. This unceasing fountain of entertainment proved an ideal conduit for mass-brainwashing with politically-correct values and ideas. Thus distracted and demoralized, most Americans and Europeans today seem unable and unwilling to stand up and fight in defense of their diminishing cultural and national identities. Brainwashed “social justice warriors,” the latest iteration of Lenin’s “useful idiots,” hasten the demise of Western Civilization, blissfully unaware of what will follow.

Thus rendered supine, the remaining American and European nationalists constitute the weakest and the most threatened of the three major global social forces. In a few European nations, patriots like Wilders of the Netherlands, Höcke of Germany, Orban of Hungary, Farage of the UK, and Le Pen of France lead a rear-guard defense of their national, ethnic and cultural identities, while constantly being disparaged in the socialist-controlled “liar press” as racists, Nazis and xenophobes.


Going into 2016, I believe that Europe is primed to become the central theater of a third world war. Like an overstrained zipper suddenly failing and bursting open from end to end, the European conflagration could well reignite simmering conflicts from the Ukraine to the Persian Gulf, due to interlocking alliances (NATO, including Turkey, vs. Russia), and the Sunni-Shia divide (Iran vs. Saudi Arabia, which has been imported into Europe).

Yes, World War Three. But why now?

A recurring strategic doctrine of the open-border international socialists, going back at least to the Jacobins, has been, “Out of chaos, order.” Lenin put it this way, when told that there were bread riots in Russian cities: “The worse, the better.” No “people’s revolution” (instigated and directed by traitor-class elites) has ever occurred on full bellies in happy countries that were at peace.

The international bankers and corporate elites are just as happy to underwrite revolutions, as they are to underwrite other types of war. They have regularly provided loans and armaments simultaneously to all sides of European conflicts, always profiting handsomely no matter which side won or lost, or how many people died. They have also funded revolutions, in order to stir the pot for their future profits by getting in on the ground floor with new regimes.

For example, American bankers funded the efforts of Lenin and Trotsky both before and during their returns to Russia. Once you understand the grand machinations at work behind the forces directing international socialism, this seeming paradox actually makes sense. It’s about control, and brainwashing the idiot proles into the unthinking herd behavior required to manage them under socialism directed from above. But at the very pinnacle of the proletarian worker-bee hive, the controlling nomenklatura elites live like Communist dictators, or Rockefellers, or both at the same time, as they meet at Davos, Aspen, Jackson Hole and elsewhere over champagne and caviar to arrange their next self-dealing international trade agreements.

Now, the elite shot-callers have lit the fuse for the vast social explosion that is imminent in Europe, just as they did in Russia in 1917. How? By throwing Europe’s borders wide open. The Islamist corner of my triad represents a constant threat or push, and Muslims are always eager to fill any demographic vacuum. Their avarice for fresh Islamic conquest is a given or a constant. We see a 1.5-per birth rate among European women, and they see millions of European women with no or worthless husbands, who will soon meet real Muslim men.

The current open-border policies of the European international socialists were intentionally designed to allow hundreds of thousands of culturally and religiously aggressive Islamist fighters and colonists to flood into Europe. The European traitor elites understand exactly what they are doing. They know what will happen. But why do it now?

Twentieth-century Austrian School economist Ludwig Von Mises wrote, “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.” In contrast, when socialist economist John Maynard Keynes was asked if his self-styled Keynesian credit expansion could continue in the long run, he replied, “In the long run, we are all dead.” Tra-la-la, who cares? It won’t be my problem.

In 2015, the childless homosexual John Maynard Keynes is indeed long dead, but we are still alive, and his “long run” is finally upon us. Now, just before the bank failures begin, seems to be an opportune time for the traitor elites to throw over the table, scattering the cards, chips and cash, while the lights go dark and shots ring out. The evil actors lurking in the background who sometimes engineer major catastrophes always have a plan to escape their worst consequences, including taking any blame, and they even have a plan to profit from the very disasters they created. The first Baron Rothschild, around the time of the Battle of Waterloo, is credited with saying “The time to buy is when there is blood running in the streets.”

Is there any evidence of a concerted effort to deliberately throw Europe into bloody chaos and civil war? I think that there is. Thousand-passenger ferry ships cost tens of thousands of Euros a day to operate. Muslim hijra (jihad by immigration) invaders are receiving free or subsidized passage from Greek isles that are located only a few miles from Turkey, all the way across the Aegean Sea to mainland Greece. From there, chartered buses and special trains speed the migrants from border to border and onward into Germany, France and Sweden, at little or no cost to the muhajirs, or hijra migrants.

Who is paying for the operation of the ferry ships, trains and bus convoys? Who is paying for the smart phones and prepaid debit cards? Who is passing out the hundred-Euro notes seen in nearly every migrant hand, if they are truly arriving destitute after escaping war-torn Syria? Somebody is underwriting the Muslim hijra invasion of Europe. George Soros is spending billions to fund a hundred groups advocating open borders through his Open Society Foundation, so that might be a good place for intrepid researchers to explore.


As we roll into 2016, I am reminded of the Vietnam War’s Tet Offensive. In January of 1968, before the Tet Lunar New Year celebrations, thousands of Viet Cong fighters were infiltrated into Saigon and other South Vietnamese cities. Their coordinated mass attacks on January 30 came nearly by complete surprise, constituting America’s worst intelligence-gathering failure between 1950 in Korea and 2001 in New York. The experts had all agreed that the VC were too weakened and divided to accomplish mass attacks on a national scale, yet more than 80,000 irregular Communist infiltrators simultaneously struck in more than one hundred towns and cities. The Communists used a declared truce period to launch their attacks, while the American and South Vietnamese forces were on holiday leave. Bitter urban fighting in Hue, Vietnam’s third largest city, lasted for a month. Before they were defeated in Hue, the Communists executed thousands of civilian prisoners, dumping them into mass graves with their hands wired behind their backs.

The Communist bosses in North Vietnam miscalculated that the Viet Cong attacks in the cities would trigger a spontaneous national uprising against the American imperialists and their Republic of Vietnam puppets. This general uprising did not take place, and the VC were largely wiped out by hard-fighting American and South Vietnamese troops. City life went back to what constituted normal in South Vietnam. After Tet, the Viet Cong were largely a spent force, and never regained their former power. (The final takeover of South Vietnam in 1975 was accomplished by conventional NVA troops arriving from the North in tanks and on trucks, after Democrats in the American Congress cut off the resupply of ordnance and fuel to our South Vietnamese allies, leaving them unable to defend their republic.)

Yet back in America, in order to deceive and demoralize America in time of war, “Uncle Walter” Cronkite twisted the story of the Tet Offensive into a tale of rising Communist power and reach, of American military failure, and of the hopelessness of the cause to keep the Republic of Vietnam free from Communist conquest. Why did Cronkite do this? “The most trusted man in America” was secretly a leading propagandist for international socialism, which sees a strong and independent United States as the greatest barrier to their goal of eventual global governance. The case of Walter Cronkite and the Tet Offensive false narrative is just one glaring example of the pervasiveness of the international socialist grip on our mainstream media.

To an American nationalist, Walter Cronkite is a classic traitor, but to a dedicated international socialist, national borders and national sovereignty are no more important than they are to a devout Muslim. To both supranational groups, borders and nations are anachronistic constructs to be ignored, trampled, and discarded over time. Cronkite was a traitor to America, but he is a hero to the cultural Marxists. Typical of his dishonorable breed, Cronkite kept his true allegiance a secret until after he had retired from broadcasting lies and propaganda. I am convinced that the global mainstream media is infested with hundreds of Walter Cronkites today, both in front of and behind the cameras.


Which brings me to the main thrust of this essay. I believe that Europe is being prepared for a Muslim-jihad version of the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam. A vast and concerted act of treason has been taking place across Europe since the creation of the European Union. Under the Schengen Agreement, Brussels promised to guard the outer frontiers of the EU, while abolishing internal border controls. The Eurocrat elites broke the first promise but kept the second, thus opening a wide path for the onrushing Muslim hijra immigration invasion.

Right now, approximately a million new Muslim migrants are engaged in a struggle to find a warm place to sleep in a continent with nothing approaching the capacity to adequately house them. At least 75% of the migrant invaders are Muslim men of fighting age. Native-born ethnic Germans, Swedes and others are being thrown onto the street to provide emergency housing for Muslim “refugees.” Tens of thousands of migrants are currently living in tents, and in temporary shelters like school gymnasiums and underused warehouses.

There will be no means of finding or creating permanent quarters for them before the Central European blizzards come. When the snow is deep in Germany and across Europe, these men are going to enter local houses, demanding to be taken in as boarders—or else. Where it is useful, small migrant children will be held up in front as human shields for their emotional blackmail value; elsewise, they will be discarded. One way or the other, Muslim migrants will be attempting to move inside of German homes and apartments seeking heat and food, and the young Muslim men will be seeking undefended infidel or kafir women to slake their lust (which is their right, under Islamic Sharia law).

In disarmed Europe, any group of a dozen or more cold, hungry and angry Muslim men armed with clubs and knives will be able to enter any German house or business that they like. Worse, there are now reports of vast quantities of firearms being smuggled into Europe by the muhajirs, with cowed European authorities afraid to search the migrants or their baggage, lest they provoke riots. And weapons are not only smuggled in “refugee” baggage: eight hundred assault-style shotguns were just seized in a single truck in northern Italy, bound from Turkey to Belgium. How many truckloads of weapons and explosives have not been stopped?

In Germany, even before the winter snows, the migrants are flash mobbing and looting shops and stores. Seeking to forestall a social eruption, police do not respond until the mobs have safely departed. For now, the German government is paying these store owners for their lost merchandise, but this cannot continue forever. Businesses are closing and Germans are retreating in fear, as the muhajirs learn that they can invade private property and rob Germans without repercussions, convincing them even further of the docile passivity of their hosts, and the inevitability of their ultimate hijra invasion success.

As attacks mount, the German police will nearly always fall out on the side of the traitor-elite politicians who pay their salaries, and they will not come to the rescue of besieged ethnic Germans. At least, not under official orders, or in uniform. This calculated disregard by the international socialist elites for the safety and welfare of ordinary German citizens will in time lead to vigilantism and death squad actions by “off-duty” German military and police personnel. They will be acting against their “hands off the Muslims” orders, which are ultimately emanating from Brussels. And in time, enough firearms will find their way from the military, police and black markets into the hands of ordinary European nationalists for them to mount an armed resistance.

The accelerated pace of the 2015 Muslim hijra invasion was conceived, planned and executed by Quisling traitors comprising the elite leadership of the European branch of the international socialist movement, headquartered in Brussels. To paraphrase British nationalist patriot Paul Weston, if a farmer deliberately inserts a fox into the henhouse, who is guilty of killing the hens?

Now, today, across Europe the stage is being set for the genocide of the weak, confused and defenseless European hens. Former East German Communist functionary Angela Merkel achieves high marks at both Muslim fox insertion and German hen repression. (Meanwhile, former Soviet Communist KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin evolves to become a Russian nationalist who always advances Russian interests, at least as they are perceived by himself and his cronies).

A few days after the Paris attacks, French police commandos fired some 5,000 rounds down an urban street into an apartment set into a crowded block. A year from now, I predict that when police arrive on that street, they could be met with sniper fire, improvised barricades, IEDs and possibly RPGs. In short, Paris, Brussels and many other European cities will in time resemble Beirut during the 1980s.

To understand Europe’s future, simply ask the Lebanese what follows when a nation takes in tens of thousands of angry Muslim “refugees.” Civil war is what happens, even if it begins among the various competing refugee factions. It is a threadbare hope that a wished-for peaceful silent majority of Muslims will be able to influence the radical Islamists away from violence, and thus forestall the coming European Civil War, any more than imagined peaceful silent majorities could have prevented the civil wars in Lebanon, Bosnia, Syria or a dozen other places. Actual peace-loving Muslims will be as insignificant to the outcome of the coming conflict as were any Quaker pacifists hiding in 1944 Berlin. The only significance of the alleged silent majority of peaceful Muslims is that they will serve as living camouflage for the jihadists to hide among.

It is critical to note that none of the examples I just mentioned (Lebanon, Bosnia, Syria) constituted neat bipolar wars between two national state actors. All were three-sided wars—at least. These formulations are inherently unstable and constantly veer toward violence, as temporary alliances of convenience shift and today’s friend becomes tomorrow’s enemy. In this environment of deception, subterfuge and betrayal, the false-flag terror operation becomes a standard operating procedure. It is a simple matter for Group A to conduct a massacre of Group B while wearing the outward uniforms or other insignia of Group C. And it is no trouble at all for Group C to fire a few mortar rounds into the market square of Group A from the territory of Group B. Ethnic cleansing, reprisal operations and mass executions proliferate like mushrooms in this free-booting environment, which is devoid of the behavioral controls normally inherent in a war fought at the national level between two uniformed militaries.

When any non-Islamic country, such as France, attains approximately a ten-percent Muslim population through dangerously naive immigration policies, violence and civil war become a constant threat. Ten percent of a total national population translates into more than fifty-percent of fighting-age men in key urban districts, due to the concentration of Muslims in Sharia-zone ghettos, combined with aging European demographics. Later, these Muslim ghettos will serve as sanctuaries and bastions for the jihadists, until and unless they are finally pulverized with artillery shell fire or aerial bombs. France and Germany will not be exempt from the lessons of history that were hard taught in Beirut, Sarajevo, and Damascus.

Thousands of the recent Muslim muhajirs currently arriving in Europe were schooled in prolonged and savage religious and ethnic civil wars. Today’s Europeans, deliberately brainwashed with politically correct fairytales about the benefits of multi-culturalism, have utterly no idea what horrors await them. Increasing European discomfort will not change the outcome one iota. Just because the Europeans may tire of the irritating presence of Muslims (both new immigrants and native born), the Muslims will never willingly leave Europe. Nor will the Muslim immigrant invaders knuckle under and turn quiet and docile again.


The hard core of the battle-hardened jihadists now fanning out across Europe understands the tried-and-true process of igniting a civil war through terror. They will calculate that the European military and police cannot and will not sustain the battle against an unceasing campaign of terrorism. Brussels cannot remain on virtual lockdown forever without its economy being wrecked. What will happen when a Paris-type attack, or worse, is a daily event in a dozen European cities?

As I mentioned above, just the other day in northern Italy eight hundred combat-style pistol-grip shotguns were discovered in a truck on their way from Turkey to Belgium. Do the math. The Paris attacks were carried out by approximately eight jihadists armed with Kalashnikovs, shotguns and TATP suicide vests (which can be manufactured anywhere there is a kitchen). Now imagine a “Super Tet Offensive,” with every type of target on the hit list from airports to zoological parks, each being assaulted by an eight-man squad of such killers. Some attacks smaller, some larger, from pairs to platoons in strength.

Today, perhaps only a few short months prior to Tet 2016, there is no Islamic high command located in Europe or elsewhere in charge of planning specific terror operations. There is no OKW (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, the supreme command of the German Nazi armed forces) planning an Islamic Operation Barbarossa. Hence, there is no command and control structure for Western intelligence to penetrate and disrupt.

Instead of a central brain directing many hands, think of a vast swarm of stinging jellyfish, all moving in loose formation, with the same generalized attack plan in their collective hive-mind. At the end of 2015, individual muhajirs may have only a basic awareness that they are heading to Europe to conduct a great jihad. As D-Day draws nearer, coded messages will proliferate with cryptic references to portentous events from Islamic history. “Get ready, and prepare to conduct major operations” will be the thrust of the online chatter and encrypted wireless messages. In each European city, targets will be individually scouted by local mujahirs in anticipation of a general outbreak of jihad terror attacks.

How many mosques have already received a truckload of shotguns or Kalashnikovs? Run the numbers again: eight jihadists per terror attack, eight hundred weapons per truck, 80,000 Viet Cong fighters in the original Tet Offensive, and an estimated 800,000 muhajirs flooding into Europe. Using radical mosques as clandestine armories is S.O.P in the Middle East, so why would the jihadists not use the same tactics in safe and docile Europe? Out of a sense of fairness and respect for European laws? Please. In the words of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…” And bear in mind that anyplace an AK-47 can be smuggled, so too can a few kilos of Semtex.

Imagine a dozen or even a score of Beslan, Russia, and Mumbai, India terror attacks all happening at the same time, across that number of European cities. Initially, the first string of major surprise attacks will be coordinated by the most well-organized terror networks using currently unbreakable wireless encryption. Many of the attacks will involve numerous captured hostages, often children, with impossible demands being made to guarantee their safety. Or no demands will be made; just rape and slaughter will ensue, as in the Russian Beslan example. This outbreak of major attacks will be the signal for the general jihad offensive to begin.

The Beslan Massacre happened in 2004 at the hands of yet another killer gang of aggrieved Islamists. Two squads of Chechen Muslim terrorists arrived on the first day of school in a Russian town, using false police vans as camouflage. They took a thousand young hostages and held them for three days. The Muslim terrorists murdered over four hundred innocents, often after rape and torture.

In Mumbai in 2008, ten Pakistani Muslim terrorists armed with Kalashnikovs and grenades created utter havoc over a four day period, attacking a train station, a hospital (unsuccessfully), landmark hotels and a Jewish center, murdering 164 people and wounding over 300. Simultaneous Beslan, Mumbai and Paris terror attacks, accompanied by car bombs, will be the model for the 2016 jihad offensive in Europe.

What Hitler’s Nazis accomplished with Stukas and Tigers and motorized divisions, the Islamonazis will attempt to accomplish by a massive “Tet Offensive on steroids,” overwhelming and stunning the European meta-system into immediate paralysis and first psychological, then material defeat. At least, that is the outcome that the Islamonozis will be striving to achieve. The 1968 Tet infiltration and mass-attack strategy didn’t succeed in Vietnam, and maybe it won’t work in Europe, either. It’s more likely that the hoped-for general uprising by all European Muslims against the kafirs will not be triggered, and it may simply stall and sputter out.

In strategic terms, if nothing else, the 2016 jihad offensive and subsequent civil war in Europe will open up a second major front in the war against the Islamic State, causing NATO and the West to turn their attention inward toward their own survival, and thereby take pressure off the other theaters of war in Iraq and Syria.

And for the Europeans to win the coming civil war, they will have to be at least half as brutally ugly as their Muslim invaders, and that means pretty damn brutally ugly. But while the jihadists will be operating at maximum brutality from day one, the placid and polite European authorities will be starting from far behind in that department. For example: a standard jihadist tactic is to flee from a terror attack straight back into the embrace of their co-religionists in the Sharia-zone ghettos, and hide behind their women and children. Then what will the authorities do? Go in and try to arrest them? (Just joking.) Wait for their next excursion with more terror bombs? Or gut the entire suspected block with shell fire? This is what I mean by damn ugly. The French reaction to the Paris attacks gives a hint of how this phase will run.

Best case scenario, and I don’t see this as likely: the 2016 Islamic Tet attackers will be wiped out the way the Viet Cong were in 1968. But if there are enough simultaneous attacks, in total numbers involving anywhere near the 80,000 or so fighters of the Vietnamese Tet, I can’t see how the present European forces can defeat the jihadists in less than a month, if at all. By very simple math, that number of jihadists means ten thousand Paris-level attacks. Think about that. Ten thousand Paris level attacks! All taking place in the same month, the same week, even on the same day, right across Europe. The politically-correct and overly polite European policemen (and even their militaries, at first) won’t be up to mounting successful counterattacks and rescue operations against a score of Beslans happening in schools, hospitals and concert halls. Not while at the same time, airports, train stations, power plants and other targets are being hit by Paris-sized terror squads right across Europe.

And count on this, for it is a standard tactic used by all Islamonazis in this extremely dirty style of warfare: just like in Beslan in 2004, where the killers arrived in false police vans, in 2016, ambulances, emergency vehicles and other official conveyances will either be hijacked or painted to simulate the real thing. Suicide bombers will arrive in official uniforms to sneak past security. This is a standard tactic, I repeat for emphasis. A jihadist dressed in a policeman’s uniform will drive a hundred-kilo bomb straight into the police headquarters in an official, marked police car. Goodbye, police HQ. (And incidentally, good luck at planning the rescue operation for your town’s local Beslan-in-progress, after your local police HQ is cratered, and much of their crisis leadership is wiped out.)

A few examples: I could go on for pages. The milk truck or bakery van will deliver terrorists to the middle school at mealtime. An ambulance will pull into the hospital’s underground parking garage and detonate. The cement truck won’t be delivering cement. Muslim jihadists are very proud of coming up with ever more clever ways to fool stupid infidels by abusing their naïve faith in official uniforms and corporate logos. The jihadists hurry to sign up for suicide driver school, just for the prospect of exploding a massive bomb inside of a crowd of filthy kafirs, and launching themselves straight into the arms of their seventy-two waiting virgins. This is how they will fight in Tet 2016. Forget this lesson at your extreme peril.

Another painful European history lesson has been largely forgotten since the days of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. In the 1990s, the IRA forced the British to the peace table when it became clear to all parties involved that the Brits could not prevent car bombs from exploding in the heart of the London financial district, costing billions in repair and lost-opportunity costs after each new blast. Essentially, a competent terrorist organization can hold a modern city hostage in this manner.

A few dozen to a hundred (at most) active IRA terrorist fighters managed to pull off this feat. And they were not even trying to kill people, rather, their goal was to wreck important office towers, with the British economy as their primary target. Usually, the IRA detonated their London car bombs during off-hours in these final terror actions of the Irish Troubles. The Muslim car bombers will not be as considerate in the coming European Civil War. They will strike for maximum civilian casualties, in an attempt to terrorize European leaders into surrender and submission to their Islamist demands.


I predict that the unfolding European Civil War (after the initial Tet 2016 phase) will comprise a steady escalation from Paris-style rifle attacks and suicide bombers, to snipers, to IEDs, to car and truck bombs. This is why I mentioned the possibility of eventually reducing the Sharia-zone ghettos to ruins by air and artillery bombardment. This will indeed happen, after the car bombs begin to explode in European cities. At that point, an urban civil war loses any vestige of civilized norms. Fortified ghetto bastions that provide sanctuary to Muslim jihad terrorists will be destroyed if the Islamic conquest is to be quelled.

This type of no-quarter urban warfare already has a name, “Hama Rules,” from the 1982 obliteration of that Syrian town. Hama was a Muslim Brotherhood stronghold used to launch attacks against the regime of Hafez al-Assad, the father of the current Syrian strongman. These guerrilla (or terrorist if you prefer) attacks occurred beginning in 1976, and didn’t stop until Hama was reduced to rubble, and at least ten thousand Sunni Muslim Syrians were killed among the ruins.

If the Europeans don’t have the stomach for that level and scale of total civil war, then over time they will be defeated, and either forced to convert to Islam, or forced into subjugated dhimmi status, or they will be executed (if they can’t be put to useful work as slave laborers first). Those are Islam’s unchanging options for defeated male foes, at the pleasure of their Muslim vanquishers. The captured girls and women of the defeated kafirs will be taken as slaves – that is a given. So it will be war to the knife, and knife to the hilt, with no holds barred, and no quarter asked or given.

Going into 2016, a peaceful de-escalation is improbable, not with up to a million fresh muhajirs of fighting age currently cast all about Europe without housing or prospects as winter comes on. This rapid mass influx of hundreds of thousands of unattached Muslim men into Europe is the equivalent of pouring a jug of nitroglycerin down the barrel of a cannon, then loading a double gunpowder charge, ramrodding three or four cannon balls on top, and lighting the fuse. It is the perfect recipe for a disastrous explosion.

The 1968 Tet Offensive involved approximately 80,000 armed Viet Cong infiltrators sneaking into Vietnamese cities and towns, (unnoticed by the “experts” in intelligence, I will add.) How many of the almost a million muhajirs now loose in Europe will take up arms for the cause, after the first initiating wave of Tet 2016 terror attacks? Does anybody really have any idea? There is a point when stealthy hijra transitions into overt jihad, and I believe this will occur in the coming year. Historians will look back and marvel at what I think of as the coming European Jihad Tet Offensive of 2016. Or perhaps they will call it the European Trojan Horse Civil War. (I only hope that they don’t call it The Final Islamic Conquest of Europe.)

Historians will study how this mass hijra invasion, and the consequent Tet 2016 and European Civil War came to happen. The truth is it was an inside job by the traitor class, the cultural Marxist open-border international socialists. First, they numbed and dulled their own compatriots into apathy, before opening the gates to the Islamist barbarians. They injected the paralyzing curare of multi-cultural political correctness into their own societies, in order to render them unable to defend themselves from the planned attack.

In reality, the international socialists and the Islamist forces have agreed upon a murder pact, wherein their common enemy, the nationalists, will be removed as a threat to either of them forever. In 2016, European nations will deliberately be torched, in order to finish off their people’s last remaining notions of national pride and cultural identity. In effect, the coming conflict will constitute an agreement about the dinner menu made between a jackal, a hyena, and a supremely stupid bliss-ninny lamb, who was raised on Utopian multi-cultural fantasies. The lamb believes that by its own sweet example, the jackal and the hyena can be turned into vegetarians—but the choice for the dinner entree is already a foregone conclusion. European nationalists will be shot and stabbed in their fronts and their backs until they go down and are consumed by both of their rapacious destroyers.

And depend on this: standing before the crater, in front of the smoking building, after the tenth car bomb to explode that month, telegenic media traitors will mangle the truth into a false narrative that supports the inexorable spread of international socialism as the only possible solution to the “tragic cycle of violence.” The liar press will call patriots Nazis, and Nazis patriots; they will damn saints and praise mass-murderers. These media presstitutes are loyal only to their traitor-class paymasters, and to their common international socialist vision of global tyranny imposed from above by the all-knowing elites. “Out of chaos, order,” will be in their minds if not on their lips.


If the traitor elites can imagine sufficiently far into the future, then they must surely see international socialism lining up next for its climactic struggle against Islam, which shall be fought atop the still-warm corpse of European nationalism. Will these traitor-elite international socialists be able to hold the line against the ultimate victory of Islamic supremacism in Europe, or anywhere? Let us compare their assets and armaments.

The traitor elites control vast wealth and many levers of power. But will the ready offer of unlimited wealth and fast-track career promotion outweigh the fear of the Muslim assassin, kidnapper, and beheader? Which motivating force will prove stronger in the long run, the proffered bribe, or the kidnapped child and her threatened decapitation? International socialism and world Islamism are both evil totalitarian ideologies rooted in a quest for absolute power, but I believe that more socialists will convert to Islam than the other way around, tending to tip the final outcome in that direction. Why? Because you can live without accepting a suitcase full of Euros or a juicy job offer as a bribe. But you cannot live with your head removed from your shoulders.

Another enduring but rarely examined weapon in the Islamic conquest armory is the offer of amnesty to well-placed infidel leaders who agree to convert to Mohammedism. Can I see Angela Merkel wearing a hijab? Yes, certainly. Whether the badge she wears on her suit is red or black won’t matter to the former Communist, not if it is a matter of saving her neck while retaining her status. Study the history of Islamic conquest, and you will find numerous cases where Western leaders announced—after clandestinely opening the city gates to hijra invasion—that they had already converted to Islam.

As reward for this valuable service, well-placed defectors to Islam are often allowed to preserve their wealth and positions by taking fresh Muslim names and swearing fealty to the new Islamic regime. It’s intentionally made very easy to convert to Islam. The shahada conversion prayer is only a sentence, a handful of words. Sincere inner belief is not required, only publicly outward submission, which is the true (and nearly always obscured) meaning of the Arabic word Islam. Submission.

So when it comes to last-stand defenses, and head chopping time draws near, will the secular humanist international socialists fight to their last breath against Islamism? Not likely, not when simply repeating a silly and trite incantation about Allah and Mohammed can save their inherently dishonorable and traitorous lives. Simply stated, they will submit to Islam.

I think that in the end, Mohammed’s evil and satanic Koranic blueprint for world conquest will prove to be even more virulent and persistent than the evil and satanic blueprint of the international socialists, going back through the Jacobins, Marxists and Communists. The unchanging Koranic blueprint for global domination is still replicating and advancing after fourteen centuries, while the international socialist blueprint is only two and a half centuries old. Based on proven longevity alone, a betting man would have to favor the Islamic formulation for conquest and tyranny over the international socialist version.

And in the event that Islam either destroys or co-opts international socialism, I would expect the strife to continue until there were only Sunni or Shia Muslims left alive. Then there would arise schisms and conflicts among new competing sects, because of the innately violent instructions central to the Koranic blueprint. But without an external host for the parasitic Islamic ringworm to feed upon, (having killed and consumed the golden goose of productive Western society), Islam itself will most likely fester and decay. What would succeed a failed global Caliphate, I can’t imagine. By that time, the last believing and practicing Christians in Europe will be lying cold and forgotten in their unmarked mass graves.


But perhaps the conflict between the three major forces will turn out differently. Perhaps, after the Islamic Tet Offensive of 2016 is turned back, European nationalism will experience a miraculous resurgence, following a rejection of the international socialism which dragged the EU nations toward disaster. Sometimes invading forces badly miscalculate their chances and underestimate the resolve of their enemies, and after sweeping to early success, they are rolled far back from their high-water marks. Napoleon and Hitler in Russia, and the Greek experience in Anatolian Turkey from 1919 to 1922 come readily to mind.

Or perhaps the Islamists will take their jihad a step too far, and a nuclear device or other WMD set off in a Western city might finally provoke a commensurate counter-strike against the nexus of Islam in Mecca and other Muslim holy sites, such as Karbala in Iraq and Qom in Iran. Certainly Vladimir Putin can be expected to evince more steely-eyed resolve than the current crop of effete and dithering Western European leaders.

Two of the Five Pillars of Islam literally revolve around the black moon rock set into the corner of the Kaaba in the center of Mecca. After 1,400 unchanging years, Islam cannot simply erase two of its five pillars and continue with business as usual. “Allahu Akbar” means our god is greatest. If Mecca was turned into a vast, glowing crater, this would be visibly untrue. When the Aztec and Inca man-gods were visibly thrown down by the Spanish conquistadors, those religions and social systems collapsed. If Mecca were to be destroyed, eliminating two of the five pillars, it’s an open question as to what would happen in and to the worldwide Muslim community. “We used to think our god was greatest” won’t be an effective rallying cry. But I don’t suppose I’ll be around to see how this all plays out. For 1,400 years, uncounted millions of Christians and other infidels have died not knowing if Islam would ultimately prevail or be vanquished.

I’m not sure if there is a future ahead for sovereign nation-states as they have been constituted for the past four centuries, especially nations with their own unique histories, cultures and languages. I don’t know if the wealth and influence of the traitor-elite international socialists can overcome the constant threat of terrorism contained within the deadly Koranic conquest plan. And when it comes to how the approaching European storm will affect China and Asia, my crystal ball is cloudy on the other side. It’s hard to imagine a world war extending from Scandinavia to the Persian Gulf not going nuclear at some point. Perhaps the patient and cautious Chinese will simply inherit the ruins of the West. Perhaps they will be drawn into the world war.

No matter what else happens over the coming decade, 2016 is shaping up to be an epic year in European and world history. I hope that whatever develops across the Atlantic might at least provide clear lessons that will be valuable for the defense of a free and sovereign United States of America – including lessons about the extreme danger of importing millions of Islamic muhajirs.

And lastly, thank God—through our Founding Fathers—for the First and Second Amendments to the United States Constitution. Unlike the Europeans, we are at least still free to warn one another of impending dangers, without our being silenced by the traitor elites who operate the levers of state power. And because of the Second Amendment, we will never be pulled down to the ground like helpless lambs by the Islamist hyenas and socialist jackals. When one-too-many ravenous foxes are placed into the henhouse by socialist traitors, in due time both the foxes and the traitors might just get a face full of buckshot.

So remember: never, ever give up your guns.

You’re going to need them.


islam jellyfish

Matthew Bracken was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1957, and attended the University of Virginia, where he received a BA in Russian Studies and was commissioned as a naval officer in 1979. Later in that year he graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, and in 1983 he led a Naval Special Warfare detachment to Beirut, Lebanon. Since then he’s been a welder, boat builder, charter captain, ocean sailor, essayist and novelist. He lives in Florida. Links to his short stories and essays may be found at .

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178 responses to “Bracken: Tet, Take Two – Islam’s 2016 European Offensive

  1. Barack Hussein is planning to send 250,000 Muslim refugees to the Navajo reservations of AZ and ND.

  2. Shinmen Takezo

    Matt…. jeeze–wow!
    This is some of your best work.

    I have to believe you are just not spinning this scenario out of your skull.
    I am thinking you still have back-channels and conversations with your military and intel guys who are in “the know.” Your story “What I Saw At The Coup” (a tale with happy ending I might add) was spun off of insider information I believe… and so with this new essay.

    I cannot image 1000 hit squads simultaneously striking Europe. The logistics preparing for the Tet Offensive needed zillions of cadre hauling, zillions of tons of weaponry and supplies to pull it off. I do not think such a thing exists in Europe, not unless that is the socialist traitors are secretly planning, or are currently arming said jihadists sub-rosa.

    But I could realistically envision dozens of hit squads striking with light weapons–this can easily be accomplished, in fact it was already accomplished in Paris a couple weeks ago.

    Keep this stuff comin’ dude!!

  3. Sobering, chilling, frightening. Great essay Mr. Bracken; wish it were just that but I fear it is our future history now arriving.

  4. Ah, the great Bracken has once again nailed it. I never wanted to live in interesting times, but it looks like I am being drug ass over teakettle into the fray. I will dispense this valuable essay to friends. I can only hope and pray that this entire IslamBS dies quickly and brutally. It’s been 1400 years-let us finally just fuXXing finish it!

  5. Thank you for laying it so clearly. Oh and civil war will come to merica by and by. Any follow on books coming?

  6. SemperFi, 0321

    Outstanding essay.
    Just lately I’ve become aware several of our old USMC Commandants were members of the COFR. And nobody cares, it’s good business to belong to a board or two.
    Death from within.

  7. “But if there are enough simultaneous attacks, in total numbers involving anywhere near the 80,000 or so fighters of the Vietnamese Tet, I can’t see how the present European forces can defeat the jihadists in less than a month, if at all.”

    800 will be bad enough.

  8. I think you’ve over estimated the real power of int’t socialism, and underestimated the potential strength of nationalism. You are spot on about Islam, unfortunately.

    And yes, at this point, any cleanup of Islam in Europe will be by nature messy.

    Either way, the elite are toast. If Islam doesn’t decapitate them, the nationalists will shoot them. If they are behind the ferries and walking money as you’ve wrote, they’ve really let hubris and ego lead them into a minefield. Much like what happened in 1934 when the DuPonts et al tried hiring Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler to lead a coup against FDR. They thought they could hire a coup leader as they hired an office manager, but they just showed themselves completely inept at political machinations when the plot sputtered out.

    2016 may be a mix of 1649 and 1848, with a lot of late 1950s Algeria added for flavor. A foul meal if there ever was one.

    Interesting times, indeed. Nice work, as always, Mr. Bracken.
    Thanks for your time to think about and write this piece.

  9. muslims.
    What could possibly go wrong ?

  10. 1. Believe me, NATO/EU is on the mark. They are not underestimating the enemy. Hundreds of NCOS and leaders have been rounded up, disrupting 2016.

    2. Pump shotguns are not Assault Style. Not even close.

    3. Matt is an excellent writer, but come 2017 when this shit doesn’t come to pass, he’ll make.even greater claims.

  11. Just Wokenup

    Superb article! Bravo! Best history lesson and future forecast I have seen. This really helps to understand the players and their motivations to bring us into their personal hells. Pray it won’t happen and prepare like it’s coming soon. Keep up the great work, Matthew!

  12. “Sir….does this mean Ann-Margret’s not coming?”

  13. Got dibs on that line for this fracas in my area.


  14. Jimmy the Saint

    “Islam is similar to a self-replicating supercomputer virus. It is a hydra-headed monster, designed by its creators to be an unstoppable formula for global conquest. It’s almost impossible to eradicate, because it has no central brain or control center. Islam is like a starfish: when you cut off a limb, another grows to replace it. The names of the Muslim leaders, and the names of their Islamic groups, are transitory and ultimately unimportant. Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are succeeded by Al-Baghdadi and the Islamic State, but they will all pass from the scene and be replaced by others. While Muslim leaders and regimes have come and gone, Islam itself has remained steadfastly at war with the non-Muslim world for 1,400 years.”

    It may be hydra-headed, but it has a single heart – it is tied to a geographical feature. Destroy the kabbah, and Islam has a real problem – it will be impossible to follow the dictates of the religion.

  15. Jimmy the Saint

    Word is, even Zombie Walter Cronkite is going to say that the war is already lost.

  16. Doubletrouble

    Whoa. What’s especially (to me, anyway) unnerving is that Matt’s scenarios dovetail neatly with biblical prophesy.
    I was kinda hoping I wouldn’t be around to see that.

  17. Matt has such deep insight & understanding… Scary!

  18. Brilliant. So much in this that I did not know: ie. that Merkel was formerly from East Germany;and that 1000 children were held hostage & raped/tortured in Beslan. I have contended for a while now that Obama thinks all his “the future doesn’t belong to those who insult the prophet of Islam” talk & now the taking-in of these hijra-jihadists, will somehow earn him an important position in the near-future North American “branch” of the caliphate. I mean he’s not that old and could easily be around for another 30 years.

  19. Jebus…sometimes doesn’t it just suck being right? Thanks, but…Jebus…

  20. SemperFi, 0321

    Did you see the pics of the pump shotguns?
    Supposedly Brownings, but I’ve never seen M-4 type buttstocks and pistol grips on a BPS, maybe they’re the black duck hunting variety.

  21. First rid the country of cops, judges, and politicians. The rest will be EASY.

  22. The Meskin invasion of the former US of A, is the other fang of the Asp. I have no doubt that operations such as Fast and Furious are continuing by other means and under other names. The invasion of our country is being facilitated by our own government.

    As I have said before, this is being done not by stupid people, but by malicious ones.

  23. “More than a decade ago I wrote my first novel, Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Part of my motivation was to establish my bona fides at forecasting social, political and military trends. I didn’t like the direction America was heading, and I wanted to warn as many readers as possible about some of the dangers I saw coming. At the end of 2015, I hope that my past success at prognostication will encourage people to pay heed to this essay”…

    As I read the F&D trilogy, I often found myself going back and checking the copyright/publication dates. I couldn’t believe they weren’t written ‘later’.

    I believe you have succeeded in establishing your “prophetic” bona fides. The “Gates of Vienna” may have closed once again, yet the backdoors were left wide open, and the results are unlikely to be the same this time around. Can you imagine a Normandy, when we can’t get it together to save Detroit?

  24. Winchesters, pump guns, with pistol grips and adjustable stocks.

  25. Can you imagine a Normandy,

    Hell, no. As you mentioned, we have our own problems. The euros are going to have to figure this one out on their own.

    “They” are planning something quite similar for us, once Europe is in

  26. And poor little Libertarianism wants to dismantle the Government now, a de facto surrender to Islam and/or International Capitalism/Socialism. The answer is Nationalism or to use the lingo of the Socialists, Fascism. The Political cannot be separated from the Economic so it must rule it – or be ruled by it. There is no third ground. If you wont do it, the Muslims will.

  27. colddeadhandsdays

    If the west needs this wake up then so be it. We never seem to learn from History.

  28. What could possibly go wrong?

    After the dust settles and the bodies are buried, the people get on their knees, begging for the “Man of Peace”?

  29. Bracken argues the present situation in America results from the corruption of a happy representative democratic republican situation of 200 years ago. That situation is a myth, a fantasy, it never existed; national-sized politics and media has always and everywhere been as corrupt as it is today. The Founding Lawyers wrote the lies of the Federalist papers, stole the American peasantry from the British, and billed the peasants for the war to steal them. There is no happy situation to return to, so Bracken’s political prescriptions to do so are as mythical as Communism’s ‘withering away of capitalism’.

    If the immigrant parasites try to loot in any manner faster than voting, gun control for commoners in Europe will end. The war will be between local populations vs. “their” police forces. Immigrant parasites will be unimportant because they have no logistics, as they produce no food, guns, or ammo.

    And incidentally, good luck at planning the rescue operation for your town’s local Beslan-in-progress, after your local police HQ is cratered, and much of their crisis leadership is wiped out.

    “Crisis leadership”? That means the LEO who burned Waco, right? If these attackers kill the LEO who are oppressing my civil rights, that’s a good thing. LEO are never are a good thing, no matter how bad the attacks get, all LEO does is threaten to murder you if you try to defend yourself. Bracken is cheering LEO because a hierarchy of nationalist fascist rulers is the only social organization he knows.

  30. P.S. But isn’t that the plan?

  31. Thanks Mr. Bracken.

  32. Let’s hope for a resurgence in patriotism.

  33. Thus International Socialism and International Capitalism are ultimately the same thing – with the Economic being the secret power. Or in other words, Socialism for the many, and Capitalism for the few. Did they not unite against National Socialism in Europe during WW2? If one understands the implications of this essay, a fresh look at the National Socialist Cause is warranted – as well as a fresh look at America’s decision to enter both the First and Second World Wars.

    The key word in National Socialist is National – that’s why they hated them and why they hate American Patriots who foolish fought the men who should have been their allies. Of course the Jewish question always holds back American Patriots. Unwilling to question, they overlook that the leaders of both International Socialism and International Capitalism have tended to be Jews. This obviously greatly facilitates the efficiency of the cooperation between the two spheres. It’s pretty streamlined now, with these guys jumping from Business to Government to Academia (which is both public and private, and serving both) all the time. Now, who is it that must betray their people to attain high position in any of these? Whites. Who does not have to? Jews and their minority clients. So who is in charge, really and ultimately?

  34. there are only two major forces, not 3:

    1) open-borders Judeo-globalist banksters/billionaires who, via debt issuance and monetization, control the political classes in western Europe and N. America. This is the 3,000-year-old Jewish Tikkun Olam whose purpose it is to destroy the Nations and substitute their own Universal Rule. The Jews, however, do not have the raw numbers…so they hire and manipulate anti-White invasives: Blacks, mestizos, Asians, and Muslims. Islam is no more than it ever was: a tool of Zion. Mohammed himself was poisoned by a Jewess. As he lay dying, he ordered her life spared. He knew.

    2) White Nationalists. Weak, demoralized, disarmed in western Europe. Western Europe will fall. Eastern Europe and Russia, with a much stronger tradition of anti-Jewism, may well survive. North American Whites, though armed, have largely succumbed to judeophilia. Bracken himself is an excellent example. Odds on survival: 1 in 3.

  35. And enabled, aided, and abetted by ignorant and stupid ones…

  36. Both entertaining and maybe even plausible.

    Firstly, though … ALL Government is submission. Let’s not lose sight of that.

    You know that I’m a European, with a fondness for the anarchic. When I read MB’s essay, I see nothing more complex than a Turf War. I see 3 groups of Collectivists, each prepared to “wrestle for the wheel of State”. Each of those 3 groups seeks to dominate a geographical region and the people extant there. The winning group will then exploit the tax-cattle and impose its own particular view of morality.

    I could “pick a side” … choosing one of those 3 groups … but, I’m always going to be fighting for my own enslavement. The best argument that can be proposed is that, “Well, this Master will be kinder than that Master.” That may be true, but ultimately I will be forced to comply, upon pain of death.

    Perhaps the competing groups will fight each other to a standstill. Who knows? Right now, I will offer support to none of them. I think that it was one of the Chestertons who said something along the lines of, “A man doesn’t fight because of what he hates, but because of what he loves.” I would argue that the present socio-political system is not worth preserving. Maybe I should welcome the coming chaos, since it provides the opportunity for change. We know that the outcome of war is always uncertain. As in the Middle East, you might start with a couple of belligerents … and these are eclipsed by new, hitherto-unheard-of groups, which rise to prominence.

    With respect to nuking the MENA region. That would assuredly create a wave of refugees, with absolutely no option but to find “other lands” in which to live. And, of course, they’ll have hearts filled with hate. Not to mention the wider effects of radiation and the delicate matter of other nuclear powers being “less-than-enthusiastic”. Nuclear weapons represent a pretty desperate strategy, I think.

    I have wondered about the disconnect between what the Insecurity Services tell me … and what I see on the ground. Specifically, the “Gov” tell me that there are several thousand committed Jihadis in the UK…. but, I see that these guys never seem to do any actual Jihad-ing. Are they just rubbish at it? Do they lack confidence? Perhaps they prefer to lounge abed, instead of mixing deadly incendiary cocktails. I have to conclude that these thousands of Jihads simply do not exist, OR that they are gathering their number.

    To conclude, I’ll ask you what I asked one of the other contributors … “What do you want ME to do?”

  37. Compare this with the old Aristocracies: the officers were Aristocrats and didn’t need a “career”. I mean seriously, people join the military as a career. So of course they’re going to sell out to the highest bidder. Capitalism breeds its own mediocre personality structure, sometimes called “Capitalist Man”.

  38. Hillary will be president in 2016, thus Bill can be unleashed upon the heath’n Islamowomen which will tie up all the islamomuhammeds for at least 4 years as they hide their wives, daughters, and sisters from the great and mighty Billbo BAGgins as he staks mordor in search of the one true poon.

    Grab a beer itll be fun.

  39. Mr. Bracken, I’ve long admired your work and this is one of your best. I’ve rarely seen such a neat analysis of what is happening and how it is likely to play out.

  40. Can you expound on your counter arguments?

    #1 where’s the proof of this? Since all I’ve been reading is NATO/EU supporting the overthrowing of Assad, hence supporting ISIS/Al Qaeda/FSA/Rebels….or whatever they’re called today. Unless of course you’re still relying on the old MSM to get your information from, then I can understand why you believe this.

    #2 I beg to differ. Look into any of the semi-auto’s available today. Benelli and/or Mossberg (930SPX).

    #3 2017? A lot can happen between now and then. The pace of the games has picked up recently if you’ve been paying attention. The deliberate denial there’s any threat by our leaders is obvious and they’re sticking with the script and staying on course toward their Utopian fantasy.

    Really, what are your contributions/thoughts/ideas on what is occurring in every country around the globe? Every continent is experiencing some kind of chaos. And how do you/we navigate it to come out the other side? “Matt is an excellent writer, but” is not enough for me. He’s a student of history and I’ve yet to see his past claims be off the mark. I’ll take his queues until something else better comes a long, which is not likely.

    I’m troubled about all that I see in the world, how would you explain it, in detail, what is occurring?


  41. That depends on whether or not you view Tet as a demobilization of the VC and the breaking of US will prior to a conventional invasion….

  42. This reminds me of the ‘there are two divisions of Uzbek soldiers hiding in a salt mine near Detroit’ stuff I used to hear about 20 years ago. I’m calling BS on it because they don’t need to do it that way. No, a new 250000 are just spread around in different enclaves around the entire country every few months as the jumbo jets arrive.

    Things could get interesting when they start congregating at various sites around the country. That could include a rez but why use that land when there’s BLM and DOD property. Even King George had his hessians.

  43. “3. Matt is an excellent writer, but come 2017 when this shit doesn’t come to pass, he’ll make.even greater claims.”

    I believe we need to keep an eye on 2016:

    I really do hope nothing happens. However, it does shed light on why stay behind operations like Gladio were dismembered far in advance because of what we see happening now. Despite its faults the Western European end of Gladio might have offered something in battling the jihadists that official conventional forces couldn’t.

  44. Wasn’t it National Lampoon who came up with the name “Dildo Bugger?” Seems more fitting.

  45. Well at least Garrett Swasey is now another “good cop”.

  46. There are so many that aren’t “getting it” about just who is holding the gates open for non-white immigration. That it just can’t be “the tribe”, because “holocaust”.

    The proof is out there. The Tribe has financed wars among white Christians for several hundred years. The tribe had their tribe appointed as head of the Ukraine government and is maintaining a low level war among, wait for it, white, Orthodox Christians.

    The Tribe has, actually, been murdering Christians for nearly 2,000 years. The Tribe accompanied Muslims where ever their conquests and predations took them. All across north Africa, which was once a land of a white majority, right up into Spain. The Spanish Inquisition was all about ridding Spain of Muslims AND Jews, though you’ll hardly read about anything other than the Tribe.

    Don’t believe there’s a war against white, Christians? The ruling Tribe is no longer bothering to hide their hatred for you.

  47. “Crisis leadership”? That means the LEO who burned Waco, right?

    No, that means you, if you are getting involved in your community and trying to be a part of the solution. Or get involved until you find out there is no solution in that community, then find somewhere else to be. Rinse and repeat. You should at least get involved enough so that you might have a chance of piecing the surviving elements together.

    Bracken is cheering LEO because a hierarchy of nationalist fascist rulers is the only social organization he knows.

    How did what Matt wrote spawn this non-sequitur hyperbole? Have you read any of his books? Here’s a hint: read all of his books.

    Thanks for the great article, Matt. I really hope you are wrong, but thanks for filling in those details for us.


  48. Hope@ZeroKelvin

    @Matt: Your analogy to Tet is very good in my Monday morning musings over my coffee, I might quibble about a few differences:

    1) Instead of an external and readily identifiable command structure directing the infiltration of the jihadi’s into Europe, we have the very governments of Europe inviting these people in!!! Given that very few of the Muslims living there for the past 30 years have assimilated AND that most of these terrorists are home grown, you would think that Merkel et all would not want any more of them. (The word that comes to mind regarding these policies, after stupidity, is treason.) The very nature of Islam as a decentralized entity makes destroying the command structure very difficult. The only “central” parts of the faith is the Ka’Ba and Medina. I fear to contemplate what the reaction of the world’s Muslims will be to their total obliteration, which I fear may ultimately be necessary to free 1 billion people from the clutches of this vile creed.

    2) It doesn’t take 80,000 infiltrators to shut down Europe, 200 will do. Say 20 groups of 5 people hit “soft targets” of high emotional value like schools or hospitals, re: Breslan. If they are all wearing suicide vests and plan to die in the attempt, so much the better to spread the terror. When the army/police respond, the other 5 guys (x 20 sites) to come in with heavier arms to either attack the responders or attack vital infrastructure like power plants, water treatment, or key bridges in areas away from the original attack. The infrastructure of Europe is very complex but not very robust, like ours in the US. A few well placed bombs can take out the power/water/food supply for entire cities. Heck, these guys don’t even have to be that organized. All they have to do is create enough havoc and wait for the economic (and cultural) dominoes to fall. Europe’s economic and social structures are rotten to the core. They have been hallowed out by decades of liberal progressive policies and are teetering as it is.

    3) Don’t minimize the destructive power of the Muslims already in place in the banlieue’s and other Sharia ruled-no go areas throughout Europe. I’m sure they are all tuned into social media and it would take very little to rile them up and point them at the rest of Europe, which is unarmed and pussified by decades of cultural Marxism. 100 guys armed with nothing but baseball bats can injure/kill hundreds of people and destroy a lot of property, particularly if the police are otherwise occupied.

    If the Islamonazis have not already contemplated these scenarios, we would be supernaturally lucky.

    But I fear they have and such plans are already in motion.

  49. “Unwilling to question, they overlook that the leaders of both International Socialism and International Capitalism have tended to be Jews.”

    All those non-jew European, Saudi, Chinese, and Japanese leaders of the NWO just breathed a collective sigh of relief.

  50. When all of this is over I might dig up the grave of old Walter and drive a 6 foot stake through it just to be sure.

  51. Public pissoir.

    Just like the repurposed Frank the Cripple Public Excretory Facility on the mall in Old Washington.

  52. Good on you Matt. Said well as only you can. It is great to see a rational voice speak out in all this chaos. The truth is everything.

    We are in for it no doubt. Time to steel our hearts and strengthen our resolve. No matter what shape the sonofabitches running things foist their proxies of evil upon us a fight is coming.
    Lets surprise the bastards. Lets beat them. Lets eradicate their evil from our land and win our liberty for all time.
    Lets show the fuckers you don’t mess with free men who have liberty for blood.
    Lets Win!

  53. And we could save the world from deadly radioactive fallout and do it conventionally! A GBU-43B (or two?) cradled in a Hercules overhead with the kaaba as “ground zero” during, say, the last day of the hajj, with the highest number of faithful pilgrims in attendance, would take out islam’s holiest place, and severely damage the surrounding grand mosque. I think you’re right, that would be a “real problem” and the other four lessor pillars, shahada, salat, zakat and sawm will probably collapse also.

  54. Surprise, one of Haxo’s crew reads an article and finds a way to make it about jews and a “fresh look at Nationalism” In other words we should give up on our ideas of Constitutional government founded on Liberty and individual freedom and look to Nazi strongmen to fight Islamofacist.

    Fuck all these guys.

  55. Thank you for this great piece, it is greatly appreciated.

  56. Yes, it was National Lampoon’s spoof called, “Bored of the Rings”

  57. The error bars on analyses like Brackens are very wide.

    Civilization is driven by far more sophisticated minds doing that same kind of stringing together of words, and the error rate is very high, e.g. the 20th century’s wars, none of which won anything much for anyone, in historical retrospect.

  58. Really Detroit…….
    Insipid comment from the resident of a zombie city already destroyed by socialists.
    Just because you and your neighbor’s failed miserably doesn’t mean the rest of us will follow your example.

  59. Islam is full of symbolism, and nothing beats a good mushroom cloud for sheer theatrics. The radioactivity from a hit out there in the middle of the desert would not be a problem (see Hiroshima, and note the range of the dispersal – far shorter than the distance to any town of importance from Mecca). I think a cute little tactical nuke would be just fine.

  60. The article names numerous jews but fails to identify them as such. Warburgs-jew, Rothschilds-jew, Marx-jew, Trotsky-jew, Lenin-jew, Soros-jew.

    A whole lot of kosher there seeing as how they only make up .2% of the worlds population.

    By the way the jews holy book is the Talmud not the Christian Bible.

  61. If I ever get the urge to swallow a big load of the neocon meme, I know where to get it: Bracken.

    Meanwhile people and history will go on in a way that nobody can predict. Well, at least Matt has one wise thing to say, about staying armed and ready.

  62. If you can’t connect the dots like Mr. Bracken has, I suggest that all of you out there in internetland read “Hope of the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World” by Ted Flynn. Then re-read Mr. Bracken’s current essay “Tet: Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive.”

    Mr. Flynn took 26 years to painstakingly research and write this book and he backs up everything in his book with some 41 pages of bibliography. Although not predicting a European Offensive as Mr. Bracken has… the indicators are in “Hope of the Wicked.” History is full of ‘hindsight 20/20 vision historians’ that point to the indicators that we all should have CLEARLY SEEN before a calamity.

    Flynn traces the start of this New World Order back to Adam Westhaupt, a German Philosopher who created the secret society “The Order of the Illuminati.”

    “Yes Virginia… there was an “Order of the Illuminati !!” …and I believe there still is, regardless of it morphing into something else as an organization both sinister and powerful. It has its tentacles into any and every other organization and government that has power and control.

    Whatever good intention Westhaupt had for this society was quickly twisted by those members who saw great personal financial gain and power. Ask yourself… is that a possible trait of human nature? “Power corrupts… and absolute power corrupts absolutely” as the saying goes.

    The classic example of what these powerful people did was the French Revolution of 1789 to 1799. Over a period of two years preceding the start of this turmoil… they created starvation in one of the most prosperous countries on earth. They simply manipulated the grain markets to cause the staples of food for the French to disappear… thus creating a revolution. Just to get rid of the competition of a non-aligned ruler king.

    Revolution, in most cases as you all know, doesn’t happen when the populous is well fed. Thomas Jefferson stated his consternation just after living in France that he couldn’t understand how that prosperous country turned to chaos and the control of the Jacobins (named after the Jesuit Monastery which became their headquarters, kangaroo court trial showplace and one of their execution grounds) in such short time.

    I personally believe this quest for a New World Order started in a fragmented fashion way before this… some 1,000 years ago when someone took seriously Plato’s dialogue proposing a working class, warrior class and a ruling elite being the perfect fit for us dummies.

    The Jewish Conspiracy !? Quit beating a dead horse. These are JINOs (Jews In Name Only) by blood line, but there’s not a true Jew amongst these powerful people… they’re Satanists and Idol worshipers. Their quest is for money, power and the eventual control of the masses as their goal. However, Americans are just too well armed for them to do much with us at the moment.

    Read the books below then come back and dispute Mr. Bracken and Mr. Flynn.

    “Tet: Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive” in my believe is titled in the figurative sense of ‘2016.’ Doubtless, Mr. Bracken with be chastised for missing the mark if the offensive happens later than 2016. Literally, it may not be that particular year… but it IS in the making and CLOSE. How Mr. Bracken chose this year, if that is what he intended, is not an issue to me… even the MSM shows a sh1t storm is coming to Europe… and here.

    IF YOU HAVEN’T READ “Hope of the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World” get a copy.

    IF YOU HAVEN’T READ all FOUR of Mr. Bracken’s novels… you’d better get to crack’n as time is of the essence. Mr. Bracken’s writings have opened my eyes… the eyes of a person who has lived all over this planet and experienced many countries, cultures and people.

    I commend Mr. Bracken for his in-depth analysis of current worldly situations… more so, I commend him for sticking his neck out to present these to others.

    Those “arm chair academics” of you who think his essay is lacking because of bibliography, it’s there. Read Mr. Brackens other writings and see how many of his predictions have not come to pass in some manner or form.

    For those of you that think I’ve typed this while wearing a tin foil hat… or just want to get into a pissing contest on the internet, read before you type… then piss if you must.

    My son was a Marine rifleman and veteran of Iraq who saw too much combat, has had some horrible experiences and the mental scars that should make the following statement alien to him. He said to me at lunch last month… “Dad, we’re living in the greatest of times!!”

    That statement was directed at ME. His suggestion was that I quit thinking so much negative thoughts and enjoy life more. We’re not mass killing each other and most people on this planet have food, shelter and good health. My son is armed to the teeth, with food and water and prepared for his wife and son and our family. But he has begun to make peace with some of his past… and his statement to me was to try to do the same and enjoy life more.

    Start connecting the dots folks… be aware… do what you can… live your life in happiness and love your friends and family… but be prepared.

  63. Heckuva comment, sir.

    Thank you, and thanks for the book recommendation.

  64. Pingback: It’s always Over There | Neoreactive

  65. Highly recommend Vox Day (Link: self described nationalist/libertarian and his Castalia House publishing (Link:
    For this subject see William S. Lind and the upcoming 4th Generation Warfare Handbook

  66. “Short of finding oil under their feet, most Islamic nations are backward and impoverished”

    Land with oil seeping from the ground was considered low value by moslems until a white guy figured out its worth. Most of the people doing the over 100 IQ part of oil work in moslem lands are imported foreign workers, as the natives are too stupid. In Kuwait, a land taken over by a secular power, but retaken by US Tax dollars a foreign male travel nurse was thrown in jail for drinking water during 100+ degree Ramadan day, if he was moslem he could have gotten away by saying it was a medical necessity.

  67. robroysimmons

    Vox Day has a reasonable critique of Matthew’s work at his blog if he would like to defend his thesis. Voxdayblogspot

  68. I’ll second that and thank you Mr. Bracken for your prophetic wisdom.

  69. Nationalism was last murdered in 1945 by nationalist willing dupes controlled by international socialism.

    This time around, there is no room for nationalists outside the nationalist camp. It doesn’t matter what precise variant of nationalism you advocate, if you advocate anything nationalist at all you will be informed that you are just like Hitler, and that’s the end of it.

    The meaning of Hitler, today, is as a rallying point. It has nothing to do with the actual historical man. It is simply an A / not-A identifier. If you are in the service of good, you will find yourself standing under that banner, one way or another – if for no other reason than that you were pushed there by the anti-nationalists, kicking and screaming, in spite of yourself, in spite of any protestations that no, you’re really on THEIR side, but you can’t quite bring yourself to love Big Brother and don’t they agree that – no. No, they don’t, and you are just like Hitler.

    Nationalism was checked from reaching its extremes last time around, by the dupe-nationalists. This time around, there will be nothing to stop it.

    Isaac Asimov’s story “In a Good Cause” is a good guide to how this must play out.

  70. As regards the details of the article:

    “When the snow is deep in Germany and across Europe, these men are going to enter local houses, demanding to be taken in as boarders—or else. ”

    This is a specific prediction. I claim and predict that it is absolutely false. Check back in March to see who was right.

  71. FYI: World Federalist Association is the American branch of the World Federalist Movement. In 2004, the World Federalist Association changed its name to Citizens for Global Solutions.
    The World Federalist Movement is headquartered across the street from the UN in New York with extensive ties to the UN.

  72. Yeah ok, I’ve skimmed the rest of the article, and Vox is right. Bracken has no fucking clue what he’s talking about.

  73. Origin is a fake news article.

  74. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

  75. Alfred E. Neuman

    We are in deep bat guano, up to our eyeballs. Boy, does it stink? We seem to be helplessly brain dead. What is it going to take for the “so called patriots” to get some balls to do something? We have the mentality of ” you go first and I will follow”. Yeah, right!!!!!

    Always look forward to your look on the world. Keep up the good work and don’t falter……

  76. turkish semi auto w/ pistol grip
    you’re welcome

  77. The Usual Suspect

    Denial is not a river in Egypt, and to all you adjudicated idjiots who
    are not convinced this is happening, ” Let me see your WAR FACE “

  78. “After 1,400 unchanging years, Islam cannot simply erase two of its five pillars and continue with business as usual. “Allahu Akbar” means our god is greatest. If Mecca was turned into a vast, glowing crater, this would be visibly untrue.”

    I think this is the key to burying Islam once and for all. Muslims must not only lose, they must lose big and be humiliated and demoralized in the process. They must have their noses rubbed in allahu akbar. After Mecca, one Muslim capital city after another turned into vast, glowing craters. Their choice must be the same choice we gave the Germans and the Japanese during WWII: repudiate your cult of death or we will kill every single one of you like vermin. Once they realize that allah is not going to save them from annihilation, they will flip like the Germans and Japanese flipped (and the Aztecs and Incas). Sadly, I don’t think the current crop of western leaders has the moral fortitude for this.

  79. Brilliant analysis.

  80. (((Rothschilds))) ((( Warburgs))) (((Sorros))) (((Marx))) (((Lenin)))

    Weird how many international socialist last names echo when spoken aloud?

  81. I didnt read much of the post above. However I want to make a point. I have traveled all over the world and into Muslim countries. Lots of them. I have been accepted and treated quite well by them. Never had a problem.
    I was in a horrible bus accident and 4 guys made a stretcher and carried me 60 miles to the nearest hospital on their shoulders. They didnt look at me and spit on me and call me an american POS. They did the right thing. Most people are just people.
    The people causing all the problems today are fanatics. Not just muslim fanatics either. Fight the fanatics.

  82. Yes, we reshape that statue into that toilet you are talking about. Just sit right down in old Franks lap and empty yourself of any liberal thoughts.

  83. Can you explain to me how Nationalism is any different from Socialism?

  84. The Jewish “holy book” (actually it’s a scroll) is called the Torah which is the same as the Pentateuch -the first 5 books of the Old Testament of the Christian Bible.

  85. Vox Day linked (and quoted) this:
    He adds ”I’m not simply discounting the warning in this article [link to here]postulating large-scale Islamic 4GW in Europe[link]. But I am just a little amused by it, as Americans always, always, always fail to understand Europe and tend to underestimate the strong nationalist core underneath the soft modern welfare state:”
    He has a different perspective, having lived in Italy for 10+ years.
    RTWT, he sees and hears things ‘on the ground’ in Europe that many here don’t.

  86. Indeed. 14 words.

  87. “…And, of course, they’ll have hearts filled with hate….”

    Of course, at the moment, they’re all full of love and jovial kumbaya.

    Just nuke the hell out of them and give them a real reason to hate. Then we can nuke them again to clean up the dross.

  88. 3 generations of “de-Nazification”, de-nationalization, approved self-loathing, group confession/blame-accepting, delegitimizing of family and church, elevating collectivist/centralized/remote government, making family formation more difficult than paying off a 10 year note on a Jetta, packing people in tight (tiny expensive apt’s and mass structures) to increase stress (reduce child-bearing, encourage violence/homosex/”beautiful ones”), and low-quality public schools (more indoctrinating/training than educating), have made the West ripe for takeover. Female SJW’s will bear the enemy “new men” children (or be worked/raped to death) who will be raised in groups to hunt and kill their maternal families. Wives/daughters of weak men will face the same fate. Defenseless men will be promised things at gunpoint and told to pile their bags (fill out this tag with the short pencil and attach it to the bag, keeping the tear-off number) and clothes “over there”, then marched to their pre-dug mass grave. Neatness counts, as well as minimizing waste of valuable clothing.

    Eurabia awaits Refugihadists with flowers and open arms! Will America do the same?

  89. I get the “no Kaaba, no Islam” concept, but they’re actually expecting that as a sign of the end times:

  90. No ONE is doing anything as long as the blue-wall stands. The cops will protect the rulers and the invaders until the last drop of Patriot blood is shed. PERIOD.

  91. ”And when it comes to how the approaching European storm will affect China and Asia, my crystal ball is cloudy on the other side. It’s hard to imagine a world war extending from Scandinavia to the Persian Gulf not going nuclear at some point. Perhaps the patient and cautious Chinese will simply inherit the ruins of the West. Perhaps they will be drawn into the world war.”
    China has had experience with islam, quite a bit more than you think:
    About 10 years ago the Uyghurs, seeing how effective islam was being in the American Empire started ‘feeling their oats’ and started pulling crap like suicide bombings. Every time they pulled such a stunt, the Chinese security forces would sweep in to the Uyghur village and start making life VERY unpleasant for the locals – such as torturing and ‘disappearing’ suspected troublemakers. Right before the ’08 Beijing Olympics Osama Bin Laden (or someone speaking on his behalf) sent out a general message to all of Al-Quida saying, and I quote, ”Let China be”.
    Moslims are quite aware if they hit China, China will hit back twice as hard. You can ask the Tibetans how kindly China treats those who merely disagree with them.
    Even Bin Laden knew that if the Chinese told the Pakis ”We want Bin Laden… NOW!” they would have delivered him (or at least pieces of him) right away.

  92. I’m on my second reading…probably need a few more to internalize the implications. All I can say is that Matt put some hard work into this one–it’s some damn good stuff and it’s damn hard to put the mess together like that. I had never thought of it before, but when I saw ‘Tet’ I knew where he was going. I don’t know about anyone else but it sure as hell feels like ’16.

  93. Four guys carried you sixty miles on their shoulders?

  94. SemperFi, 0321

    The picture they (English news) posted of officials opening gun cartons showed an M-4 sliding buttstock and pistol grip pump shotgun (exact rear end as an M-4 carbine), supposedly a Browning being sent from Turkey to Belgium. Could also be an old file photo they slipped in with no bearing on actual weapons confiscated. These could be weapons ordered by Belgium for local sale to EU residents, rather than ISIS smuggled for the infiltrators. So maybe we’re being lied to no matter what we read or wish to believe?
    I’m very aware of the new gun mfg’s in Turkey, and they probably are making lots of firearms for the big companies such as Browning. However that is not the shotgun that was shown, close but not same (more like the USMC Benelli). And Turkey does produce some fine firearms these day, Germany set them up with a whole new CNC firearms industry, and good teachers.

  95. First, thanks for your books, etc. which helped to clarify some concepts of 4th Generation War for me. Three thoughts:

    1. One for accuracy. Karbala is in Iraq, not Iran. Grand Ayatollah Sistani has a great deal of authority there. His belief that religion + politics drags religion down to politics’ level is unusual within Islam, though he has been unable to completely escape political involvement in Iraq.

    Qom is in Iran, where it hosts a rival school of Shi’ite theology that hews to the much closer closer church/state coupling of Khomeniism. Ayatollah Khameni (note lack of the “Grand” prefix) is its most visible representative. The schools do not like each other; in Iraq, the Qom school’s representative is Moqtada al-Sadr.

    2. One for construction. Islam is currently in the initial stages of its 30 Years War. Yet your scenario treats it as unitary, and assumes that its priority is the far war. Mistake.

    Islam is divided, and its priority is the near war. As the 30YW’s firestorm expanded in order to funnel men and resources into the fire, so too does Islam’s version. That radically changes the nature of Islam’s likely actions within Europe, though it is still a great threat. Europe is effectively importing the Islamic 30 Years War into its territory. And a “GoPro Tanks” Jobar scenario is indeed vary plausible.

    3. One for focus. Europe’s priority, too, will be the Near War within. The nature of 4th Generation Warfare can work for the Islamists in the ways you describe, but it can also work for the nationalists. If your scenario comes to pass, artillery fire on the banlieus is likely to be a lot less pivotal to the outcome than a lot of back-alley and behind-doors work that is never seen. The strategic pivot here is anarcho-tyranny’s presence/ absence/ nature. Not mass warfare, because once it reaches that level the winner is known by the answer to the anarcho-tyranny question.

    The military scenario question is how the nationalist forces could plausibly coordinate that sort of thing, or create a structure that incentivizes such work in an organic/ fractal manner. Not seeing it, myself. But then, as an honest analyst I know there are a ton of things going on that are invisible to me.

    My suspicion is that the real pivot of any such war as you describe would be the role of native criminal syndicates. You could call it the “Han Solo Effect,” but since this is Europe I prefer “Deus Ex Mafia.”

  96. You do make a good point. The muzzies have shown that they are entirely incapable of the kind of intelligent planning that whites and far east peoples are capable of. They might have the opportunity, motive, and resources, but putting them together is a different story.

    They’re very much like the naggers who spend 99.9% of their energy talking about starting shit and when they finally do, its clumsy and ineffective. Hell, if they wanted to they could start a minor revolution and hold his nation hostage via its cities, but that just sounds like work that would interrupt the okay life of “just enough” money, food, and skanks.

    Matt is looking at their opportunity and potential with the sharp mind of a white warrior trained like no other. Quite a different perspective from Ahmed the Angry Teenager.

    9/11 shows they can pull shit off once in a while, but the conquest of Europe (which is inevitable at this point) will probably be slower and more marginal than Matt is predicting until they just conquer by attrition.


  97. Nationalism is one’s cultural identity based on genetics. Family, clan, nation, in that order. Nation is an extension of “Me” and “Mine”.

    Socialism is a forced collective. You are a part of “we” because it is demanded of you, and enforced at gun point. It is theft of property, and thence labor, and thence personhood.

  98. Thanks for that link. I think Vox Day has a better fix on reality than Bracken does. I spent a year living in Paris back in 1980; the French are not quite the pushovers that ignorant Americans think they are. Just as here, the real enemy is the ruling class – but they may have goofed by letting so many Muslims in. Every outrage will loosen the grip of the ruling class, until all hell breaks loose.

  99. D you could save yourself a shit ton of typing by simply cutting and pasting “we’re going to lose”. Over. And over. Every post. Over and over.

  100. Hail Victory.

  101. Great point. Also they prove flexible as did Judaism when the Temple was destroyed. They might get really mad too!

  102. PLease explain why it is to the advantage of the socialist el;ites to0 bri9ng ion thousands of “Syrian refugees.” then blame them for a false flag event?

    Occam’s Razor… ever hear of it?

  103. Socialism (Nationalist) can produce magnificent cities. Socialism and Capitalism (International) often produce magnificent parts of cities, side by side with slum. Blacks produce no cities nor do they maintain ones they take over. Hope that clears it up.

  104. Incorrect. The Pharisee Sect is basically a new religion, one which interprets the Torah only in light of the Talmud. The Talmud was only an oral tradition during Christ’s time but already well developed, and He cursed as a vile tradition of men.

    The higher octave to the Talmud is the Kabbalah, a mysticism which sees the Jewish people, epitomized by the Rabbis, as God. Yahweh is said to study the Talmud, trying to understand the Rabbis. Thus He is reduced to a figure of fun in the new occult religion.

  105. To conclude, I’ll ask you what I asked one of the other contributors … “What do you want ME to do?”

    I let it go before because you argue sensibly, with respect to your opinions, and keep a civil tone but…

    Since you cannot see the difference between Good and Evil, or the necessity of opposing the second even if the first is imperfect, I would prefer that you shut the fuck up and get the hell out of the way.

  106. Can’t agree. There is much against the Jews in the Koran. And He drove several Jewish tribes of Saudi Arabia. The one that tried to fight, he defeated and slaughtered all the men. He took one of young women as a concubine just hours later. He then asked her to marry him and she said no. Maybe bad timing on his part, just hours after seeing her Father and Brothers killed?

    But yes, their idea of God is much closer and that’s important to them. Thus they have often cooperated against the West, certainly in Spain and perhaps other places as well. This current invasion is an obvious collusion. Yet the invaders have already repeatedly attacked the Jews. Thus the Jews are incredibly foolish to do what they have done. That’s what happens when you hate the enemy more than you love yourself. Even a few years ago, Bibi told French Jews to get out because it was no longer safe.

  107. Now there’s an “anonymous” with whom I can agree and praise.

    That’;s a very seldom occurrence around here.

  108. Yeah Mr Flynn doesn’t mention the Jews at all. Outrageous, all the more as Masonry is full of Jewish symbolism. JINOS? That’s a new one for me but Ok. Jews are all about race, have been since the beginning. Now the religion is largely gone, but the obsession with race remains. That’s what they ask if you want to emigrate to Israel – not whether you are an observant Jew or a believing Jew. Welcome to the real world, sir.

    Try Nesta Webster. Mr Churchill recommended her before he sold out.

  109. The Japanese smile and bowed and said yes in classic Oriental fashion. But not for one minute did the majority believe the Allied propaganda. They showed themselves stronger than the Germans, of course their country wasn’t ruined nearly to the same degree either.

    Think America would survive that kind of thing? As a united nation? We’re not united now so there is no reason why we would or more importantly, should.

  110. not eddie van halen

    Was directed here from one of my favorite blogs. That being said, what the hell can I do about it? Let’s assume that I have the necessary physical items (arms, foodstuffs, various supplies, etc.), I’m still locked into my city job. I

  111. What do you know about Christianity?

  112. These truly are the best years of our lives.

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  115. Outstanding shot of the Merk. Why are so many politicians, men and women, so absolutely butt – ugly? Great article. Thank you.

  116. I quoted a phrase from your magnificent piece. Thank you!

  117. One of my comforts is having received at a relatively young age the insight that the worst years of my life were already over.

    Not that things couldn’t or wouldn’t go REALLY bad one or more times before I cash out, but never again would I have to slog through real ugliness with all of the naiveté, ignorance, and immaturity of my first exposures to life as it is, not as I’d like it.

  118. Stick around, Not Eddie.

  119. In a particular order, three things: mindset, physical conditioning, and hard training.

    First thing to work on is mindset. A rational person is never locked into any behavior that might be hurtful to his chances of living. (“I’m still locked into my city job.”)

    For the rest, as CA said, stick around. He will sort you out. Or at least give you paths.

  120. Because maybe they don’t give a rats ass about the people and they want more power? false flags lure the sheep to beg for more security…

  121. Fascinating but spine chilling reading

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  124. SemperFi, 0321

    I have a sister like that. Walks around smiling and telling everyone how wonderful everything is. If I tell her it’s going to get bad, she ignores me and starts in with her unicorns shitting Skittles stories.
    Life is about facing reality and not constantly blowing smoke up your own ass how tough you are. Some of you guys are going to be in for a big surprise when your Rambo image falls apart.
    I always look back to Berlin 1945 and an old war weary Waffen SS soldier facing the Soviets having to admit to himself the 1,000 yr Reich just failed. That’s reality.
    Guess who’s next? American exceptionalism, too big to fail?
    We can still win, but it’s up to us, not the past generations who did all the hard work, and whose accomplishments everyone is still riding on.

  125. Incredibly thought provoking, you need to appear on Dr Savage and tell the masses
    God bless you sir.

  126. Sheeple like you are the “useful idiots ” loved by the left

  127. Beano McReano

    We are being judged for sodomy and putting a sodomite Negro king in. The amateurs wanted to taunt your God and they have been successful.

    You will be judged first then them after. He is a righteous God, afterall.

  128. [crisis leadership] means you, if you are getting involved in your community and trying to be a part of the solution. Or get involved until you find out there is no solution in that community, then find somewhere else to be. Rinse and repeat. You should at least get involved enough so that you might have a chance of piecing the surviving elements together.

    Electoral anything still doesn’t work.

    How did what Matt wrote spawn this non-sequitur hyperbole?

    Bracken writes: And incidentally, good luck at planning the rescue operation for your town’s local Beslan-in-progress, after your local police HQ is cratered, and much of their crisis leadership is wiped out.

    Bracken looks to the local police HQ as a means of defending yourself from terrorists. However, what the local police HQ has actually been doing all this time is preventing you from going around armed and defending yourself from attempted slaughter by shooting the attackers in progress. The local police HQ is on the side of the terrorists. A hierarchy of nationalist fascist rulers is the only social organization Bracken knows.

  129. But they’re largely unarmed. Compute that.

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  131. Pingback: Intelwars2 – Dec 1, 2015 – *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are Under Assault! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (605) 562 – 7701. For Tomorrows News, Today! | She

  132. If the OP is correct in his assessment, then I do not have the option to “get out of the way”.

    I could probably arrange to “shut the fuck up” … but, that’s not in my nature.

    Now, istm that I am some 3,000 miles closer to the presumed “front line” than most of you guys. Soooo, it’s important to me that I make at least some good decisions.

    There are supposed to be 2,000 Jihadi-types in Britain. Presumably, they are disposed towards killing me. Now, the very second that I pick up a gun, the number of “people who want to kill me” jumps from 2,000 to a splendid 140,000 … as every British cop becomes the de-facto ally of the Jihads. Even John Rambo might allow his lip to tremble a little.

    So, I won’t ask, “what I should do?” … instead, I’ll ask, ” what would you do?”

    You can see that it’s not only me that is incapacitated by indecision. The whole of Europe is similarly paralysed.


    ( Also very willing to accept instruction on the differences between “right” and “wrong”. )

  133. The Jews have the Torah behind a veil (Parochet) in their temples –not the Talmud. Like any other code to live by they have the freedom of choice to follow it or not just like Christians and the Bible or American government officials and the US Constitution.

    I doubt God needs to study a book to understand anyone since He already knows what’s in their hearts.

  134. “Bibi told French Jews to get out because it was no longer safe”

    Yes, everyone come to the NWO’s new Warsaw ghetto.

  135. The difference in perspective may be that you were a guest in their respective countries…and they were not invading yours…at that time.

  136. No, that means you, if you are getting involved in your community and trying to be a part of the solution. Or get involved until you find out there is no solution in that community, then find somewhere else to be. Rinse and repeat.

    In the 20th century alone there were 200 attempts at democratic/electoral government. All governments are democratic. Political leaders cannot rule without the willing payment of taxes, which the leadership kooks never have the military strength to compel the bulk of the population to pay. Out of these 200 attempts at socialism, 20 of them resulted in genocides. Despite this body of evidence, socialists still believe socialism will work if only the right people are in charge. Belief in good government is a religious faith. You will rinse and repeat until you create your utopia, no matter the human costs in murder.

  137. Paul, do you think it’s just possible that things have changed in 35 years?

    Or that personal anecdotes do not analysis make?

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  139. Detroit was still a viable civilization 35 years ago….

  140. James A. Laughlin

    I hope you are a Christian. What I am about to share with you depends on that. You are putting too much blame on the Islamic people. I am sure their are very many very evil Islamic people, but these people are being directed by an evil far worse. These evil people are the Talmudic Jews. The Muslims have been used by the Jews way back when the Moors were attacking Spain. The Jews opened the gates in Spain to let the Moors (Muslims) in, and when the Moors left they left the Jews in control. The Jews are still using them to destroy Christianity. This is the Jews sole goal. If you notice the media is completely against Christianity, but time after time they protect or promote the Muslims . Then you have to understand the Jews controls the media..
    I have 5 books in Kendel on this subject if you are interested. They need some revising, but most of the data is there. I and my son and daughter-in-law are traveling over the U.S., and I had to put them on Kendle in a hurry. I am not to anxious to have the books get popular until I die. I know how wicked these people are.
    James A. Laughlin

  141. This reminds me of a story I heard about the Russians form the 60’s or 70’s. (I heard about it in the 80’s, and I can neither confirm it – is seems suspsect – nor deny it – it seems all to plausible). Anyhow, the Soviets captured a few terrorist, proceeded to torture them (a belt sander was mentioned) and sent the video out saying “we will do this to all of you” or something similar.
    Again, I can not confirm it, but it seems plausible and certainly gets a message across if true. If China were to use ‘unpleasant measures’ it probably would have worked.

  142. TheRightSite

    Reblogged this on The Right Site and commented:
    Don’t miss out. Read it all and get the books. Thanks to WRSA and Mr. Bracken.

  143. TheRightSite

    They are INDEFENSIBLE! I believe we will all get the chance to test their moderate positions. At some point we will all get to test our own positions. Until that day, I keep my powder dry and aim small so as to miss small. Oh, one more thing… I don’t swallow their Good Muslim BS for a second…

  144. Matt Bracken is usually quite astute, so it’s especially disappointing to see him guzzling the “it’s the MOOOOOSLIMS . . . . ” Kool-Aid. The plain fact of the matter, all “Satanic Koran” balloon juice to the contrary notwithstanding, is that absent USG propping up their klepto-dictators (which bugfuck jihadist variant Islam is Saudi Arabia, anyone? . . . Anyone?) and bombing the shit out of them on a routine basis, the average Muslim – the vast majority – would be no more militant than the average Christian, and the fanatics would be too busy offing each other in the course of their sectarian feuds to even notice the West’s existence. The Kerodin stink won’t neuter the III%, but if people don’t wake up pretty damn pronto, the “Over there! Islam!” application of Herr Goering’s ruse will.

  145. You are failing to distinguish between International Socialism, also called Marxism, and National Socialism, also called Fascism.

  146. The Veil was torn after they killed Christ. But of course you don’t care. You are for them, not for Christ. You believe them, not Him. You love them, while they despise you and your kind. He said, Beware the leaven of the Pharisees, yet you bow to these people.

  147. Reblogged this on disturbeddeputy and commented:
    If you aren’t aware of Matt Bracken, educate yourself.

  148. What makes you a Christian?

  149. “I hope you are a Christian.”

    Yes. Would you like to learn to become one?

  150. This scenario depicted by Braken is a worst case scenario, but is not implausible by any means. Even a ‘least case scenario’ is chaos on an epic scale, in my opinion. It could happen quite soon as the muslim mobs will take to the streets to disrupt and destroy Christmas in Europe. They are already running wild through churches and looting stores. I see horrific struggles just to get through the winter. But I don’t see the EU lasting to the 4th of July. Braken has put on paper so many of my worries and backed up his theory with too many facts.
    I wish he were wrong. But he is dead on.

  151. GS, you wouldn’t know the first thing about Christianity.

    I seriously doubt that you are a Christian. More like an enemy of Christ posing as a Christian to lead the faithful astray.

  152. Dudes:

    The internecine wars within Christianity come AFTER we defeat the external-to-Christianity threat.

    It’s in the rulebook.

  153. SemperFi, 0321

    And I’m taking a vow of abstinence.
    Man, what a clusterfuck of know-it-alls.

  154. Well being on His side helps, not the side of his Enemies. Of course the battle goes through every human heart, but let’s not let the subtle out weight the obvious, eh?

    A new Seth Rogan Anti-Christmas movie is coming out. He vomits on the Church floor during Christmas Eve Mass. But real Christians don’t have Mass, right GS? And Muslims control Hollywood.

  155. Having read Matt’s original post twice and these comments through several times (in keeping up with the latest additions) I would commend everyone seriously interested to go to GoV and read the comments to this post there.

    The tone and content, as compared to many here, is instructive.

  156. I only read the first half or so, then skimmed through the rest. I think you’re spot on. One thing I didn’t see was any mention of biblical prophecies. The Islamic savior bears a close resemblance to the anti Christ, as well as the conditions that usher in his rise.

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  158. And then the Catholics and Protestants can go back to killing each other?

    I thought we were past that, but given what I’ve seen here, I now know we’re not.

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  160. There’s that.

    But the big fight will be the inter-Protestant shootings.

    All in the name of God.



    GS: From what I have seen, it’s the Catholics and the Protestants who are insisting on bringing in the Muzzies. I guess organized religion in Amerika has a death wish.

  162. What is “GoV” ?

  163. Linked up top just below Matt’s trilogy graphic.

  164. I hear from both Catholics and Protestants and both aren’t happy with the decisions of their leadership. Immigration aside there’s enough problems over abortion, gay marriage etc.

    I now believe I’m far more likely to be shot in the back by a Christian in name only than be blown up by a jihadist inside the US.

  165. Excellent article!

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  168. Bracken says, Patriots will be seen as Nazis and Nazis as Patriots. Very fuzzy, just like the Establishment likes. The Nazis were Patriots, German Patriots. Thus all Nazis (real ones of course) are Patriots, but not all Patriots are Nazis – since Nazism was/is a German movement.

    The word itself is Bavarian insult that the Press used. In other words, the historical Nazis didn’t call themselves that in general.

    Of course other Fascist movement drew inspiration from German National Socialism and were influenced it by it. So in that sense, they could be called “Nazis” in a sense. Obviously there is no reason for American Patriots to call themselves Nazis or Fascists (unless they are), but it’s good to understand what other patriots believe, and not insult them unnecessarily, which only serves those who hate all Patriots everywhere.

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  172. Matt, What do you think about this: “Black Flags from Rome” a 99 page manifesto from ISIS. Looks like you are right unfortunately. i.e. San Bernadino today.