TL Davis: Seeds Of Hatred


His latest.


They will be the overriding theme of the first half of the 21st century.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. The Usual Suspect

    You have to be demonstrably stupid to not realize what
    the Community of Liberty will have to become to overthrow
    the mantle of oppression.

    • Stronger, that’s all. If you’re gonna become them, why bother?

      • Nubbin-Fingered Jake Rodell

        To WIN, Mr. Klein – to WIN.
        If you cannot “visualize” yourself executing the Traitors’ (or his Imported proxy Jihadist enforcers’) wives and children first, while he is forced to watch and begs you to spare their lives and serve justice only upon him, then you should probably leave the Field – Now. The “Them” has no problem bringing the Horror to us. Why would you balk at deliver’n it to them – in Spades? To maintain the Moral High Ground? I am better than them to begin with, but I will still bring it – in equal, or excessive, brutality and continue to be better than “them” after our side won the quarrel.

        I might suggest you reacquaint yourself with the Ethos espoused through Col. Kurtz’s monologue in “APOCALYPSE NOW.” We will be “stronger” on the other side pf what is coming knowing we gathered the inner strength to do the bloodletting that needed being done – to WIN.

        • This article seems to boil down to the pot calling the kettle black. Also, a lot of fear-mongering.

          As to killing women and children, as described here… it’s a scenario only a provocateur could love.

          Jim is right. When you’ve absorbed and incorporated all of these excuses for evil behavior, what is left of you that is worth a damn? When this happens, the Devil has won.

    • I know, do you?

  3. 1 John 2:22King James Version (KJV)
    Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

  4. If you want me to spring to the defense of Christianity, you’ll first have to explain to me why Christians have any truck with voting.

    If you vote, you assuredly endorse a system which places the laws of man, above the laws of God. So, let’s begin with “Thou shalt have no God before Me.”

    If you vote, you assuredly endorse a system which contradicts the Eighth Commandment … “thou shalt not steal” … in that the system demands taxation from men.

    We might argue that the one about “Graven images” is contradicted by the very existence of Fiat currency, posing as money.

    What I’m saying is that, “You cannot be both a Christian, and an Elector.” These two positions are mutually-exclusive.

  5. The Usual Suspect

    To WIN, Mr. Klein – to WIN.
    Otherwise why bother, just to restore this status quo suck time ?

    • Pretty funny, me being lectured about WINNING. Seriously…you don’t realize that you becoming them is you losing? I wonder what the hell you think they want, AND what the hell caused this to happen. Both answers: exactly that.

      You wrote, ” I am better than them to begin with…” Okay, let’s agree on that. Now explain how you get to, “Therefore, I want to be like them.” Your clear answer is, “Because I HAVE TO be like them in order to WIN.”

      That is false, and can be easily shown. I’ll be happy to do that if you wish, but I’d be more interested in hearing why you think it’s true.

      • Because, Binky, fighting with one hand tied behind your back is beyond stupid. Once the Rules of Engagement are set, are you TRULY naive enough to bring a gun to a knife fight? Sherman sets the standard.

        • What does that have to do with anything, especially anything I wrote? What, do you think I’m saying that a person should roll over?

          I’m saying what I said…if you believe the only way to win is to become like them, then what the hell have you won?

          • You want to tie both hands behind your back in the fight, go ahead and do so. I’ll send their filthy whores to burn in hell where they belong.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        Jim Klein/30Nov15@15:16,

        If your assertion’s that use of an opponent’s methods against an opponent will cause one to become one’s opponent &, by implication, that one will be equally as evil as one’s opponent, then providing unequivocal confirmatory proof for your assertion should be easy & thereby given forthwith, right?

  6. Klein, if that’s the way you believe, don’t even bother defending yourself if attacked by a guy with a gun. You’ll have to do to him what he intends to do to you, and you’re not going to do that. The Japs were not overcome by people negotiating with them. We incinerated several million anti-American Japanese first, and then they got the idea. We do not have the capability of overcoming evil with good, since we are not G*d. We over come evil, with more evil, worse evil, since that is what humans are best at. Then, we go back to pretending to be good, or at least behaving that way. Christ died on the cross to FORGIVE sins, not forget them. He had to do that because of what we are. The evil gets toned down during times of peace, a little. If you don’t understand that at our base, we are sinners (evil), then you don’t understand mankind. Certainly, we can behave ourselves for decades on end, but sooner or later, some group of shit heads or other realizes they can take advantage of the nice people, and they start jihad, or communism, or the nazi party, and it’s to do all over again. Take your pick. Do you want to survive? Or do you want to go placidly while sitting on the moral high ground? Indeed, I may die while wading through the fever swamps of evil and worse, but victory will belong to the most ruthless fighter, and no other. Kindness, in this world, is a luxury, dispensed like something precious to anyone. Evil, is the daily bread, eaten by all, digested, and crapped out. Almost everything we do is designed to avoid evil, because we slip so easily into it. Comes the dawn, and we have to let it out of its box, lest our fantasy of peace and tranquility come to an end. And we will never achieve that period of peace and tranquility again, unless we turn the monster loose.

  7. Cassandra (of Troy)

    cseanz, et al.
    Re: The moral necessity of martyristic restraint in response to unprovoked attack

    Having had similar discussions on the above topic w/ anti-2A & anti-(U.S.)military cultists, the following items (in no particular order) may prove useful in rebuttal to such assertions/contentions.: