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Got comms?

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  2. Like ’em or hate ’em, the Baofengs are ubiqitous.

    Ironically enough, after leaving a Hamfest, a buddy and I stopped by a gas station, and the employees were all carrying Baofengs.

    For better, or worse, they are the Toyota Corolla of the Comms world.

  3. Got the F8HP, and still trying to figure it out. Have to get them books and what not. It’s like learning Greek.

  4. Yup, I got comms…..Yaesu VX7R’s and FT 2900’s.

    Next up, FT 897D and FT 817ND.

    Ya gets what you pay for.


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  6. “Ya gets what you pay for.” -idahobob

    Add a ziplock bag to your $65 (with upgraded antenna, 12v vehicle adapter, case, extra battery) Beofeng and it’s almost waterproof.

    Ya might not be willing to afford to equip your 5-man team with a 6-pack of nice Yaesu’s, but $300 gets you a half-dozen UV5R’s and a good programming package. Melt an identifier into each case & battery: deep & ugly. This is worth having even if you are willing to spend for better because you can hand out (pre-programmed to your freq’s & defaults) for temporary use to non-team members. When the battery dies, you get the radio back.

  7. Anybody else having problems with the data cord for the UV5A?
    Been trying to program the CHIRPS and I keep getting an error and no progress. I’ve tried this on an XP machine and 2 Win 8.1 machines. I recently read the USB jack can have either the FTDI chip (good) or the Prolific chip (bad) and there’s no way to know which you have. My cord came with the radio from Baofeng. Come on give a brudda a clue.

    • ghostsniper, you may need the correct driver:


      As well, you may have to do a “trial-and-error” selecting the Comm port.

      It’s been a while since I’ve programmed any of these through Chirp, but I seem to remember needing to manually enter COM 1, COM 2, COM 3, etc. until I got to COM 6 or whatever ended up actually working for the connection. I do know that whatever COM port finally worked was NOT in the drop-down list in Chirp. I would still try the supplied options in the software, and if none of those work, I would then start manually entering the COM ports until one of them finally links up.

      Be sure the radio is turned on, when you connect it to the PC.

      If you’re still having problems, let me know and I’ll see if I can help.

  8. I Just received two uv-5r’s and one uv-5r5 in the mail. I was initially concerned about manually programming these radios because of all the negative yap floating about. It Turns out that manually programming these things is easier than any one of my four yaesu ht’s (handie talkies). They are simply more intuitive. Just get the three paged manual out (ha ha) and begin… You’ll figure it out . —>that is unless you were a liberal arts major. In that case there is no hope for you. :)))

    Note: all three of my radios have a different mic gain settings. On one of them you have to have your mouth right on the tiny mic hole if you don’t want to yell. But for 30 bucks I’m not complaining. Hell, the lithium battery alone is worth that.

  9. Has anyone tried a headset earphone/mic setup with the Baofeng radios? If so does it do anything to ease the mic gain problems? Seems to me in a comm situation that’s probably the setup you’d use to keep things as quiet as possible.

    • Yep. Forgot to mention that. The radios that I ordered came with a comfortable /secure ear piece with a PTT(push-to-talk). I’m having zero gain issues while using the ear piece. They work great.

  10. Mike Bishop, thanks, and very much!