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SLL: Thoughts For The New Year


We are winning.

Even in the ramp-up to the perilous future.

Keep going.

Happy New Year.

Race, Evolution, and Intelligence – Linda Gottfredson and Stefan Molyneux

A long view for the last day for 2015.

Facts matter.

To the extent of life and death.

(H/t HA)

Schindler: “We Suck At Everything”

A Kurdish fighter walks by a wall bearing a drawing of the flag of the Islamic State (IS) group in the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar, in the Nineveh Province, on November 13, 2015. Iraqi Kurdish leader Massud Barzani announced the "liberation" of Sinjar from the Islamic State group in an assault backed by US-led strikes that cut a key jihadist supply line with Syria. AFP PHOTO / SAFIN HAMED / AFP / SAFIN HAMED        (Photo credit should read SAFIN HAMED/AFP/Getty Images)

The Highs and Lows of U.S. National Security in 2015: A Year-End Review

Fear not:

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 11.04.24 PM

FM 3-05.301

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 10.44.22 PM

Essential reading.

In margin under Practical Resources.

Curtis Sends

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Via Twitter.



Fundamental transformation.

Not rich means must be more smart.



Z-man nails it:

…The problem for Conservative Inc is they conceded a critical principle a long time ago that puts them forever at odds with traditional American conservatism. That is, they surrendered on the fundamental right of association, which is the bedrock of American conservatism. Once the state can dictate to you with whom you can associate or disassociate, you are no longer a citizen. Every conceivable right depends on the ability to band together or walk away, as necessary…


Brushbeater: Recon Basics


How do you propose to get reliable info about the neighborhood on the other side of the interstate?

This stuff is not optional.

Your effectiveness is.

Ten Rules For Liberty Guerrillas

zoomie resist

The war has been going for some time now.

And the current battleground is for hearts and minds.

Frankly, if the Bad People were not doing such a fine job of defecating in their own mess kits, we in the freedom movement would be already cooked.

“Communicate” can be as simple as a post-it note.

Or posting these pix (h/t Buppert’s Twitter feed) and similar imagery in meatspace for public contemplation:









“Militiamen, ranchers in showdown for soul of Burns”


Be discerning.


And for heaven’s sake, study and attain competence in media/public relations.

The 5 function is much more important than many consider.

UPDATE 1925EDT 30DEC2015: Via email from Carol Bundy:

CALL TO ACTION: All able body men and women come to Burns, Oregon on or before January 2nd. Come prepared and be willing to stand.

Dear Friends,

An update on the Hammond’s and Harney County is well overdue. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. I personally enjoyed the sweet spirit of the Lord as I contemplated His birth and what it means to all of us. I love the Lord and know he lives and guides us each day, if we allow Him to.

As most of you are aware I have spent many days in Harney County working with the Hammond’s and the good people of that area. I have gained a great love for them and seen what good people they are. Over the past few decades they have been experiencing a great change in their livelihoods and community dynamics.

Once they were a highly productive people with the highest incomes in the State of Oregon, well above the national average, now they rival as the poorest county in the state. Their average income has dramatically dropped $22,000 under the national average.

Once ranching and logging thrived and produced many jobs and opportunities, these industries were spawning a hopping economy with everybody in the county being the beneficiaries. Harney County’s labor force is now at its lowest point since the 1960’s.

As Amy Hsuan from The Oregonian wrote: When times were good, logging trucks and recreational vehicles burned rubber down the pavement, now the roads are starved of vehicles. Shuttered businesses sit on their shoulders. There are no new jobs in sight. An old mill, formerly operated by Louisiana Pacific, sits idle under the weight of it’s collapsing roof. Next door, a giant shed once used by a mineral processor has sat rusting.

“People were leaving and they never came back,” says Art Ayre, a state employment economist. Young families with children are becoming a rarity in a county with few family-waged jobs. Commissioner Grasty keeps a database of kids who’ve graduated from Burns High School. Every now and again, he’ll send them a letter, asking when they will return. He has yet to get a response.

So what happened to Harney County? Since the first pioneers until the 1970’s, the Harney Basin was a high producing area with a robust economy. After gaining almost complete control of the ranches and land user the U.S. Government took on a new approach to land use. They expanded the no use areas putting most of the ranchers and loggers out of business. The ones they allowed to remain, they regulated them to the point that many closed their doors.

As the wonderful Suzie Hammond wrote in 1990, (an article to the people); The grief and heartache caused these families as they were forced out of business or forced to began to build a new operation, will never be fully known. She went on to write; the economic impact was significant, not only to the local communities but also to Harney County as a whole.

Simply put, the federal government has adversely stolen the lands and resources from the people, destroyed thousands of jobs, and the economy of an entire county. Now anyone who has enough guts to stand against them, they annihilate through their own court systems. The Hammonds are a tragic symptom of a gross violation. The U.S. Government has forced the people from their rights and then claimed the people right for their own benefit and power.

The ranching and logging industries were only a start, since then these modern day conqueror’s (federal agencies) have moved onto the housing, banking, auto, manufacturing, financial and the list goes on and on and on. I do not need to say much more, it is time to change the tide before the people become too weak to stand. We are presently at a dividing point in history and must choose how the future of our children and our children’s children will lay out. I and many that stand with me are asking that you come to Harney County, be prepared, and be willing to make a stand.

It is time!

Ammon Bundy

CALL TO ACTION: All able body men and women come to Burns, Oregon on or before January 2nd. Come prepared and be willing to stand.

California Starts No Notice Gun Confiscation On January 1


Not good.

Not good at all.

Buppert: Orc Nation

i work for you


Delivered kinetically.

The terrible part is that the entire institution could be privatized, with performance standards, accountability guarantees, and other rational safeguards.

Ask yourself why it is not.


More Filthy Rotten Lies From Those No-Good Russian SOBs

Via Curtis.

Watch it all.

Would these people lie to you, the American people?


A Review Of “Special Forces – Guerilla Warfare Manual”


NB not only the review but the resources cited therein.

They have the resources.

G’s gotta have the time.

I Thought Texas Was The Land Of Freedom

Authorities investigate a shooting in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant Sunday, May 17, 2015, in Waco, Texas. Authorities say that the shootout victims were members of rival biker gangs that had gathered for a meeting. (AP Photo/Jerry Larson)

Waco Blunders Through Its ‘Biker Shootout’ Investigation

Sure glad there’s no precedent for murderous government cover-ups in that part of the world.

MVT: Now Available!


Patriot Rising: The Unbroken.

Amazon; no Kindle at this time.

Get yours; I am.

First “Quote Of The Year” For 2016


“…My personal rules assume a continent-size penal colony with armed inmates, to wit: no public place is safe, but I especially avoid cities, airports, sports venues, malls, bad neighborhoods and bars. I’m not in public places much past dark. I avoid minorities. If there are two or more of them and one of me, I’m the minority in the only way that matters. I avoid mass transit and heavy traffic, rallies and demonstrations. In short, I stay away from crowds. I’ll not be missed. When a crowd is unavoidable, I part company as soon as I can. The declared purpose for a crowd is nonbinding, its conduct volatile and its fate my fate. There are no good crowds.

As the collapse deepens my rules will be amended until they can be amended no more. Everything, including universal entropy, argues for doing this. I would happily be wrong, but I see no compelling argument for doing otherwise….”

Ol’ Remus


From A Reader


Well said.


Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 10.25.11 PM

Thanks to Doug Ross and team for the recognition in the Grassroots Blogger category.

But the real thanks go to every single reader, writer, commenter, link-passer, and patriot collaborator in the WRSA ecosystem.

Hat-tip to all y’all.

This Will Not End Well


Via Twitter.

Take 10% of those numbers, break that group into two-man teams, each with two AKs and two mags.

Now run the same numbers for the US.

Interesting times.

Sign Of The Times


Sparks sends.

Tempus fugit.

SiGB: Rechargeable Battery Basics

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 5.13.35 AM

NB both SiGB’s post and the Battery University reference he cites (now listed in the Practical Resources margin).

Getting your power system squared away should be a primary objective for 2016.

Got juice?

Unicorns, Skittles and Fairytales: Deconstructing the Dishonest DOD December 2015 Final Report on Afghanistan

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 4.48.06 AM

DOD Report

Evisceration thereof

The place where empires go to die chalks another victory.

And so it goes…

unicorn farting skittles

SLL: Atlas Collapsed


That which cannot go on will not.

Stay loose.

Stay frosty.

Part II: 4GW & The Reluctant Suburbanite



Part I.

Read and think.

Then do, as appropriate.

Happy Kwanzaa!


Z-Man brings the love, plus a diverse rendering of a cracker classic.

Skinny-a** white b*tch piles on.

The real deal.


Peace, homes.

Maulana Karenga

Henry Bowman Sends


From over the transom:

Oh look. Another Assault Weapon Ban thrown out at year end.

What a surprise this is.

Why must we keep having this fight over the AWB on a near perennial basis?

Because the GOP invites it. They want this. They need to have this fight. The cycle goes like this:

1) GOP caves on something really big.
2) Nut shoots people.
3) Commie-Libs decry shooting and all guns and demand that all guns be confiscated.
4) Although they just sold them down the river, the GOP will await the reliable and predictable rush of sheeple who will beg them to do their job, stand on principle, and not allow tyranny and civil war to descend across the land in the form of a gun grab. The GOP will then use this “win” to attempt to energize their base for the election season.
5) Repeat.

In short, it’s just another bubble that is being juiced like the housing market or Wall Street. In this case, it’s a political/electoral bubble. But bubbles ultimately pop. And that’s why I’m here.

Dear GOP Douches,

I notice that in the last budget deal, you essentially caved to everything the left wanted. As such, you have surrendered all pretense of being a legitimate “opposition” party to Obama. You’ve made no serious attempt to hold the executive branch of government accountable as is your responsibility under the Constitution. You’ve made no serious attempt to repeal Obamacare. You’ve made no serious attempt to defund anything that the left is doing or wants to do. Now, we the people are faced with yet another assault weapons ban proposal that is supposed to elicit a kabuki theater reaction of panic from us. A buying frenzy and a panicked plea to Washington like Princess Leia to Obi Wan Kenobi as if you’re our only hope.

There will be no panic from me and no begging of you to do your job. This is my last and final word to you guys on this subject:

Do whatever you want to do with this ban. You know what the Bill of Rights says. You know how the courts have ruled. You know that the left will not stop until they have taken every gun from every free citizen leaving them defenseless against criminals and tyrants. These people have this AWB proposal written because it’s probably little different than the last unsuccessful attempt that they made. (I wonder if Obamacare is any different than Hillarycare from a generation earlier?)

If you decide to fight, then great. This is a fight that should have been fought once and done forever. These people dangle the life and liberty of the country and every citizen over the edge of the cliff. And each time, you sit back and smile as the panicked sheep run to you- begging you to do your duty under your oath and preserve our life, liberty, and property. I refuse to beg you to do your fucking job so that we might not have tyranny, civil war, and bloodshed descend on this land.

If you decide to capitulate like you did with the last omnibus spending bill, then great. Consider your name added to a long and bi-partisan list of traitors who have a date with the undertaker. Consider what desperate people can do in desperate times. Consider how desperate the times will become if you allow the left to grab for the guns. (Or do you not know this very action of a gun grab led to the shot heard ’round the world in 1775?) Your first reaction might be to focus the gaze of the death star onto me alone. I’m jut one smartass who can write an essay. How many guys do you think there are who have the equipment, skills, motivation, and opportunity to reach out and touch you?

But enough of the optimism. Let’s talk about the really bad scenario.

If you go along with this or any other weapons ban or limitation, then you’re literally digging the mass grave for the rest of us. You might miss out on payback from a committed patriot, but you will not escape the grip of the the beast that you fed with our guns. No matter what promise they make to you, no matter what they give you, no matter what scheme you think you’ve got that will pan out, ultimately you will wind up in the same ditch – your corpse tossed on top of the very people you sold out.

In that case, I hope that the last thought that goes through your head are the very words that I write to you today:

Merry Christmas!

Anthropology: Know The Bugf*ck Crazeee

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 4.37.55 PM

Via Twitter.

Even if it’s only a few hundred thousand humans who take this stuff seriously – holy cow.


“To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.”

zoomie resist

NCR points to the latest AWB and makes a few observations.

Here are your most powerful allies in Congress:



Do you understand yet?

The Line Has Been Drawn


Frank and Fern’s latest.

Don’t get on the bus.