Bracken Tonight 9 PM EDT On ASK

Bracken cola

Be there.

UPDATE 2250EDT 8DEC2015: Remember that you can click on the link and listen to an archived playback of the interview; Matt’s intro rolls at 14:20.

From the comments below, it’s worth your time.

11 responses to “Bracken Tonight 9 PM EDT On ASK

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Pure Bracken, no punches pulled, Thank God for real Patriots. Heads up for 2016, comrades. The USSA is going to be sporty along with the EU.

  3. Fantastic interview. Matt really has a good grasp on historical and current trends. I think he is right about 2016. Prepare folks, we got some heavy lifting to do in the days ahead.

  4. Matt lays out a likely scenario in Europe. I have been saying for several years now that soon enough a rancher or one of his hands will get in a protracted gun fight with some wetbacks/smugglers, kill one (or a few) of them, then get prosecuted buy the “justice” department. To whom then does one owe his allegiance? Family/Clan and Faith is all there is in the end. God help us.

  5. Your dear and benevolent masters brought the country to where it is. It will be a good day when DC and the pond scum is wiped clean from the map. Matt is worried about Grid-Down and no AC or water? LOL. I think the nuke plants melting down is a far greater concern.

  6. Me being a combat vet who has had his boots in the sand not too long ago immediately shuts my mouth and listens anytime Bracken speaks. Word to the wise, that man knows what he is talking about.

  7. Great job, MB.

  8. Book below referenced in the talk, thanks for posting this feed.

  9. Thank Matt and Andrea for presenting this. It definitely is hard to see which direction this is all going to come from and it is speeding up on all fronts.
    Let’s me know I’m not nearly prepared, but then will I ever be.