IS Briefer

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From over the transom.


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  1. A better question might be, “Why do we sit here?”. There is plenty we could be doing, right here, to solve this “problem”.

    • Because the po-lice will never allow you to do anything to save this country or destroy evil. They are the entire problem here in country. Go and try to do something, I dare you. You won’t because the cops will kill you and raid your home.

    • “Our” government is causing the problem, for their own reasons. Why would they allow you or anyone to fix it?

  2. Shinmen Takezo

    Does this link suck–or is it just my computer?

    • Publius 2015

      The long dropbox dox on ISIS (not sure if this comment is in the right place–internet acting up) — is that real? WTF? Who prepared that? Some college student?

    • At this end, on high-speed internet, it loads but still takes time. 10+MB, 101 pgs.

      Also worked on an Android handheld over 4GLTE if you found and selected “download”.

      Don’t know about fruit devices.

      LMK if issues continue.

  3. OT:”The New York State Police have launched an investigation into alleged SAFE Act violations and appear to have possession or copies of 4473s showing who purchased firearms. Consider speaking with a lawyer if contacted.”
    post from forum

    • Tom,

      In the meantime their scumbag governor, Andrew “SAFE ACT” Cuomo is getting ready to be indicted on corruption and racketeering charges. But the staties want to disrupt the attention on dirtbag Cuomo. His father was a scumbag also. But, that’s what the electorate wanted….another Marxist in office.

      Ain’t democracy grand ?

  4. The short simple answer is because they are sackless pussies like our Muslim President. The long answer comes when you ask the question “Why would they be Muslims in the first place?”
    They have submitted all their miserable lives. They have submitted to misery their whole lives which were then ended like this.
    Hopefully they didn’t breed.
    Good riddance.

    • The Russian soldiers sat there too in a video I watched. They were unbound and didn’t run. One finally did after being stabbed a few times.

      The Jews lined up for the gas chambers. People are sheep.

  5. Heh…GO BRONCOS!

  6. Change the terminal ‘0’(zero) to a ‘1’ (one) in the link, and it should download the pdf for you.

  7. Great , great article . I too have wondered why people will turn over fully functional firearms and ammo to those that will slaughter you 10 minutes later . I guess the test will be those that turn their firearms to New York Times followers .

    • Time,

      The test will be when those who come to confiscate are killed outright, along with the politicians who ordered the confiscations AND the Fourth Estate who promoted such.

      • And guess who “those” will be? COPS. I don’t give a fuck how nice a guy your pin dick sheriff is, he will fold when the ABC agents come a calling. They are all the enemy – every last scumbag who wears a badge will go along just like the nazis they really are. Think about it, what kind of personality wants to control others and beat arrest or kill their own neighbors and countrymen for a living? A COMPLETE SCUMBAG – that’s who.

  8. Observation: It took me two tries. The second time I popped off for a fresh cup of java. Probably 4-5 min. So first suggestion is just launch it and wait. Its a big file and it takes a while to buffer I guess.
    Good read tho.

  9. The Usual Suspect

    The Feds and their slavish media are creating the nationalistic
    wave that will swell to tsunami proportions and totally inundate
    What a bunch of arrogant, stupid, pricks, love to see them all
    twisting in the wind Mussolini style.

    • The feds and the media get away with everything for one reason and ONE REASON ONLY—— COPS

  10. I never could figure out why anyone just passively took an execution. I’ve come unglued for alot less.

  11. Despicable former ATF agent whines about “madness” of American gun laws, complaining that even in California, they aren’t strict enough.

    “Had the Framers time-traveled to a contemporary gun store, they probably would have been astonished at just how lethal firearms would become. They might have even graced the Second Amendment with an additional clause that placed limits on the madness.”

  12. Good presentation.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. Great education gained from this article. And patience reinforced by making the time to download from desktop (phone no-go), and waiting for the thing.

    They appear to be quite the enemy. Almost a legitimate state. There’s no wonder why Barry’s reluctant to engage ISIS. He may end up welcoming those people to the UN.

    • Pretty damn impressive force they have. Seems the u.s. gubbermint and it’s henchmen have made enemies in every direction as a result of being the fucking evil slimy scumbags they are. The American people hate them, Islamic State hates them, China hates them, and the Russians hate them- the whole world hates them. I’m sitting back at the far end of FUSA and popping some Orville Reddenbacher for this one. I can’t wait to see the cops and agents moving around like ducks in a shooting gallery, putting out the fires of hate and dissent they have created among their own population. Serves them right. FUCK YOU HARD.

  15. Interesting look at the ‘JV Team.’ Thanks, that was very informative.

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