First “Quote Of The Year” For 2016


“…My personal rules assume a continent-size penal colony with armed inmates, to wit: no public place is safe, but I especially avoid cities, airports, sports venues, malls, bad neighborhoods and bars. I’m not in public places much past dark. I avoid minorities. If there are two or more of them and one of me, I’m the minority in the only way that matters. I avoid mass transit and heavy traffic, rallies and demonstrations. In short, I stay away from crowds. I’ll not be missed. When a crowd is unavoidable, I part company as soon as I can. The declared purpose for a crowd is nonbinding, its conduct volatile and its fate my fate. There are no good crowds.

As the collapse deepens my rules will be amended until they can be amended no more. Everything, including universal entropy, argues for doing this. I would happily be wrong, but I see no compelling argument for doing otherwise….”

Ol’ Remus


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  1. colddeadhandsdays


  2. livin to ride

    i myself prefer solitude… for many reasons that i’ll not go into….

    • Same here, and up until recently it was not about security. I just prefer quiet and the crowds that I do have are those whom I invited and enjoy immensely. Life is too short to endure an Ahole.

  3. That pic of the white woman being spit on by the arab says all you need to know about the psychological gelding of European males. I’d like to believe we’ve not fallen that far. With humility I say, I know I haven’t.

  4. Well said and practiced by moi for some time now. Spot on description of where we are at this moment.

  5. One amendment to your purpose…If your purpose is to decrease the chance that you and yours may be targeted or noticed by predators or governments (sometimes these creatures occupy the same body) solitude and wide open spaces can be advantageous. However, on some occasions the sh1eld provided by the crowd can be useful. For much the same reason that the bad actor prefers the crowd when fomenting disaster, our seeker of peace can also find the cloak of invisibility from the large predator that the uniform mass of people provides. The trick is to know not only when to leave the safety of the shield before it consumes you, but also to know how to escape without drawing the attention of those seeking to contain the energy of the mass.

    Solitude can be very conspicuous, nothing is as apparent as the little black dot on a white background, while the one numeral in a page filled with letters is safely hidden.

    MSG Grumpy

    • outlawpatriot

      A concept lost on more than a few here. 😉

    • Well said and thank you for adding that MSG Grumpy. Appreciated.
      Despite my solitude on the mountainside I managed to “garner” a fly by the other day from some “fusion folk” while getting some practice in with the cherished Iron Sights. I waved as always.

      Just want you fellas to know I appreciate you swinging by my corner of the remote world and to let you know that helo stands out like a fkn sore thumb up here. Seriously beggar the spooks for some small planes fer Pete’s sake.

  6. and wherever you may go always be aware of your surroundings and the dynamics of any given situations.

  7. Pete, what’s your take on the guest commenter in Remus’ post today from Australia re the attempted confiscation of our naural right to self defense? I’m not so sure we’ll give up like he suggests but it does echo the Walter Mittey 2nd Amendment post, non?

    • I console myself with the Dorner doctrine – one motivated individual can make a difference, so imagine what 10000 will do.

      Besides, I am not sure the Australian people are valid proxies for at least a fraction of the American people.

      • Dorner died as an individual. Are there 10,000 individuals ready to die alone? Dying and not knowing if the other 9,999 did anything or stayed home to watch college football?

        Three percent of that, acting as a group could bring scunion and maybe motivate the other 9,700 and start a revolution. I would rather die knowing it meant something, even if I didn’t get fame and my own wikipedia page like Dorner.

        CA, you’re building the community of the 300. Three hundred have made a difference before.

        • The official narrative is that Dorner acted alone. This allows for an easy “case closed” if/when they kill something that is declared to be Dorner, and no signs of Dorner appear for a while. Narrative is important to maintain a semblance of control.

          Hitler was in Argentina. Classified FBI doc’s show that it was known and suppressed. This is the Standard of Official Truth.

      • …but this is the very point (I think). Regardless of how many ‘key board’ commandos state their intention to go in harms way if the worst happens, how many in this day and age would really step up?

        • Worker – Cornered animals are unpredictable, intimidating and can be very dangerous no matter their size.


          Worker: They will step up when personally threatened. Most folks, especially white folks, go about their business and do not wish to encroach on anyone. And, they do not want anyone to encroach upon them. When there is a problem in their neighborhood, the first thing they do is either confront the neighbors causing the problem and/or call the police. I saw this when I was a peace officer in SoCal, years ago.
          Now, we are faced with the problem that those who are encroaching on our liberty are not just dirt-bag neighbors, but badge-carrying thugs, wealth-confiscating government bureaucrats and their civilian cheerleaders and clergy, and racial and ethnic minorities. I believe there will be no step-up until: 1) The majority of the Sheeple stop listening to Lee Greenwood and realize we cannot vote our way out of this. 2) A major “economic correction” occurs to render our debt-buck economy impotent.
          We have to keep out eyes and ears to the ground and look for little straws in the wind that portend the bigger storm. For example, in the Soviet Deviate Republik of Kalifornia, one new “law” will be mandatory vaccinations for all kids starting public school in 2016. How will the Sheeple with little lambs react to that one? Will they vote with their feet or comply with the poisoning of their innocent little ones? How will we all react with this pending Congressional Gun Grab?
          I won’t burden anyone here with Sam Adam’s complete quote. But: “If ye love wealth greater than liberty…” There will come a time, very soon, when each and every man and woman on this site has to ask themselves that question.

          • I had a conversation with a 65 year old man who snowplowed my drive today. We talked about war here in the states, He said 50% of americans have to be put down, then the conversation turned to the cops. He thinks that the cops are gonna have to go away one way or another. My 83 Y.O. God Father/uncle next door -a retired Chief of E. Detroit also agrees the cops are nothing but criminal thugs these days – so people are waking up. I usually talk to strangers when I go to public places (believe it or not, I’m a likable guy). They all think those wearing badges(including animal control/county workers) are certainly one of the biggest issues in the coming national FTX. If I were a badge wearer, I’d be a bit worried. Your countrymen want you to feel maximum pain. Sleep tight piggies. 😉

      • I dunno CA, I was chilled when I read the Aussie’s prediction. Combined with Walter Mitty 2nd Amendment I see a pretty effective template for Leviathan. Now is not the time to over estimate the “rugged individualism” of the 21st century American. Statist incrementalism has been working thus far. The best/worst we can hope for is dramatic over-reach from Lefties that will kick off the NA Liberty Games. Maybe the Republicans will facilitate the process by being good little lickspittles for Hillery.
        How far have we fallen when Kosovo ’99 or Bucharest ’89 is a good intermediate step?

        • I’ve got to give a big +1 to being chilled by the Aussie’s comments. Thought-provoking commentary, that.

      • colddeadhandsdays

        No they are not. I guarantee you that. I’ve hung out with them a lot worked alongside them a lot and no one else in the world at least the Western world is quite like an American. Certainly no one is as violent. Europe is completely pacified Australia’s less so New Zealand is completely pacified. The only white Caucasian race of people that’s on par with Americans are the Russians. Which completely make sense in light of history.

  8. I am inherently anti-social. I don’t do stadiums, concerts,malls, ballgames, Christmas parties, or movies, If my wife manages to force me to go grocery shopping with her, I carry my sidearm…While the masses are huddle in the School Gymnasiums wrapped in red cross blankets sipping on hot beverages, enhancing their victim status and registering with Authorities.. I’ll be at home,adding to my own woodpile, continuing my preps, and tending to the chickens and garden..

    • outlawpatriot

      And if you can’t? 🙂

      • Well yes….there is that…don’t know about anyone else, but if I can’t be where I want to be, doing what I want to do, all the while tending to my own business….I’m fairly certain my tolerance levels are gonna drop…precipitously.

        There’s just a whole lot to be said for leaving folks alone…and the more we are not left alone, the more unpredictable actions will become.

      • Like anyone who is wide awake….I don’t reveal my contingency plans to anyone.. not even on WRS

    • Pssst! Hungry? I know a guy. He gets eggs from a farmer sometimes, when it’s safe. Two dozen AA large brown or speckled free-range bug-fed eggs for an ASE or 13 pre-1965 dimes. Naa, I don’t know the farmer, but I’ve eaten the eggs; real-good. They come in a sturdy padded cartons that fit in a backpack. See ya next thursday in line.

    • ” I’ll be at home,adding to my own woodpile, continuing my preps, and tending to the chickens and garden..”


      “Anti-social” or otherwise just plain old “well informed” choice….home is just the best place to be.

  9. Thanks Remus.

  10. Worker, in answer to your question: I am an old man, crippled and diseased. I do not have a great deal to lose, or look forward to beyond any other loss. I am well past the point of rage and giving a damn, and when it looks right to me, I’ll step on out thar’ and the Fates will have me, one small piece of the main. Like Col. Kurtz, I just want to go out like a soldier, and if I can, take a few with me for the journey. I’m hoping my example will embolden and give courage to others, as the ones before me did for me. It’ll be my last chance to show that I am a man, and I’m not going to miss it, come sickness, arthritis, whatever. Besides, we are all dead men and women already, we’re just some of us ready before that last breath to breathe it outside and in the roar of combat, rather than in some comfortable bed. Twas ever thus for warriors, in every age. To be unafraid, is to know that the world is more than any of us know.

    • cseanz, +1. they see the far off look and think it old age and daydreaming… but the truth is, we are looking for the next war. ’tis ever thus for the warrior, no one detests war more than we do, yet… we know it is near. For those who have fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know” be blessed and safe soldier…
      we may only have one more fight in us… but it will be a good one

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Stealth Spaniel

    I’m careful about what crowds I go into, how long I am there, & when I leave. Things are so crazy now that the smiling dad of 2 could be your local suicide nutcase. Being The Gray Man is always useful: move silently, accomplish your needs and then fade away. This attitude pains me, as I loved crowds and fun as a young person. But then, southern California was a different place.
    Ol’ Remus is always on the money with his advice.

  13. Having chopped a lot of wood I prefer a wedge and sledge to a splitting maul. Way more effective. Those weird spiral shaped wedges are superior, too.

    • My man…I thought I was alone.


    • Having chopped an extreme amount of wood in the past 70 years, I prefer my hydraulic splitter to my maul. As to using a wedge rather than a maul, no thanks- an eight pound maul will split more efficiently with less effort. Not to mention, I don’t need to put my hand between any wedges and mauls.

      I’ve had one for 4 years now… it’s slow but it works, and I’m getting too old for the whole maul/sledge thing.

    • I hung up my wedge and sledge yrs ago. I’m at the age where hydraulic log splitters are as attractive as Jessica Lang was in her beaded necklace.. i still keep a Collins axe handy, just in case one of the Pipline-istan countries decides to shut off their spigot. But until such time, I’ll enjoy the break..

      Kindling is split with the “Kindling Cracker” .. Look it up, you will never perform the chore the same again… as people who heat their house with wood know all too well, cutting kindling sucks

    • What is this “wood” that y’all talk about “splitting” and “chopping”? And why does one need to do such to same?

  14. colddeadhandsdays

    The only thing I have to disagree with In the article by the Australian about is when he posits that there will be limited SWAT teaming of people to take away their guns. Holdouts. At some point they’re going to have to make examples of people but I think you’re going to have casualties. And if they don’t lose man and the tax people are gonna start hunting these individual officers down burning their house to the ground and it’s going to get dirty and bloody. I don’t know about you but I might think about doing just the same if I were making some obviously fictional scenario….. This is not Australia this is America and we have traditions that Europeans and Europeans arrived places like Australian can I just do not. I’ve traveled around the world and these people are not Americans. I guarantee we will not react the same way.