This Will Not End Well


Via Twitter.

Take 10% of those numbers, break that group into two-man teams, each with two AKs and two mags.

Now run the same numbers for the US.

Interesting times.

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

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  3. those Islamic Invasion figures are, of course, the “official” numbers. Same as the “11 million” illegal mixtecs in the US. To get an actual figure…double it. Entire medium sized cities in France are now raghead-controlled no-go zones; 1/4 of Brussels, putative capital of the EU, is a raghead no-go zone. Same as most large US cities which now are or soon will be entirely controlled by Mixtec gangs or ‘groid thugs. The night dispatch office where I’m typing this is in one such area. I’m armed, and reasonably safe so long as I stay inside; outside, until sunrise, not a good idea

  4. Zombie Apocalypse: Michigan style

  5. SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    How’s that “freedom of religion” working for you?

    • If what I believe based on 5 years in the sandbox, freedom of religion will go the way of the dodo bird. If Americans simply complain and hide, well it will be just the Muslim religion. Or … Americans could start to push back while there is still time and save their own … but so far the score appears in America; Muslims 1 Americans 0. Time will tell.

      • Everybody sees the effect of what happens when large groups of people with the same intent concentrate in one area…That area becomes a no go area for anyone without that same intent and belief… Funny how Freefor can’t figure that out…

  6. Aloha, mein Snackbar.

    • Remember old man …
      “Terror is an instrument of social hygiene”
      and thank you for your service … “Snackbar” indeed.
      Cheers. LP.

  7. The numbers are always understated. In the US, the talking heads refer to the number of illegals as 11 million. Only problem is, they have been using that same number for 8 or 9 years now. As if no more illegals came here for the last 8 or 9 years. My buddies at INS said that 1 million illegals enter the US every year on commercial air flights. Those numbers are verifiable because of the entry and departure cards that are filled out by the passengers.

  8. Lots of assumptions, very little actual evidence of Muslim terrorism.

    ALL of the major ‘Muslim terrorist’ events in Europe and the US have been FFs. We have had a few individual events, much like our own young men going crazy and killing with guns, the same class of danger to us all that we write off as ‘cost of freedom’. (Didn’t used to be, our system has problems, and it isn’t Muslims.)

    Israeli-Neocons ran 9/11 as a False Flag attack against the US of A, and the continuous wars ever since to achieve World Hegemony.

    ISIS has been shown, in the last month, to be funded by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, supplied by the US through Turkey, have its oil bought and money handled by Turkey and Israel, to be kept in touch with the Israeli military and its various “Free Syrian Army” forces via an Israeli Colonel (who was captured with them by Iraqis early in the year), and have been protected by the US AF and John McCain’s personal interventions.

    There is no Muslim in the world more dangerous to any American than John McCain, is one metric we could use for perspective. Less dangerous than your next shower.

    No MSM or major web site can deal with 9/11 FF. Of course, the problem is Muslims, that evil race.

  9. You forget one thing.
    Till 1994 Germany had the ius sanguinius, e.g. you could only be a german if your parents were german.
    From 1994 Germany had the ius soli, everybody can be given a german passport.
    In 2012 the Federal Bureau of Statistics published that of the population of 80 Million people in Germany 20 per Cent (= 16 Million) had migration background, meaning according to ius sanguinis they are not Germans.

    And in 2012 the representative for foreigners of the state of Saxony, Mr Martin Gillo, published the Newsletter 06/2012 in which he wrote that by 2035 a new age will dawn, because in 2035 the original Germans will be a minority in their own country.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Cassandra (of Troy)

    And in related domestic news, this item.:

    One wonders how the anti-2A cult would respond if confronted w/ the above ‘inconvenient truth’ & the following one.:

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