A Review Of “Special Forces – Guerilla Warfare Manual”


NB not only the review but the resources cited therein.

They have the resources.

G’s gotta have the time.

9 responses to “A Review Of “Special Forces – Guerilla Warfare Manual”

  1. I still don’t understand why anyone keeps going to work? Stop working. Sleep in tomorrow and just say fuck it. What seems to be the problem out there? Quit being slaves. That’s the one thing you CAN do to bring down this corrupt gubbermint. The game continues until you JUST SAY NO.



  2. “the Americans may have the Rolexes, but we have the time” and “Bitches better have my money”….

    Even guerrillas need financing. If maintaining your side of the revolution/resistance/insurgency requires regular pilfering from your neighbor’s vegetable garden for meals and melting down batteries stolen from the junkyard for casting lead bullets, then you’ve already lost.

    • Amen on that GS…It’s a concept that few here get…Look at the Rev War it sure wasn’t the guys that didn’t have anything that were leading it or endorsing it…

  3. I still need the little bit the gov leaves me to feed the family.

  4. tfA-t You and I may be able to not work and still eat but there are so many young people with babies to feed, mortgage payments to make, etc., that they cannot. Plus, the income tax is collected from payroll deduction. Work stoppages would have to go on for many weeks if not months to have a deleterious effect on MonsterGov finances. (Remember, they sell bonds AND print money.) By then most people will be starving, rioting, and freezing. Not gonna happen.

    I’d like to see someone print up A BUNCH of the mailbox decals like the above for 50-state distribution. I could handle 50 in my AO, enough to get in the local paper. That would spark some conversation, raise some ire and may provide enough incentive for action, not just words.

    • Amen on that…I would buy a few…

    • You must think “starving, rioting, and freezing” is a bad thing. Sure, the stupid and unprepared are going to die – BIG FUCKING DEAL. Besides, anyone “buying” houses with a fucking mortgage shouldn’t be in the market to begin with, they should be renting until they save enough to actually BUY… And who in their right mind is bringing children into this soon to be hot war zone? The stOOOOpid, it hurts. Debt? I’m glad that I watched Giligan’s Island when I was a kid.

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