More Filthy Rotten Lies From Those No-Good Russian SOBs

Via Curtis.

Watch it all.

Would these people lie to you, the American people?


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  1. Detroit. Hell ya. Born and raised in thee Murder City. I carried my first pistol at age 14 and shot up the 7 mile and Gratiot area until I enlisted. Like my good friend Arthur Penhallow at WRIF always said – BABY!

    • JMO but with a screen name like that, you can’t expect grown men to take anything you have to say as worthwhile. Suggest you come back in about 5 years or return to the Yahoo message boards.

      • if you never grew up in a large city like Detroit, you have no fucking clue about reality. For those who never have, you are woefully unprepared for what lies ahead – most likely you halfcock or is it havecockinmouth?

  2. If I walked into an auditorium, I wouldn’t look twice at that bench full of losers.

  3. You can literally get people to dig their own grave, with a convincing enough lie. Andy Andrews has a very good short book I would advise reading and dispersing to friends. ” How do you kill 11 million people?” It pretty well answers the question of how the Nazis got people on cattle cars willingly, and how fucked they knew they were when they saw the pad locks go on the door.

  4. 3 blacks, one neo-Cohen, and a femenoid. All lies, all the time

  5. He’s right. “Imperialistic” isn’t the right word. “Hegemonic” would be more correct. This is the vision of the neo-Cons. They are being driven by the Banksters. The Banksters are the only ones who will end up with anything resembling and empire. None of this benefits any Nation-State.

    In the end, all there is, is blood (family and clan) and faith.

  6. Why does this picture make me think of “Foreign Enemies and Traitors”.?

  7. and then there is this


    • On big azz party. I hope they all rot in hell.

    • Hard to comprehend that we’ve devolved to this. I leave you with a quote I heard on television as a lad of 15 when Johnson had signed the Civil Rights Act. I can’t attribute it by name, only that he was a segregationist from South Carolina. It has stayed with me since.

      “We cannot afford equal status to the negro. As surely as water seeks its own level, we shall find in the passage of several generations that our culture has been dragged down to the level of theirs.”

      Am I a racist? Perhaps. Am I a realist? Absolutely.

      • ambiguousfrog

        Racist for requiring decency or a higher set of standards from others? No. Agreed, the culture is being dragged down to some level. Eventually your and my way of thinking will be hate speech or outlawed. At which point I will no longer care to live in that culture.

        “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
        George Orwell

  8. This Internet must be really annoying to the ruling class. Just imagine we were back in the days when we had to depend on these mendacious reporters and newspapers to find out what Putin said. He sounds so reasonable, when you actually listen to him.

    Not that I trust him either – he’s still a ruler – but he asks some embarrassing questions, which is a good thing.

  9. He certainly laid it out…now that I’ve heard this, I wonder who picked up on the olive branch he extended to…oh…say…those who do not want a “poisoned conscience”…or wish to continue the endless pursuit of dominance…over other nations.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. WOW, just WOW. I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes I love to state with regards to our present situation .
    “Terror is an instrument of social hygiene.”
    And it works both ways.

  12. Putin I believe has delivered a new middle name for Obama — ‘Checkers’.

  13. Marlo Stanfield

    Russian troops here in American uniforms, with M4’s. Camera crews careful not to zoom in on the faces. Size and mannerisms say they are not us. In my town there is a cop from Latvia. White enough to be on the Andy Griffith Show. Don’t drop your guard because you think the police or military you see is White America.  

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  14. I cautiously admire Putin’s words as it relates to what we already know. Fukin’ Saudi’s and Turks. Never in my lifetime would I have thought our country would go the way of despotism. Until my dying breath I’ll remember the cabal in charge of all this destruction.

  15. The only question is when we all get off our asses and do something about this awful situation which will indeed peter out eventually, but there is a lot of devastatable history between here and when that happens.

    This is not going to be fixed from the inside, it is a very broken system and moneybags own it unless we take it from them.

    We all know full well they lose their asses the moment they start trouble, and they know it too. Sabotage is too easy in a high-tech world. So how do we convert that advantage into political power?

    Say, the power to shut the Federal Level down, and some coordination so State and Local don’t get in the way?

    Someone needs to discuss all this in a place people like me can grok it, otherwise I proceed in directions I understand.

    Are you writing editors and telling them they are complicit in the cover up of the 9/11 Treason? And that they better sign a 9/11 Truth petition very soon, or they might not be welcome in the next society?

    Pressure and political power are the name of the game here.

    Way past time to do this.

    • Whatever freedom lovers do needs to be local and organic, rather than a big top down structure. Consider Afghanistan’s effect on Soviet Union & US. Also, Viet Nam vs. French & US. Basically, pervasive grass roots monkey wrenching & sharing what works will be the one true path, IMHO.

  16. When the answers are obvious, the issues need no explanation. Proxy wars by any other name will certainly use mercenaries paid by the highest bidders, in the end, it is all coming home to roost.