MVT: Now Available!


Patriot Rising: The Unbroken.

Amazon; no Kindle at this time.

Get yours; I am.

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  1. “Get yours. I am.”
    But CA you are a fiend for this kind of thing. The rest of us are just old hippies and into peace and love. GRIN. LP.

  2. outlawpatriot

    Yeah, but who the hell is Max Alexander? 😉

    • I saw the review on the Amazon page and thought “Way to go ‘outing’ Max. What a jerk.” Then I looked a little closer at the cover. Oops.

      • Ok, I’ll bite……still not getting the “Alexander”. Maybe I need the Little Orphan Annie decoder ring.

        • @Od- I guess “Alexander” is Max’s real last name. You don’t think mama Velocity named her son “Max” do ya? That’s just mean. That’s like Mr Lear (of private jet fame) naming his daughter Crystal Shanda.

  3. Just ordered both books.

  4. Got one coming too!

    Looks like there will be a weekend soon reading beside the old fireplace, drinking an adult beverage and smoking a good cigar.

  5. Just read the synopsis on the Amazon page and “…Russian and Chinese forces advancing…” grabbed my eyeballs. I can see a future that includes a second American revolution but I have trouble digesting the introduction of Russian and Chinese forces into our fight. If our country and its military and all the defensive and offensive capability we have has been so decimated by some great ruckus, I cannot see how Russia or China either one would be able to land their forces here, much less “advance”. Invited in by a totalitarian, out-of-control president? If our infrastructure still exists, (no nuked ports, bridges still standing, electricity still on, etc., then American forces still loyal to the constitution will surely mutiny and launch countermeasures to defeat the landing of a hostile force on American soil. Am I being naive or just not giving the author enough dramatic license?

    • I suggest you read the books, both of them for the full story….;-)

      In reality, the books are not designed as ‘my prediction’ as to exactly what may or may not happen, but as a storyline to illustrate tactics. So the books are not designed to be analysed as some sort of nostradamus prediction.

      Russians and Chinese? Maybe, maybe not, but it fits with the storyline in the books.

      However, I do see a high likelihood of the events that kick off the collapse as the start of Patriot Dawn: cyber attack, terrorism and grid down situation leading to economic collapse. That is explained in the first book, Patriot Dawn, and the Russians and Chinese are key actors, as well they might be.

      Enjoy! 😉

  6. Fair enough, Max, and thanks for the explanation. I will read your books.

  7. The Kindle version should be available shortly, probably late today.

  8. I’ll add this to my reading menu later, I’m in the middle of “Crippled America,”( if you think trump is a chump, then you need to dig a little deeper ) Next up is the sequel to “one second after”.” I’ll put PR on the list… Im a sucker for great front covers.

  9. With the economy the way it is, the price a bit steep for me. I’ll have to wait a bit…

  10. I really enjoyed the first book, Patriot Dawn. I thought it was one of the most realistic of all the “Tyranny comes to America” genre of books. Realism is a huge thing actually, because it allows you as the reader to completely buy in to the story and the characters, effortlessly putting yourself in their shoes as you read. The story as written by Max is totally believable as a very likely possibility of a patriot militia fighting against a tyrannical government using the Appalachian redoubt as their base and AO. The book drops you right into the reality of the struggle of training and organizing an effective guerrilla force combined with the very real issues of safeguarding their families at the same time.

    There was only one thing that left me feeling frustrated. (Spoiler alert – do not read further if you have not yet read Patriot Dawn.) When Jack Berenger’s company of infantry attempted to cut the head off the snake with their surprise parachute assault on the capital, it was disappointing that they did not foresee the likelihood that the regime leaders in the white house would need only a few minutes to make their escape via Marine One. If the C-130’s carrying the assault troops could fly nap-of-the-earth all the way from Florida, why couldn’t they have been accompanied by two Southern Federation F-16’s whose sole mission would be to take out any and all helicopters on the white house lawn at the beginning of the assault? Or failing that shoot them down as soon as they got airborne? Granted, if the regime toadies didn’t get away, there might not be as much good material for the next book. Even so, I have to think that in real life, any mission planners worth their salt would have taken steps to prevent the regime leaders from escaping.

    Even so, I greatly enjoyed Patriot Dawn. It was obvious that it was written by someone with real life experience as a war fighter. I am greatly looking forward to reading the new book, Patriot Rising..