Z-man nails it:

…The problem for Conservative Inc is they conceded a critical principle a long time ago that puts them forever at odds with traditional American conservatism. That is, they surrendered on the fundamental right of association, which is the bedrock of American conservatism. Once the state can dictate to you with whom you can associate or disassociate, you are no longer a citizen. Every conceivable right depends on the ability to band together or walk away, as necessary…


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Stealth Spaniel

    Thank God, someone nailed it. The Civil Rights Horsemanure of 1964, along with the immigration debacle authored by that Statesman Ted Kennedy, started us down this downward spiral. People are Tribal-and part of tribal is Culture. I do not want, nor do I covet a friendship with individuals who do not like dogs. Why would I want to associate with people who are on the opposite spectrum? Now, not only am I required to associate with people that I find objectionable, but I am in danger of being monitored on such behavior. Muslims not only hate dogs, they find a special deviancy in being cruel to them.
    Say what you will, I still think that The Festivities get closer everyday.

    • Sen Kennedy did not “author” the ’65 takedown of our “legal”, pro-White immigration setup. Rep. Emmanuel Cellar, a White-hating Jew, wrote the bill. Kennedy was the front-man, the shabbatz goy. In addition to a piece of gefilte fish, he was in return well-cared for thereafter by the Jews, their media, and their legal system cf. his “do not go to jail, get home free” pass on the Chappaquidick murder, 4 years later

  3. The thing that bothers me the most is NOT that it isn’t a free country anymore, but the fact that so few people even know it, or understand what being free means. I’m in a giant gulag, and most of the natives think that this is normal.

    • Amen Brother…”Watership Down”..

    • The under 50’s really don’t know what America was like other than what their parents told them. If you were a minor during the 80’s you really don’t have a clue – sorry.

    • …don’t worry, you are not alone. Almost everyone reading this blog has felt that way one time or another. Its OK, We all need somebody…you, me, them, everybody…

      • TM,

        “Almost everyone reading this blog….”

        The key word in your remarks is “almost”. There are some here, regulars, who are nothing more than collectivists, Marxists. They believe in the power of the state. They comment here under the “color” of patriotism. They are not not needed….except to set a bad example.

  4. Bernie Sanders is redefining a “free” U.S.A.

  5. “Free Country”….ha, ha, ha, ha ! It has NEVER been free. Look at the Whiskey Rebellion. Started within years of the birth of USA. Squashed by George Washington himself !

    “Free Country” ? Why the fuck am I forced, at the barrel of a government gun, to pay taxes on land, on my property ? A sign of wealth was once the ownership of land. Not so anymore. Hasn’t been that way in fUSA for a LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG time !

    Why am I forced, at the barrel of a government gun, to pay school taxes for that which my children have never attended ?

    My wish for all of you collectivists, statists, who happen to read this is that you have a costly 2016. That the statism and fUSA flag you wrap yourselves in brings to you your ultimate demise.

    Free my ass. Don’t pay your taxes.

  6. Neither the right nor the left branch of the ruling class ever gave a rat’s ass about freedom of association.

    It’s a hard sell to suggest the Right has always been about freedom of association, since things like anti-miscegenation and anti-homosexual laws are generally considered a conservative thing.

    The 1964 Civil Rights Act took us from a condition where it will illegal to associate with certain others, to another condition where it was illegal not to. Neither side ever considered the possibility that we should be free to choose on our own without government interference.