Brushbeater: Recon Basics


How do you propose to get reliable info about the neighborhood on the other side of the interstate?

This stuff is not optional.

Your effectiveness is.

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  1. Excellent information. Thank you.

  2. SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    “How do you propose to get reliable info about the neighborhood on the other side of the interstate?”

    How about just crossing the road and ask how they’re doing?


  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Drones/quads

  5. Since in grid down situations, we’ll all be involved in UW (Unconventional Warfare) operations, it would do us all well to be aware of SF/Ranger/Marine Recon/ SEAL methods of obtaining Recon information. The most likely and effective method is to NOT go on a little routine patrol. Instead, you link up with sympathetic merchants, peddlers, religious types, anyone who moves easily and regularly between lines,over borders, etc. Two maybe three men at the most. While accompanying said wanderers, info is gathered quietly, recorded, and wandered back to your own AO. Essentially a spy mission, but with tactical objectives. Even the people you go with, if they can be trusted, can do the thing for you, and in a pinch, can be consulted before a hasty mission. Children have been used in the past to do what kids do, play in the woods, to get info on an area for you. Immoral and dangerous as hell, but it might be all you can risk. Patrols of the size and objectives in the manual cost MONEY, and tie up and use a lot of PEOPLE and TIME. Plus the unintended consequences of being discovered (outfits expecting patrols and doing them will be waiting and watching for the same thing), and either destroyed, or attacked at least. Or they may do nothing at all, and just wait for you to come back.Being undetected is the real key to effective patrolling/recon. Any which way you can. Be where the enemy does not expect you to be, and do what the enemy does not expect you to do. Sun Tzu. Women are excellent at this kind of thing. And no one expects, or suspects, old women, of anything.

  6. Whack-a-mole

    I read recently somewhere, sorry no reference, the Gastapo’s files were adequate at best for storing humint. What set them apart was the reliance on the “snitch” factor in gathering operational intel. Security of the recon players and support members is job number 1. Stories of the French underground are ample evidence that even among close friends people, men and women, were compromised, some suffering death, torture, or both at the hands of the opposition. One of the chilling effects of freedom of information in the internet age is simply the overwhelming abundance of brutal atrocities against men depictied or described by video, if current or by any number of references in our libraries. Check if you will the methods of killing people in creative ways. Impressionable eyes are seeing this stuff and with no moral foundation to quell the impulse may even find such events a celebration to attend. Think crowds at lynchings, mobs at the guillotine, the games at the Coliseum, or the spectacle of a soul flayed alive. Pray for a quick and merciful death. What was it Adm. Stockdale said? “You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end — which you can never afford to lose — with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.” Moral courage.

  7. Set up community organizations beforehand and have them networked.
    I thought that would be done already. Local government can be useful for some things. Keep them at arms length in regards to your personal privacy.
    Don’t operate in a vacuum. There are rational people out there.
    If everyone is the enemy, eventually you lose.

    Identify the criminals and those likely to resort to violence as a first method of negotiations.
    Government is easy to spot. Smart criminals will work for government.
    Arms length.