Buppert: Orc Nation

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The terrible part is that the entire institution could be privatized, with performance standards, accountability guarantees, and other rational safeguards.

Ask yourself why it is not.


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  1. Muzzle Blast

    I pledge resistance to the Fascists of the Police States of America and to the Repression for which it stands, one Nation under Suspicion, subservient, with tyranny and surveillance for all.

  2. It could be privatized?

    What could go wrong with a “security company” with the power of life and death owned by George Soros? Seems like the Robber Barons had a “security company” at one time…Pinkertons? Not a nice bunch of people….killed lots of “little people” without much oversight…..

    Seems like a good idea……

    • Yeah, big time crazy. The answer to bad Government is good Government. Libertarianism is a false solution to a real problem – one which the problem creators love immensely since it opens the door all the way to them.

      • didn’t BlackWater do a good job in NO during Katrina? Of course they did. And rock solid in Iraq as well…

        actually, most of these contractor fucks would shoot their own mothers for a paycheck

    • Will – suppose for a second, that the “security company” was also your insurance company, under contract with you to protect your assets from insured risks, using as much force as you contract for. Better?

  3. It would be nice to say “no data, no federal grant money” to LEAs, but this also assumes that the fedgov doesn’t have a reason to manipulate the data and reports it makes later to serve a political purpose, ie, State X has a problem while State Y does not even though the opposite is true.

    Or the reports are honest, but no one gives a shit anyway.

  4. Randall Flagg

    Ever been to the south-side of Chicago after the sun goes down? It’s straight out of “Escape from New York” and I doubt even Snake Plissken would dare venture through there. That doesn’t justify police homicide, but who else are you going to send in there? Just make it a no-go zone?

    • rightwingterrorist

      How about Cicero and Roosevelt?
      A lot like Detoilet, Livernois and 7 mile.
      or, well….all of Detoilet.

    • @Randall Flagg-
      The “bad areas of town” are dangerous largely because of the “war on intoxicants” and the FSA. Making something illegal drives up price (and profit motive) and the idle class has nothing better to do than form “clans” and cause trouble.
      So, if the state stays out of who/how/why of getting buzzed, crime goes down. (Buying a 6 pack at the grocery store is not especially dangerous. Buying a dime bag or 8 ball is.)
      When the State stops paying people for crapping out babies and NOT working the family unit will stay intact and Dindu Nuffin and his urban youf buddies will be working, sleeping, or otherwise trying to better themselves. Not shooting up their own neighborhood.
      Gee, the state really is the root of all ills. Sounds simplistic, but hey, there you go.

      • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

        “The ‘bad areas of town’…” are dangerous because they are Black./ S//

        • Oh my goodness SFC. I can’t believe you said that. Africans are black. What we have is some partial breed of Kaffir, mulatto, trolls which prey on the rest of society and which create nothing in return.

    • Isn’t it a No-Go already? My understanding that a ‘incident’ anywhere on the Southside will dispatch a minimum of two patrols.

  5. The answer to your question in the larger metropolitan areas is one word; Unions.

    Always follow the money.

  6. Privatization makes it even worse, they (lets call them mercs) have zero obligation to follow the USC hence why many cop shops are outsourcing, to get around those pesky things called rights.

    • Privatization must be accompanied by the associated mechanisms to provide oversight. The main one is liability–you can’t remove it like we do now in corporate law. When you stand a good risk of loosing your company for polluting a river or violating rights the risk assessment changes rapidly.

      The defense against security monopolies is of course the right to keep and bear arms. A corrupted security company like the statists fear cannot maintain a monopoly. It will loose capability to provide true security and the effective officers and agents can and will pull out to form new firms as needed, with public support.

    • Forget the rights angle. You put a contract lawyer on it. You write up the contract with deep penalty clauses and no sovereign immunity for the enforcer(s) involved.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. outlawpatriot

    I gotta admit, Buppy is a polemicist extraordinaire. 🙂

    • I am always amused by Dr. Mullenax and the restraint he has demonstrated lately by doing away with the homoerotic ad hominem that informed so much of his esteemed commentary before.

      One always needs folks like the inlawpatriot to make moral helm corrections in the opposite direction he is heading. As James J. Martin would advise: “Those who attack the rationale of the game, and not the players, are its most formidable adversaries.” All I ask is attack the substance of the argument.

      Hard to ween oneself from a fixation on having a master and dissolving the authority and obedience complex that informs so much of the Stockholm Syndrome rationalizations that pass for substance in contemporary discourse.

      I am reminded of Hanlon’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”.And let’s not forget the great Christopher Hitchens: “How dismal it is to see present day Americans yearning for the very orthodoxy that their country was founded to escape.”

      And Dr. Mullenax, I wish you the happiest of holidays and a prosperous new year.


      Bill Buppert

      • outlawpatriot

        Easy, pal. We ain’t swappin’ spit or taking warm showers together. You’re still a fuckin’ anarchist. Very intelligent, articulate and In many respects cognizant of the gig. But, still a fuckin’ anarchist.

        Back at ya on the holidays and new year thing.

        Cordially too I guess,

        Alan W. Mullenax

        • Alan,

          Rather an anarchist than a statist, a collectivist, and ultimately a Marxist.

          Your denouncing Buppert as an anarchist is far from an insult. Coming from you, a statist, your calling one an “anarchist” should simply be considered a badge of honor.

          You never were and never will be, a friend to Freedom and Liberty.

          • Outlawpatriot could be the little pissy-pants who takes his ball and goes home and no one cares because every other kid has a ball, too.

            But, I’ll save him the trouble. Not only will no one care if I stay or go, … no one will likely notice.

            In the off-chance someone does notice, I hope that none will say it was over merely one comment or one commenter.

      • The American experiment worked more or less for a long time because we had a wide open continent to exploit. That’s no longer true and it doesn’t work that much anymore. Our system was a unique event, a one off whose time has passed.

  9. NewVegas Badger

    Wes – What makes you think that our current gaggle of LEOs follow the USC or are concerned with that pesky thing called rights? If you do, then have I got a deal for you! If our so called elected politicians don’t give a damn, then why should they? Part of the problem is that too many DO think that their shiny badge does give then extra rights, and they DO consider themselves as being a part of a paramilitary organization. A local cop chick stated that to me. So give them military grade equipment and gear, and of course they are going to think in military terms. Which means they WILL view the citizens they deal with and meet as the enemy, and presume they must be guilty of some thing. Ask yourself, why does a cop need to wear a cammo uniform, or call out a SWAT team (armed with a submachine gun) to a “domestic” call?

  10. Buppert is a pussy. He thinks a war can be won by targeting only combatants. LOL. It doesn’t work that way in real life. You must kill every last fucking one of the enemy and everyone in his tribe. If you do not, you only invite revenge. Does anyone think that killing only the combatants is going work out in the long run? If you kill my family member and don’t kill me, all you’ve done is make another enemy who now seethes with hate and revenge. Good luck with that.

    • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

      Ah. Blood bath. There is a brilliant strategy. There is something everybody can rally around.


  11. If you like the police now … just wait till they are federalized.
    Speaking of black swan events … make sure you are not being played with all the anti-police oratorical. It would not be the first time. Remember what they called the federalized police in Nazi Germany or Russia during the purges. Yup, once it happens here … it will happen here.

  12. Privatized? You mean like prisons? Like data collection, and such?

    • Just have to say I like Outlaw Patriot. Bad ass MF. I’ve done my studies… No doubt about it. Can’t say I agree with everything he says, but just saying.