“Militiamen, ranchers in showdown for soul of Burns”


Be discerning.


And for heaven’s sake, study and attain competence in media/public relations.

The 5 function is much more important than many consider.

UPDATE 1925EDT 30DEC2015: Via email from Carol Bundy:

CALL TO ACTION: All able body men and women come to Burns, Oregon on or before January 2nd. Come prepared and be willing to stand.

Dear Friends,

An update on the Hammond’s and Harney County is well overdue. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. I personally enjoyed the sweet spirit of the Lord as I contemplated His birth and what it means to all of us. I love the Lord and know he lives and guides us each day, if we allow Him to.

As most of you are aware I have spent many days in Harney County working with the Hammond’s and the good people of that area. I have gained a great love for them and seen what good people they are. Over the past few decades they have been experiencing a great change in their livelihoods and community dynamics.

Once they were a highly productive people with the highest incomes in the State of Oregon, well above the national average, now they rival as the poorest county in the state. Their average income has dramatically dropped $22,000 under the national average.

Once ranching and logging thrived and produced many jobs and opportunities, these industries were spawning a hopping economy with everybody in the county being the beneficiaries. Harney County’s labor force is now at its lowest point since the 1960’s.

As Amy Hsuan from The Oregonian wrote: When times were good, logging trucks and recreational vehicles burned rubber down the pavement, now the roads are starved of vehicles. Shuttered businesses sit on their shoulders. There are no new jobs in sight. An old mill, formerly operated by Louisiana Pacific, sits idle under the weight of it’s collapsing roof. Next door, a giant shed once used by a mineral processor has sat rusting.

“People were leaving and they never came back,” says Art Ayre, a state employment economist. Young families with children are becoming a rarity in a county with few family-waged jobs. Commissioner Grasty keeps a database of kids who’ve graduated from Burns High School. Every now and again, he’ll send them a letter, asking when they will return. He has yet to get a response.

So what happened to Harney County? Since the first pioneers until the 1970’s, the Harney Basin was a high producing area with a robust economy. After gaining almost complete control of the ranches and land user the U.S. Government took on a new approach to land use. They expanded the no use areas putting most of the ranchers and loggers out of business. The ones they allowed to remain, they regulated them to the point that many closed their doors.

As the wonderful Suzie Hammond wrote in 1990, (an article to the people); The grief and heartache caused these families as they were forced out of business or forced to began to build a new operation, will never be fully known. She went on to write; the economic impact was significant, not only to the local communities but also to Harney County as a whole.

Simply put, the federal government has adversely stolen the lands and resources from the people, destroyed thousands of jobs, and the economy of an entire county. Now anyone who has enough guts to stand against them, they annihilate through their own court systems. The Hammonds are a tragic symptom of a gross violation. The U.S. Government has forced the people from their rights and then claimed the people right for their own benefit and power.

The ranching and logging industries were only a start, since then these modern day conqueror’s (federal agencies) have moved onto the housing, banking, auto, manufacturing, financial and the list goes on and on and on. I do not need to say much more, it is time to change the tide before the people become too weak to stand. We are presently at a dividing point in history and must choose how the future of our children and our children’s children will lay out. I and many that stand with me are asking that you come to Harney County, be prepared, and be willing to make a stand.

It is time!

Ammon Bundy

CALL TO ACTION: All able body men and women come to Burns, Oregon on or before January 2nd. Come prepared and be willing to stand.


24 responses to ““Militiamen, ranchers in showdown for soul of Burns”

  1. Damn crying shame, but you can’t save people that don’t want to be saved.
    No use wasting time on it, imo. Liberty can’t be imposed on these people in Harney County. Sam Adams had a quote for these sheeples, so let them enjoy their servitude, leave them be, they are not worth one patriot life.
    Discernment is required.

  2. Gary Hunt opf

    That linked article is the only truthful and objective article n the subject that I have seen.
    Unfortunately, “our” side is sustained by deceptions. falsehoods, and outright lies.
    To paraphrase an oft cited Biblical maxim, “The Militia helps those who help themselves.”

  3. One can always count on The Oregonian to create a inflammatory headline, with no basis of fact in the story to back it up of course. Just as the SPLC will stop at nothing to gin up contributions from the frightened gated community leftists that make up their core audience. Thinking people ignore both to the betterment of their intellect.

    This is not the fight. Let the beclowning commence.

  4. This could be something put together by people drawing a government paycheck, intended to cause strife.

    Tracing the source might be interesting.


  5. Way to armchair quarterback this and alienate anyone that MIGHT have been willing to take your side by basically calling all of my friends and family “Sheeple”.

    Hearts and minds you idiots.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. colddeadhandsdays

    How are you going to help a cowardice populous that doesn’t want help? I say leave and let them all lick boots……

  8. Once the shooting starts it will hopefully be easier to ascertain whom is whom. Looks like it’s quite jiggy out there or maybe the Oregonian n Fedgov need an excuse for something grand like um say…..confiscation. Hard to say.

  9. This is typical Oregonian stirring up shit in central Oregon that it has absolutely no right to do. This is NOT a waco reenactment-unless you want it to be. Burns has more than enough challenges on its plate without having to deal with this crap. Much of central Oregon is coming back to life, from Bend to Madras to Prineville, and the community of Burns needs to get to work and figure out what works and what doesn’t. This kind of garbage: “calling all militias” DOES NOT….And yes I live up the road in Deschutes County. Can’t wait for this militia-clown shitshow to go national…ugh!

  10. GenEarly and Pals most of the populous that you speak of were regular folks who one day found themselves out of a job. I’m sure you and your pals have all fended off the fed at every turn in your neck of the woods eh?
    Pullin on the grey matter hear but it seems the good fight was fought through the courts over some dam owl (complete BS, activist judge, ton o money,Good Luck MF) but hey thanks for nothing tough guy. I hope you got a plan, cause I doubt few will be pining to watch your back. Same goes for your outstanding pals here too.
    I guess the fight will be when they get to your place?
    SawBuck where did the oregonian come into this?
    Am I missing something?
    If we don’t hang together we shall certainly hang separately. Ben Franklin

    • The Hammond Family said NO to our help. I have no doubt of the Feral Tyranny and the Quisling Sheriff. But I’m not doing a Pickett’s Charge just to see all the flags fluttering for no gain, especially when the central people affected have spurned offers of help. This battle is on unfavorable ground, and there is no shortage of conflicts to choose from.
      If you are a resident of this county, Get a New Sheriff who will protect you from the Ferals, organize some community resistance; Then you will get reinforcements if you need them and Request them.

      • So be it, unfortunate. Although I’m not a resident, it seems that we’re under fire, and until we starting treating an offense against any one of us, as an offense against all of us, the beatings will continue.



        • Choosing where and when we have the odds in our favor is essential to victory. We do not have to fight every provocation, especially without grass roots support. We do know it is coming, and for everyone to be prepared is also essential, especially the support to sustain the operatives. Just stock up, Gen.Lee got a trainload of ammo on the retreat from Petersburg, Va. in 1865 when he needed food for starving troops. So stock Everything, because this could go kinetic in many places at once, in fact that would be our best option, a thousand brush fires.

      • How dare anyone criticize ‘GenEarly’ and his lappies.
        They are intensely focused on their version of
        ‘Pickett’s Charge’ of justice and reckoning for
        Free Waco III (formerly law abiding citizen and rancher) Jack Yantis,
        and Free Waco IV (former six year old, first grader) Jeremy Mardis.
        Damn it WT, shhhh!!!
        They are skillfully and expertly concealed in an ambush
        position hunting wabbits.
        If you disturb and break their precise and laser-like
        focus, you are gonna get them killed.

        • I am speaking to this specific incident of the Hammonds, do try to focus….
          Maybe on your specialty, which is quite important, needed and often required.
          If you feel the need to act out on the Hammond incident, go ahead. If you want to bring us up to date on the other incidents and more importantly, your proposed response, lay it out.
          I am reminded medics are most needed after foolish forays with negligent planning.

        • Thanks Cav I needed that.
          OH, and Happy New Year folks!

  11. Lest we forget-the Hammonds SET FIRE to public lands in a region that has been hit over the last 20 years by CATASTROPHIC WILDFIRE! Repeat: CATASTROPHIC. Really folks-be discerning about this one. As far as the rest of it: ride the pity pony ’cause it just so tough because of the feds, beef prices have been at all time highs the last year and a half. This has been a good time to be a rancher, even better if your SMART about your business and can build in margins in grass-fed, organic, etc. Big farming operations in eastern Oregon are now going all-organic and developing their own distribution channels ’cause the margins are stupendous. I see A LOT of shiny new diesel F350’s out around Pendleton and LeGrande…Just sayin…

    • Seems I read that Hammond started a back fire on his land which unfortunately crossed over to “BLM” land (not so public), and ah how exactly were you injured by this, terrorism? In hindsight I’m sure he thinking he should have taken his chances with the wild fire.
      Maybe you should brush up on the conflict,
      As far as the new trucks, a lot a people are oblivious, and if you haven’t read about it, debt ridden fools, bread (shiny cars and big screens for all!) and circus (check out the game on my new big screen).

    • What do beef prices have to do with shuttered mils and mines, waste of time.

    • So… WTF is your answer??

      • Wish I friggin had one, but I keep thinking of that story from wwii where 1st they came for those guys and I wasn’t one of them so I said nothing then they came for those other guys, and I wasn’t one of them so I said nothing….. I’ve read say for instance, oh the Bundy’s are bunch of rich bastards that haven’t been payin up, if they were one of the in crowd they wouldn’t be going after him, in my book that makes him one of us, I don’t know enough about the Hammonds but it seems the same holds true.
        I watch how other groups can muster huge rallies, seemingly overnight, and yet we need to “choose” our fights\causes carefully, I not saying each event should look like a showdown, but a show of some sort sure seems in order. For cryin out loud Rome is burning, if you can’t see the flames certainly you can smell the smoke.
        In the mean time, and for the most part I agree with GenEarly just getting really tired …..


    • Bobo, you are the origin and epitome of a ‘despicable shitbag.’
      Grab a case of Listerine and use it all.
      The stench of your master’s dick is extremely
      heavy on your rotted breath.

  12. A complicated case. Some points:
    1) NEVER trust the Oregonian. It’s the main organ of the local Ministry of Propaganda.

    2) Setting fire is commonplace ranching practice in eastern Oregon. The state has a lot more problems with land that has not been burned, than the reverse (fuel builds up causing massive fires, killing everything). The rancher fires kill sagebrush and restore grasslands.

    3) Neither side is being completely honest. The question is not just whether the Hammonds set fires, but why and how they did them, and who was endangered. If you look at the court transcripts you will discover the Hammonds were not lily-pure.

    4) The big picture, of course, is that BLM should not even exist and should not be operating in Oregon at all. Just because a wrong is long-standing, does not excuse it, or create an argument for its continuation.