Race, Evolution, and Intelligence – Linda Gottfredson and Stefan Molyneux

A long view for the last day for 2015.

Facts matter.

To the extent of life and death.

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  1. Two hours of bandwidth can be replaced by a few minutes reading Tyron’s results of maze bright and maze dull breading. That’s the bottom line here, and that dear friends is what contributes to “genetic drift” and isolation of gene pools. And, don’t for a minute buy the criticisms of Tyron’s work in terms of changes in the sensory ability of different outcome groups. Then, actually read The Bell Curve, specifically the first 100 pages or so–used; pick it up cheap because the progressives have tried to hide it for many years Look as some of Jensen’s later works on race/culture to solidify it all because he was the master of this area, not educrates that are showcased in this video. Then, extrapolate your new insights to society today.

    Does dumb as a bag of hammers ring a bell?

    And, above all, remember that research on “intelligence” and “intelligence testing” is subject to the same enormous pressure as the newbie concept “global warming”–intelligence research actually set the stage for bogus movements such as climate change. That is to say, so-called scientists will do anything possible to discredit a true fact if it leads to soft money support from the feds. They will lie their asses off for summer salary.

    • One can reach the same conclusions by watching any 15min segment of Jackass I or Jackass II. Think of all the time saved.

  2. “Facts matter.”

    True enough, but your typical Lib doesn’t even know what facts are.

  3. Facts only matter to those who can understand and are interested in facts. Those who operate at the emotional level and only understand that they “feel” a particular way about something will never be swayed by facts.

    • I think the point CA was trying to make is “reality doesn’t care how you feel about it.”
      Timothy Treadwell had infinite love, goodwill, and positive feelings towards bears. The fact is: Timothy Treadwell is bear scat.

      • look at the plus side: one or more (relatively intelligent) bears enjoyed a good meal. And the lives of several salmon were saved

        • Hell, Haxo I’m just glad he removed himself from the gene pool. For some people that is the biggest contribution to mankind they can make.

      • A caring person would hope that the bear shit had Timothy’s little tinkling bells in it. Circa early-eighties on the helo-supported seismic lines in the Intermountain West, bells v no bells was the way grizz shit and black bear shit were told apart from one another.

        Seriously, in 1984 in NW Montana, the Forest Service was telling us to tinkle with bells as we worked on their turf. We had better plans: codewords on radio to have a cargo net brought out for disposal of a dead predatory bear over the next ridgeline. They did their thing, we did ours.


    It’s too late for this type of analytical discussion. Learn to shoot, prep to survive. Stay fit, stay informed. All of these intelligent, well-meaning academics will be running for their lives in the near future when it all falls down.
    History showed us this during the French Revolution. The Salons of well-meaning middle-class and upper middle-class intellectuals would regularly meet and discuss the social and economic problems of La Belle France. But, when the starving common folk finally had enough and the Fishwives With Knives stormed the Versailles Palace, all bets were off. The well-meaning intellectuals and their cheerleaders all went to meet the National Razor.
    I am not criticizing these folks. They are intellectually far above me and the folks I run with. Their analysis is spot on. It’s also fifty years or more too late. The Illuminati Left has recognized the intellectual void between the ears of the “Average American” for over one hundred years. And, they have exploited it to their own collectivist ends. Remember H.L. Mencken’s quote that no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American People. Bleib ubrig.

    • Arguing with liberals or trying to bring them to truth does have the feeling of throwing pearls to swine- its simply a waste of time. Pretty much anything done by Stefan Molyneux is worth watching or listening to. He is a master of dissecting liberal arguments on his feet and either bringing them to truth or making them fools for not accepting truth.

      • Old engineering proverb:
        Never try to teach a pig to sing.
        It wastes your time.
        And it annoys the pig.

        Save the country!

        –Papa Pig

      • American to the death

        Mulyneux says it how it is. Good man that modern philosopher, he is.

  5. OK, I couldn’t listen to this mumbo jumbo as incomprehensible as a witch doctor. (BTW, witch doctors have higher cure rates for mental illness than Psychiatrists) To the oh so learned in the “mental sciences”, I have only One Question………
    Tell me the difference between a mind and a brain, then how each function.
    (In plain English words if you please)

    • One is for this world and one is for the next. The brain is the physical representative of the mind in the physical world. If it gets badly damaged, it doesn’t matter if you were a genius, you are now a dummy for the duration.

      • Thank you. You nailed it, imo. The Mind is a function of an immortal Spirit, the Brain regulates the functions of the body. We are a Spirits regardless of beliefs, and Genetics belongs to the Body which is a “package” that the spirit usually succumbs to, but isn’t required to, hence individual differences.
        The Buddhists may have gotten close to the truth of us idiots having to keep repeating the 3rd grade of life on Earth until we get it together to graduate to the 4th grade.
        As a corollary, We should have the fortitude to face the Tyranny of our day.
        It could just be a Celestial Test of Integrity.

  6. 2 hours of HateCrime/ThoughtCrime: truth noticed by smart people, with problematic solutions.

    Current GroupThink: “Whites are Evil & Blacks are Lazy”, so Whites are punished and Blacks are subsidized.

  7. Glad to see you coming over to the right side, the White side. Now once it is established how alien they are, the question becomes what to do with them. It’s too late to ship them back like Jefferson wanted. Why not give them a swath of the deep South? Obviously we will recoup most of this land as they collapse into war, starvation, and cannibalism. But no one will say we didn’t give them a chance. The only other option is kick the Mexicans out and let the Blacks become our agricultural labor class. But they wont work as hard and will cause endless mischief including uprisings.

    • Lugh, don’t sit there on your throne and pontificate about how you will use the coercive power of the state to “kick out the browns and re-enslave the blacks”. You sound like any other Statist social engineer.
      What is the solution? Stop paying (welfare, ebt, sec 8, etc) non producers. Blacks will have to work,employers won’t have an incentive to hire illegals. Result? Blacks have less opportunity for crime, browns self deport, and whites are not resentful because they are not getting raped to pay for it all. I can almost hear kumbayah wafting over the fruited plain now.

  8. Stealth Spaniel

    I’ve been to college, I have graduated from college, yet I never met any “genius” there. How odd. I have found that most people get out of college with a worthless degree in “Anything But Real Thought” by being able to memorize and regurgitate information. At one time, I think a college education actually stood for something. Now? It’s 4 to 8 more years of junior high. I think intelligence is measured by the ability to think, process, compare, rearrange, and solve problems. Be it rewiring the house or negotiating a contract. I’ve met intelligent cowhands and stupid doctors. College does not equal intelligence.

  9. She ripped into the liberal arts right off the bat. Worth watching.

    Gen the mind is a concept. A mind is an instantiation of consciousness. Think of the mind as software and the brain as hardware that runs the software. Is there a ghost in the machine? I don’t know.

  10. At this stage of the vortex, any attempt to sway the thought process utilizing facts, reason, and logic are futile. You are only given a finite amount of time, energy and resources. Similar to an alcoholic drinking themselves to death, a brain dead shitbag will not change until they recognize that they have a problem. You cannot tell them they have a problem. I read on WRSA a while back,” You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of reality.” Well reality is no longer knocking on the door. Reality is kicking the door down and ripping it off it’s hinges. Happy New Year!

  11. Genetics are cruel and difficult if not impossible to mitigate the effects of.
    Case in point, my stepson. If there are minorities more stupid than him
    I am yet to meet one. I am sure they are out there by watching the evening news but Damn. Not to mention the other dumb Fucks he hangs out with. Too late though. I am helping raise his daughter. Her mom is a smart manipulative whore so she hopefully will be smart too and I can train her to go for money and brains instead of teenage good looks. That is all the stepson has going for himself.
    Idiocracy is happening right now.
    No need to wait for the future.
    The idiots closest to you will hurt you first.

  12. What a great subject for the use of collective-speak. We are all reduced to being subjects of an experiment, cogs in some great wheel.

    Molyneux is often interesting, but let’s not forget he’s also a cult.

  13. It’s unseemly for people who think they are smart, to discuss intelligence. Anyway, there are a lot of smart people out there who don’t have the sense God gave a chicken.


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